How to Seek the Green Party’s presidential nomination (2016)

The GPUS presidential nomination occurs at the GPUS Presidential Nominating Convention every four years. In 2016 the convention will be held in Houston, Texas, tentatively August 4-7, 2016.
At the
At the Nominating Convention, delegates from state Green Parties cast their preferences for presidential nominees. It is the cumulative vote of those delegates that determines the GPUS nominee

Each state party has its own process by which it votes for candidates and selects and instructs its delegates. Some processes will occur beginning in late 2015. Others will occur through the first half of 2016. Some state parties participate in formal party primaries established by state law, others conduct party conventions and/or caucuses to vote for candidates instruct their delegates.

As these processes become finalized, they will be summarized on this 2016 Presidential Campaign calendar. It will be up to potential nominees to decide how much they wish to participate in each states’ process.

The GPUS also has its own process to officially recognize candidates as seeking the GPUS presidential nominationaccording to these criteria, including gaining signatures of support from at least 100 Green Party members on this signature form.

At the GPUS presidential nominating convention, those seeking the nomination will be able to give speeches to the convention followed by a vote of the delegates. The process by which delegates vote to nominate  is found here. The rules and procedures governing the speeches can be found here. The rules that govern the entire convention are found here.

Previous Green Party presidential/vice-presidential nominees

           2012                               2008                           2004                    2000, 1996
       Jill Stein              Cynthia McKinney            David Cobb             Ralph Nader
  Cheri Honkala             Rosa Clemente            Pat LaMarche        Winona LaDuke

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