Credentials Committee Mission Statement

To facilitate the credentialing process for the Presidential Nominating Conventions of the Green Party of the United States.

Duties and Responsibilities

1-2.1 Disseminating to the member state parties and to Greens seeking to form member state parties the Rules of the Presidential Nominating Convention of the Green Party of the United States;

1-2.2 Soliciting and receiving from state parties their Delegate Plans and their applications for delegate credentials;

1-2.3 Making a preliminary ruling on each application;

1-2.4 Developing and publishing a working roster of preliminarily-credentialed convention delegates and alternates prior to the convention; and publishing the final official roster of approved convention delegates and alternates as approved by the convention

1-2.5 Administering delegate on-site registration and credentialing;

1-2.6 Administering the credentials challenge resolution process, both prior to and at the location of the convention;

1-2.7 Operating email listserves and maintaining webpages as required by the Convention Rules as necessary to provide transparency of the credentialing process to members of the National Committee, and to Delegates and Alternates granted preliminary credentials by the committee; and

1-2.8 Within twelve months of adjournment of each Presidential Nominating Convention, filing a report to the National Committee, evaluating the credential process used and the lessons learned, and making recommendations to the National Committee on changes recommended for subsequent conventions.