Steering Committee – Databases and Web Access Policies

(approved by the Steering Committee March 6, 2011) 

A) Policy for GPUS Database Access

  1. Access to GPUS databases is overseen, maintained and granted by the principle administrator of each database, in agreement with the office manager and GPUS secretary.
  2. he principle administrator may grant limited permissions, as needed. A log will be kept of each individual granted access to a database.
  3. Transfer to a new principle administrator will require orientation from the current administrator.
  4. The administrator may grant access to non public portions of the database for purposes of research and scholarship upon written request, by approval of the Steering Committee.

B) Access Policy For GPUS Committee Pages

I. GPUS Website

  1. The GPUS website is overseen & managed by the webmaster, with general supervision by operations staff (currently office manager), and with the GPUS secretary as liaison with SC & GNC.
  2. For guidance with content beyond the normal scope of work, the webmaster should consult with an advisory group comprised of the operations staff, GPUS secretary and Media Coordinator.

II. GPUS Committee access to Committee Pages

  1. A Standing Committee or Officers thereof may appoint a member with requisite skills to update the committee’s web page or portion of the website.
  2. Each designated individual must demonstrate their basic competency to the GPUS Webmaster, as needed, before being given posting access to their committee portion of the site.
  3. Committee pages will use the general style sheet and template used throughout the website. Committee web pages will include a list of committee members, links to the committee’s Rules, Policies and Procedures and other such relevant documents.
  4. The GPUS webmaster retains oversight of quality, condition and style.
  5. Access is granted
    • to one individual per committee, unless special permission is granted by committee officers; in the event of inactivity or absentee officers, SC committee liaison may have that authority;
    • by approval of a committee or officers thereof;
    • and approval of GPUS secretary, in agreement with the office manager and webmaster.
  6. Access may be revoked, upon direction by the Secretary. In the event of disagreement, the Steering Committee may review the decision on their next conference call. The decision may be overturned by majority vote of the SC, in conference call or by online vote.

C) Committee Email List Admins

  1. Committee Co-chairs or their designers are administrators of committee lists.
  2. Transfer to a new email list administrator will require orientation from the current administrator.