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Some Frequently Asked Questions about Mediation

What is mediation?

Mediation brings conflicting parties together to discuss issues and points of contention in a safe, non- adversarial, confidential environment. The process is built around facilitated discussion and problem- solving. Mediation is not a search for the “truth”; it is a search for “common ground”. The mediator does not act as an arbitrator, hearing officer, or judge, finding facts and imposing solutions. Instead, the mediator helps the parties express their positions (and interests) and explore potential solutions. The power of the mediation process is in the ability of parties to work out and then agree to mutually acceptable solutions to their conflicts. Both the process and outcome of a mediation session are confidential, unless all parties waive confidentiality in writing.

How can mediation be helpful?

Is your Green work hampered by relationships that lack mutual respect, trust, accountability and civility? Mediation offers constructive processes for resolving differences and conflicts between individuals, groups, and organizations. It is an alternative to avoidance, destructive confrontation and prolonged dysfunctional interactions. It gives people in conflict an opportunity to take responsibility for the resolution of their dispute and control of the outcome. Mediation is designed to preserve individual interests while strengthening relationships and building connections between people and groups, and to create processes that make communities work for all of us.

Who is a candidate for mediation?

Individuals and groups within the Green Party of the United States are all eligible for mediation through the DRC. State parties are not explicitly within the purview of the DRC. If you have a need for mediation at the state level, the DRC will help you find local resources to facilitate your mediation.

How can the DRC help you find a mediator in your area?

The National Association for Community Mediation (www.nafcm.org) supports a national network of community-based mediation centers. The DRC will help you find a mediator and will help familiarize your mediator with the Green Party.

Are you a trained and experienced mediator?

Please speak with a DRC member about joining the Green Mediator Pool.