Recognized Candidates Seeking the GPUS 2016 Presidential Nomination

Two candidates have received GPUS recognition in 2016 – William Kreml and Jill Stein.

Jill SteinBill KremlTo become officially recognized as a candidate seeking the GPUS Presidential nomination for President, one must demonstrate a level of grassroots support within the Green Party and a level of legal and financial organization as a candidate.
A list of the recognition criteria and process is here and also below.

William Kreml •
GPUS candidate questionnaire
Jill Stein •
GPUS candidate questionnaire

The GPUS 2016 presidential nominee will be chosen at the 2016 Green Party Presidential Nomination Convention, held in Houston, Texas, August 4-7, 2016. The convention will feature delegates from state Green Parties across the United States, whose votes will determine the GPUS presidential nominee. Each state party has its own criteria for which candidates it will consider allocating delegates. Delegates are allocated at party primaries, caucuses and conventions, depending upon the state.

A list of all candidates who have filed with the Federal Elections Commission to seek the Green Party nomination, and/or those who will appear on at least one state party primary ballot, are found here.

GPUS Rules and Procedures Article X
Recognition of Declared Candidates for the Green Party Nomination for President

Section 10-1 Eligibility

An individual may become an officially recognized candidate for the Green Party nomination for President provided that he/she:

10-1.1 Submits a filled out official Candidate Questionnaire to the Presidential Campaign Support Committee;

10-1.2 Is not a registrant of any state or national level political party in the individual’s primary state of residence except for a state party which has affiliated with GPUS, or a party forming for the intent of GPUS affiliation in a state where there is no GPUS affiliated state party;

10-1.3 Has pledged in writing to the Presidential Campaign Support Committee to appear on all offered statewide Green Party ballot lines;

10-1.4 Has a website to promote his/her candidacy.

10-1.5 Receives and submits written support from 100 Green Party members to the GPUS Secretary, with no more than 50 from one state, and including members from at least five state parties; this requirement is not applicable until December 1st of the year preceding the presidential election;

10-1.6 Establishes a campaign committee and files with the Federal Elections Commission; this requirement is not applicable until December 31st of the year preceding the presidential election;

10-1.7 Raises at least $5,000, not including self-financing, for the purpose of his/her campaign; verified by submission of a campaign finance report to this effect with the Federal Elections Commission (FEC), received and posted on the FEC’s web site; where no more than $500 from any individual donor may count towards this threshold, and where at least $300 must come from at least five states, or at least $100 from at least ten states. This requirement is not applicable until February 1st of the year of the presidential election;

10-1.8 Has made a good faith effort to participate in the presidential preference processes of state Green Parties, either by sending a declaration of candidacy to those state parties, by seeking to appear on the ballot where there is a party primary and/or by otherwise seeking to comply with the relevant procedures for inclusion in a state party’s preference process.

Section 10-2 Recognition

10-2.1 Provided that a candidate is eligible under Section 10-1, then the Presidential Campaign Support Committee shall consider whether to extend official recognition as a candidate for the Green Party nomination.

10-2.2 The Presidential Campaign Support Committee co-chairs shall make a written report including all documentation to the committee when an individual has met eligibility under Section 10-1, including a report on the objective efforts made to satisfy all requirements under Section 10-1.

10-2.3 If no action is taken by a committee member within seven days, beginning the day after notification under 10-2.2, then the candidate shall be extended official recognition. Within those seven days, any committee member may introduce a proposal, specifying which criteria in 10-1 have not been met, to decline to extend official recognition. Such a proposal shall be acted upon per the Presidential Campaign Support Committee’s standard policies and procedures, and candidate recognition shall only be declined upon a 2/3 vote of the committee. Should such a proposal fail, the candidate shall be extended official recognition.

10-2.4 Once a candidate has been extended official recognition, such recognition may be rescinded by a proposal specifying cause and acted upon per the standard policies and procedures of the Presidential Campaign Support Committee, with a 2/3 vote of the committee; or, if, in the determination of the Presidential Campaign Support Committee Co-Chairs (with such determination subject to the review of the entire committee), an officially recognized candidate fails to meet one or more of the deadline-specific requirements for recognition delineated in Section 10-1 of this policy, such recognition shall be considered rescinded until and unless the candidate meets such requirements.

10-2.5 Individuals who are officially recognized candidates may be eligible for GPUS provided resources, including information on GPUS sponsored websites, contact lists, and other resources that GPUS might provide.