August 13, 2017

GPUS Steering Committee Minutes, August 13, 2017


A. GPCO: Accreditation Committee and Dispute Resolution Committee continuing to work to alleviate conflict within the state party

B. Approval of expenditures: Quick Books – $20/mo for six months, then $43/mo; Outreach – up to $1000 for FL campaign school; ANM Diversity travel – $1000; Ballot Access Committee – $5000 for NC; Outreach – $400 for tabling in PA

C. SC Liaisons to committees: Assignments to be completed by 15 September

D. Proposals to Voting Queue for discussion:
Clarification on By-Laws Regarding Resignation Timelines
Correction of Outdated Education Plank
Approval of Travis Christal for GPUS Finance Committee
Approval of Tamar Yager for GPUS Finance Committee

D. Election Tabulation Committee – final report expected in 2 weeks

E. Annual Nation Meeting – final financial report not yet completed

A recording of the call is available at 712-451-0309, #926334, reference #4.
The full minutes are available at

Jody Grage, Secretary



a) Facilitator: Frank Young

b) Roll Call – Jody Grage, George Martin, Hillary Kane, Darlene Elias, Darryl! Moch, Mike Dennis, Chris Blankenhorn; Absent: Gloria Mattera, Andrea Merida

Observers – David Gerry, Wes Gaige, Starlene Rankin, Kevin Alumbaugh, Tamar Yager, Philena Farley

c) Agenda revisions – Remove GPCO participation in II.a. at Andrea’s request


a) Discussion – Next steps after SC did not approve online proposal to send observer to GPCO state meeting – Accreditation Committee, Dispute Resolution Committee

Accreditation Committee – Holly Hart – AC expects to have a report within a week; heard from two sides in CO and urged them to take advantage of Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution Committee – Darryl! – GPCO complainants declined dispute resolution, DRC still open to participating

b) Discussion – Movement School for Revolutionaries: Discussion – Local parties have the right to do Green work and have it shared with other Greens; the Media Committee can screen and regulate traffic flow as usual; questions about content and participation should go to committee involved in the particular aspect of Green work – consensus

c) Discussion – Enhanced communications and meeting capacities: Discussion – need robust options for calls, webinars, video calls etc. – Darryl! and David Doonan working on a report about possibilities; suggest SC members use the existing forum to get more knowledge about how it works


a) Treasurer’s report – Hillary Kane

Progress has been made toward getting all financial materials and processes to the Treasurer; total funds in all accounts – $173,137.97; Treasurer now has checks from Darryl! and has been paying bills; has separate budget document with line items and is entering transactions there; FEC requesting information – much of it is easy to provide and most will be finished by Monday.

Approve FinCom recommendation to spend $43/month for Quick Books after $20 a month for first six months – consensus; will report progress in 6 months
Approve CCC recommendation to spend up to $1000 to send Hillary Kane and Erin Fox to do a two-day campaign school training in Florida in October as first expenditure from $3k budget for campaign schools – consensus
Outreach Committee expense of up to $1000 for Diversity travel to ANM: largely approved online before ANM but official approval needed: not all receipts have been forwarded to Hillary, some expenses made by GPUS – consensus
BAC request for $5000 for North Carolina – consensus – because of NC campaign finance laws GPUS will have to be established as a PAC in NC before check is written

Outreach Committee request for $400 for tabling opportunity in PA – consensus
b) Fundraising report – Tamar Yager

Three First Friday Eblast in August – Total donations: $612 with 10 new sustainers bringing in $172/mo;
March/April Direct Mail Letter – – Total donations $13,369.32
Appeal for more content for Greenline that isn’t fundraising related

c) Personnel Working Group report – Darryl!

Staff evaluations necessary to get base line data but previous evaluations were not done or have not been located; staff being asked to report their employment histories; vacation and sick time accruals also need tracking; tracking difficult because most of staff work from home except Cynthia who is in the office mostly; want to be fair and consistent while recognizing that we can’t be lavish; staff asked to report on how SC could work with then more effectively; Hillary not yet certain we need an accountant but will have more info after using Quick Books for a time

d) Committee Liaisons – assignments due by 15 September – Jody

Chris will send Google Doc to SC for completion, to be finalized over email by 20 August, Suggestion to add non-standing committees and roles: staff supervision, web/IT, Adrian’s collaborative committee, truth and reconciliation, etc.


In the queue: none

Received for the queue:

a) GPTX Approval Voting Proposal – TX has agreed to hold their proposal until the 24 September call for entering the queue on 1 October to allow for more inclusive discussion of voting system possibilities.

b) Clarification on By-Laws Regarding Resignation Timelines – Youth Caucus approves changing the discussion period to two weeks since no longer urgent matter; discussion 8/21/17-9/3/17, voting 9/4/17-9/1017; Floor Manager Mike Dennis

c) Correction of Outdated Education Plank – – Discussion 8/21/17, Voting 8/28/17-9/3/17, Floor Manager Jody Grage

d) Approval of Travis Christal for GPUS Finance Committee (bio included) – Discussion 8/21/17-9/3/17, Voting 9/4/17-9/10/17, Floor Manager Chris Blankenhorn

e) Approval of Tamar Yager for GPUS Finance Committee (bio included), Discussion 8/21/17-9/3/17, Voting 9/4/17-9/10/17, Floor Manager Chris Blankenhorn


a) ETC Final Report – Frank: Part I and II have been posted; Part III re: voting software and voting anomalies – hope to complete in two weeks

b) Annual National Meeting – Tamar: Financial report will not complete; ANM has new committee members; Greenline will have reports on workshops, etc.

c) Voting page maintenance progress report – Chris: Agreement that August would be slow month since July took a lot of hours; Chris will send email updates; Hugh is rating line items for difficulty and time needed
d) Letter of support for Pacifica – Neither Gloria or Andrea on call; Jody will ask for updates

c) Review of February retreat and other strategic planning meetings for new members – Andrea, Chris, Darryl! – on next agenda

VI. EXECUTIVE SESSION – George Martin facilitator

TOTAL TIME: 3 hr 30 min
Jody Grage, Secretary