CCC webinar – Translating Campaign Activities into Party Building

Tuesday, December 16, 9-10 PM Eastern

This teleconference/webinar is designed especially for Greens who have just completed a run for office by the date of the call, and those for candidates considering a run in the near future. Campaigns often generate high levels of momentum and energy that can be difficult to sustain beyond November. The hard ongoing work of party building can be informed by campaign activities. It is also important to ensure that contacts made and lessons learned during a campaign translate to long-term party building. During this conference call, we will discuss:

Keeping up momentum and energy
Integrating campaign leadership with party leadership
Transferring data and contacts to the party
Developing party-building mini-campaigns

This webinar will be facilitated by Michael O’Neil. Michael O’Neil has campaigned for civil liberties, the environment and the rights of working people in New York City since 2003. In 2008 he worked on his first Green Party campaign, coordinating the petition effort to put the party’s presidential candidate on the ballot. Michael also organized the effort to put Howie Hawkins on the ballot for governor in 2010, and then continued to serve that campaign as a downstate coordinator.

Listen to the call