August 7, 2016

GPUS Steering Committee Minutes

In Person Meeting at Presidential Nominating Convention
Houston, TX
Sunday, August 7, 2016 – 1:00 p.m. CT

Present: Bahram Zandi, Chris Blankenthorn, Paul Pipkin, Tamar Yager, Jan Martell, Jeff Turner, Charles Ostdiek, Andrea Merida, Sanda Everett, Darlene Elias, Brian Bittner, Darryl Moch. Absent: Audrey Clement. Facilitator: George Friday. Observing: Budd Dickinson, Bruce Hinkforth, Mike Feinstein, Jesse Moorman.

Agenda additions: Mike Feinstein wants 10 minutes to discuss the Elections Database; FPVA discussion; Jeff has a request from FinCom for decision; Darlene requested discussion of roles first, as she will have to leave.

George asked new and old SC members to state their vision for 2018. This was followed by an overview of operations and responsibilities from current members.

Updating the Elections Database – Mike Feinstein. Proposal to form a working group (Feinstein, Seth Woolley, David Doonan) to redesign the Elections Database, which is not functional or fixable acc. to Matt Cleveland who designed it as a stopgap. It will cost a few thousand, but not 10. The SC will make a decision online on approving the work; meanwhile Mike can get some quotes. There is a Bernie-or-Bust person who would be good for this work – David Cobb and Bruce Dixon have his email.

Green Party of the Americas – Sanda. Mexican co-chair who was heckled on stage at the Convention wants an apology. Jan will craft a letter with Andrea’s help, which apologizes for lapse of protocol in not informing him in advance of the likely reaction, and also explain our democratic way of doing meetings. SC will approve before sending.

Some suggestions were made for more effective meetings – SC more visible as leaders; more proactive as liaisons; make liaison reports part of standing business on calls; have regional ANMs in off years.

Executive Session
Present: Bahram, Chris, Paul, Tamar, Jan, Jeff, Charles, Andrea, Sanda, Brian. George remained as facilitator. Decision Item to give staff (Star, David, Scott, Cynthia) a one-time bonus of $500 net passed by consensus. A proposal to increase hours for Starlene and Cynthia to ¾ time temporarily starting Aug 1 through November 30 passed by consensus. Employees will record hours worked using the online time system. Andrea agreed to join the Personnel Working Group, which will consider new hires.