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Delegate Credential Applications are necessary for a state party or caucus to receive credentials for its delegates to the 2016 Green Party presidential nominating convention. The content of the application and its timing and submission are described below.  Applications should be sent to with the title “Delegate Credentials Application – State Name”.

A copy of the 2012 Delegate Credentials Applications can be found here. In many cases, if nothing has changed, state parties and caucuses may reuse documents from 2012. The entire delegate credentialing process is described in Article IV Credentialing of Delegates of the GPUS Presidential Convention Rules. See below specifically for Content of the Delegate Credential Applications and Timing of the Delegate Credential Applications.

Download the 2016 Application | Download the Delegate Spreadsheet


• The Content of the Delegate Credential Applications is specified in GPUS Presidential Convention Rules, Section 4-2 Delegate Credential Applications – Content of Submission

4-2.1 Delegate Credential Applications shall state that the applicant state party is an accredited member state Green Party of the Green Party of the United States; or, if not a member, that it has submitted an application to the Accreditation Committee which demonstrates its eligibility for membership with the Green Party of the United States; or if the applicant is a caucus, that it is has been Accredited as eligible for representation on the National Committee of the Green Party of the United States.

4-2.2 Delegate Credential Applications shall include a copy of the approved minutes of the state convention, or other body authorized to name the delegation, which document the delegates’ selection; as well as a letter bearing the signature of the state party or caucus officers (or others authorized to make such a statement) certifying the authenticity of the minutes.

4-2.3 Delegate Credential Applications shall bear the witness of the officers of the caucus or party or others authorized to make such a statement that delegates named in the application were duly chosen as delegates to the convention as provided for in the rules of the caucus or state Green Party (or grouping of Greens where there is no state party). If approved minutes are not available, the Application shall include other documentation of the delegates’ selection.

4-2.4 Delegate Credential Applications shall identify the name, year of birth and residential address; and, if available, the phone and fax number and email address for each delegate and delegate-alternate chosen by the party or caucus. For each such person, the Application shall also indicate the political party with which they are registered to vote (where that is possible).

4-2.5 Delegate Credential Applications shall include copies of all portions of state election law which are relevant to the selection of delegates to a national convention, whether by primary, caucus, or petitions for national candidates.

4-2.6 Reserved.

4-2.7 Delegate Credential Applications shall state what the policy of the state party is, if any, regarding:

4-2.7(a) support of the Presidential Slate nominated by the Presidential Nominating Convention through the provision of its presidential ballot line where it exists; or, through the qualification of such nominated candidates as write-in candidates, if such is possible under the election laws of their state; and/or,

4-2.7(b) support of the Presidential Slate nominated by the Presidential Nominating Convention by its Presidential Nominating Convention delegates and/or its Presidential electors; and/or,

4-2.7(c) any prohibition to the opposition of the Presidential Slate nominated by the Presidential Nominating Convention by its Presidential Nominating Convention delegates and/or its Presidential electors and/or Presidential Nominating Convention delegates;

4-2.7(d) any other policy of the state party regarding its post-convention relationship to the Presidential Slate nominated by the Presidential Nominating Convention.

4-2.7(e) If there is no current policy on these subjects, the application shall state that the state Green Party has not adopted a policy on these subjects.”

4-2.8 While the Credentials Committee shall make available each application to each delegation provided preliminary credentials, they shall remove from publication the residential address, birth year, phone, fax and email of each person named for whom the Application indicates that the delegate or alternate has withheld consent for the release of such data; except that each application shall provide full contact information for at least one person designated as a point of contact for the delegation, party or caucus; excepting further that any Delegate or Alternate who has withheld consent for the release of their contact information shall provide an alternate mailing address and if available an email address for the configuration of an email forwarding alias. The Committee shall make such redacted data available only to the extent necessary to effectuate the Delegate and Alternate Credentialing and event registration processes. The Committee shall provide for anonymous forwarding email aliases for any Delegate or Alternate designated in an Application as having withheld their consent for the release of their personal contact information. The administrators for the Party’s domain name are instructed to provide for a suitable subdomain for the configuration of such email forwarding aliases as may be necessary to protect the privacy of Convention Delegates while making it possible for Delegates to communicate with one another about Convention business.


•The Timing of the Delegate Credential Applications is specified in Section 4-3 Delegate Credential Applications – Timing and Receipt of Submission:

4-3.1 The Credentials Committee shall publish a “Call for Applications for Delegate Credentials” not later than four weeks after the committee has been elected.

4-3.2 Each Accredited Caucus or state Green Party (or grouping of Greens where there is no state party) that desires to credential a delegation to the Presidential Nominating Convention shall submit both an original and duplicate hard copy of their Delegate Credential Application by U.S. Mail, as well as an electronic application by email. No application shall be accepted unless both original and duplicate and electronic versions are submitted.

4-3.3 Delegate Credential Applications must be submitted prior to the application deadline, unless granted an extension by the Credential Committee. Accredited Caucuses or state Green Parties that anticipate submitting their Delegate Credential Application after the deadline are encouraged to seek an extension before the deadline and as early as possible.

4-3.4 The deadline for postmarking a credentials application to be considered prior to the convention shall be forty-five days prior to the convening of the Presidential Nominating Convention, and not later than thirty days later than the delegation has been named.

Note –  The deadline for postmarking a credentials application in 2016 is June 23, 2016. 

4-3.5 The Credentials Committee shall sign the application and its copy, certifying the receipt of a duplicate copy; and within three business days, make the application and all attachments, except for such personal contact information redacted under the provisions of Article 4, Section 2, Paragraph 8, available online at a web site accessible to members of the Green National Committee, to members of the Credentials Committee and to any delegate awarded preliminary credentials by the committee. The web site shall contain links to a text version and a PDF version of each application and any attachment. Any paper attachment that was not made available in electronic form shall be specifically noted on this site. The Committee shall by Committee rule provide for a Terms of Service document to govern access to, use of and to prohibit the redistribution of such personal information as may be published on the web site of the Committee as required by this Paragraph.