April 23, 2017

GPUS Steering Committee Minutes

Sunday, April 23, 2017 – 8:00 p.m. ET

a) Facilitator:
To listen to call: 712-451-0019, access code 926334, ref #24 (66 min.)
c) Present: Chris Blankenhorn, Darlene Elias (joined late), Jan Martell, Andrea Merida, Darryl! Moch, Tamar Yager, Bahram Zandi. Absent: Sanda Everette. Observers: Starlene Rankin, Bruce Hinkforth, David Gerry.
d) Agenda revisions: None

In the queue:
867 – President’s Conflicts of Interest

Received for the queue:
Platcom Process Amendment – No findings, Jan will be Floor Manager


a) Upcoming SC elections – Jan pointed out that SC nominations needed to open before the next meeting (75-80 days before the ANM). Tamar said it is really important to schedule an orientation call where candidates or potential candidates can ask questions of SC members. Secretary and 4 co-chair seats are open – Sanda, Andrea, Tamar and Bahram. Tamar is termed out.


a) Treasurer’s report – Darryl!. Jeff sent a cash report, about $176,790 in the bank (Tamar said some errors found during FEC reporting, so not exactly). We need to bring reserves up to cover staff benefits. Staff have developed a better plan for tracking spending, doing it by hand now but will be streamlined when new Accountant and Treasurer come on board. Software system used by Acct. should be accessible by others in case of transition, should be a factor in accountant selection.

b) Fundraising report – Tamar asked to defer to end as she was on the road.

c) Personnel Working Group report – Darryl!. Getting up to speed on Acct. hire, Andrea is setting up interviews to start before next meeting, hope to get on board mid-May. Tamar will send evaluation tool she has from Hillary/CCC. Jan has not yet reopened Treas. Nominations, but will do so ASAP.

d) ANM planning discussion – Jan and Darryl! Will schedule some time to plan the NC plenary when she gets back from traveling (Wed). Tamar said there was more discussion and ideas thrown out on last ANMC call, Jan should listen.


a) Letter to IHPGs report – Jan was in Canada with no access to files so this did not make it on to the agenda.

b) Liaison reports

Chris sent out an email on Tuesday, report from the CCC subcommittee, and that Jill has decided to keep GNN. We have plans in place to launch our own channel, budget estimated now at $4500. Media is not prioritizing this, so if we agree to go forward, needs to be submitted for review and work out implementation. Craig Semans has valuable expertise, graphics, Mel Figueroa, programming, Chris will be involved. Andrea said this was discussed on last Media call. Approved by consensus.

Darlene reported that Outreach & Diversity committees had 2 introductory meetings and 2 after with 8-10 people on the calls, lots of enthusiasm and ideas, and are now looking for co-chairs. Outreach produced a survey going out to state party leaders, results only beginning to come in, will follow up for more complete response.

Fundraising Report – Tamar. Charles Ostdiek wrote latest e-blast, well written including a merch giveaway, has generated $195 so far plus 3 sustainers. Darryl! said that now Starlene is full time, she can develop a fundraising plan and submit to Fundcom for tweaks rather than Fundcom micromanaging fundraiser. Tamar said she will work on that. We’ve received 2 large donations recently, need someone on Steering to make thank-you calls, Star can send a list to SC on a rolling basis. Darryl! agreed to thank Darryl Cherney.

Entered at 9:33. Present: Chris, Darlene, Jan, Andrea, Darryl!, Tamar, Bahram. Staff salaries and benefits were discussed. So far Tamar has done all the research comparing group insurance with health savings accts. Darryl! will follow up to confirm results to be sure we make right decision. Jan will send retreat notes on organizer’s first 90 days targets. Additional topic: Fundraising letter from Jill is very late, if we don’t get it out by end of April we need to send our own. Tamar says that is the plan. Exited: 10:23.

Jan Martell