Eco-Action Minutes 2017-02-26

Minutes of EcoAction Committee Conference Call on Sunday, February 26, 2017

In attendance were:
Anika Obfori (LA), Tim Willard (MD), LuAnne Kozma (MI) Andrew Chiang and Neal Gale (PA), Audrey Clement (VA).

GPNJ DAPL Divestment Proposal.

LuAnne reported that the SC withheld the GPNJ sponsored Dakota Pipeline (DAPL) Divestment proposal from the NC voting queue because it was not clear in what it asked the NC to do and because the timeline for action was unrealistic.

EcoAction has agreed to form a subcommittee to redraft the proposal, which LuAnne has agreed to lead. Other subcommittee members are Anika Obfori, Heather Warburton (NJ), Rob Campellone and Audrey Clement (VA).

Anika recommended that the subcommittee solicit input and feedback from the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. LuAnne agreed and said she met Angela Biven, the lead attorney for Standing Rock, who can direct her to the right people.

Proposal to Endorse Several Climate Marches.

As sponsor of the proposal, Audrey agreed to a friendly amendment from Anika to amend proposal to list satellite marches throughout the U.S. among those endorsed by GPUS.

Adopted by consensus was a proposal from Luanne that EcoAction take the lead in organizing for the massive April 29 climate march by inviting state parties to participate in upcoming EcoAction Committee conference calls.

Audrey Clement
Note Taker