Candidates seeking the 2016 Green Party presidential nomination

The following candidates have filed with the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) seeking the Green Party of the United States (GPUS) 2016 presidential nomination; or if they have not filed with the FEC, will otherwise appear on a Green state party primary ballot or convention or caucus and/or have submitted a GPUS Presidential Questionnaire. For more information candidates’ FEC filings, search this siteTwo candidates listed below have been recognized by the GPUS in 2016 – Bill Kreml and Jill Stein. To become officially recognized as a candidate seeking the GPUS Presidential nomination, one must demonstrate a level of grassroots support within the Green Party and a level of legal and financial organization as a candidate. A list of the recognition criteria and process is here.

Candidate Name of Candidate Committee filed with FEC FEC Candidate ID# Campaign
Web Site
GPUS Presidential Questionnaire Green Party member
Jacob Patrick Amoroso Jacob Patrick Amoroso P60013984 web site ———– No (CA)
Willita D. Bush Willita D Bush for President Exploratory Committee P60005766 web site ———– ?? (MO)
Darryl Cherney ———– ———–  web site questionnaire Yes (CA)
Raymond Haigood ———– ———– web site questionnaire ———–
William Kreml (*recognized by GPUS) Bill Kreml for President Committee P40000564  web site questionnaire Yes (SC)
Elijah Manley Elijah Manley for President 2016 P60007895 web site questionnaire Yes (FL)
Kent Philip Mesplay Mesplay for President P40003279 web site questionnaire Yes (TX)
Sedinam Kinamo Christin Moyowasifza-Curry Say Her Name  P60018801 web site questionnaire Yes (CA)
Justin Robert Murphy Broad Ripple Village
  ———–  ———– ?? (GA)
 Jill Stein (*recognized by GPUS) Jill Stein for President P20003984 web site  questionnaire Yes (MA)
Eduardo Manuel Torres, Jr. The Eduardo Torres for President Committee P00004952   ———–  ———– ?? (TX)
Samuel Vaynblat Committee to Restore America to Power P60012192   ———–  ———– Yes (NY)
Jennifer Walters She-Hulk for President P60017050   ———–  ———– ?? (NY)
Daniel Steven White Elect Dan White P60006491   ———–  ———– ?? (GA)