Presidential Nominating Convention Delegate Credentialing Application (2020)

Please provide the answers to question #1 below in this Delegate Contact Information Spreadsheet, and answer the other questions in a companion document. Include both in your email response, as well as in hard copies in your postal mail response. The electronic submission deadline is May 5. Hard copy submissions must be postmarked by May 5 and sent to: Jody Grage, Clerk Credentials Committee, 2428 NW 56th, Seattle, WA 98107-4113

(1) Please provide the contact and background information required in Convention Rules 4-2.4 for each delegate and/or alternate; and place in this Delegate Contact Information Spreadsheet:

Residential address
State (two letter abbreviation)
Year of Birth
Phone (if available)
Fax (if available)
Email (if available)
Political Party with which they are registered/enrolled to vote (in states where this is possible)

Whether the convention is in-person or virtual could affect a state or caucus chooses for its delegates and at the time of this announcement, it is under strong consideration that the Convention will be conducted virtually because of the COVID-19 virus.

If the convention is virtual, a proposal will likely be sent to the GPUS National Committee to approve a one-time set of bylaws amendments to facilitate such a process.  That proposal may recommend that there are only delegates and no alternates, because all votes would be cast electronically. It is also under discussion of whether to not have proxy voting for the same reason, but simply require each delegation to designate a delegate for each convention vote it is entitled to. These options are under discussion at this moment, but final decisions will need to be made by the National Committee.

(2) Please answer question #2 below yes or no

(a) Is your state party an accredited member state Green Party of the Green Party of the United States (GPUS)? If not, has your party submitted an application to the Accreditation Committee, which demonstrates its eligibility for membership?

(b) Is your caucus accredited and eligible for representation on the National Committee of the GPUS? If not, is it planning on doing so before the Presidential Nominating Convention?

Please note that the 48 currently accredited state parties (including the District of Colombia) and the five currently accredited caucuses are listed here (

In the three states in which there is no accredited state party – New Hampshire, North Dakota and South Dakota, there is no organized state party seeking accreditation nor is there expected to be before the convention.  Additionally The March 15 deadline has passed for delegates to come from states in which there is no state Green Party by a one-time state convention process.  Therefore delegates from state parties will only come from the currently accredited 48 state parties (including the District of Colombia).

For questions #3 – #5, please attach either an .rtf or .pdf document and/or web link to the appropriate document in your email response, and a hard copy included in your postal mail response. For all three questions, please review this link to see if there is already a copy of this information already on file with the GPUS and if so, you may include that link in your response.

(3) Please provide copies of all portions of your state’s election law, which are relevant to the selection of delegates to a national convention, whether by primary, caucus, or petitions for national candidates.

(4) Please provide the policy of your state party/caucus regarding support for the Presidential Slate nominated at the Presidential Nominating Convention, specifically:

(a) Support of the Presidential Slate nominated by the Presidential Nominating Convention through the provision of its presidential ballot line where it exists; or, through the qualification of such nominated candidates as write-in candidates, if such is possible under the election laws of their state; and/or,

(b) Support of the Presidential Slate nominated by the Presidential Nominating Convention by its Presidential Nominating Convention delegates and/or its Presidential electors; and/or,

(c) Any prohibition to the opposition of the Presidential Slate nominated by the Presidential Nominating Convention by its Presidential Nominating Convention delegates and/or its Presidential electors and/or Presidential Nominating Convention delegates; and/or,

(d) Any other policy of the state party regarding its post-convention relationship to the Presidential Slate nominated by the Presidential Nominating Convention;

(e) If there is no current policy on these subjects, the application shall state that the state Green Party has not adopted a policy on these subjects.

(5) Please include a copy of the approved minutes of your state party convention, or other body authorized to name the delegation, which documents the delegates’ selection. If approved minutes are not available, the Application shall include other documentation of the selection of the delegates.

For Question #6 please attach a scanned copy or other electronic image of your signed document in your email response, and a signed hard copy in your postal mail response.

(6) Please submit a letter bearing the signature of your state party or caucus officers certifying the authenticity of the minutes.

By signing this application, your state or caucus officers certify that the delegates included in the minutes are the duly chosen delegates to the convention as provided for in the rules of the caucus or state Green Party.

(7) What paperwork do you need to submit to your Secretary of State (or other Government Agency) to ensure that the presidential and vice-presidential nominees will be on your ballot line?

Often this paperwork needs to be signed by the nominees themselves and/or by a representative of the national party. Please contact Holly Hart of the Ballot Access Committee – <> – with any questions you have about what documentation is required.

Normally this paperwork is brought to the convention to get it signed and notarized. If the convention is virtual, the GPUS is investigating how to facilitate the signing and notarizing of this paperwork via alternative means.