August 8, 2021

Green Party US – Steering Committee Meeting Minutes
Date: Sunday, August 8, 2021, Time: 8:00 pm ET

Call Recordings:

  • Setup and Background
    1. Facilitator: Mike Dennis
    2. Steering Committee Roll Call:
      • Margaret Elisabeth (co-chair) – present
      • Ahmed Eltouny (co-chair) – present
      • Anita Rios (co-chair) – present
      • Chris Stella (co-chair) – present
      • Rei Stone-Grover (co-chair) – present
      • Garrett Wasserman (co-chair) – present
      • Tamar Yager (co-chair) – present
      • Kristin Combs (secretary) – present
      • Hillary Kane (treasurer) – present
    3. Observers:
      Diana C. Brown (CA),
      CJ Chapman (NY),
      Maureen E Doyle (MA),
      Philena Irene Farley (OH),
      Mike Gamms (he/him) (YES),
      Holly Hart (IA),
      Rita Jacobs (MI),
      Tommie James (NC),
      Barbara Kidney (NY),
      Haryaksha Gregor Knauer (AZ),
      Gloria Mattera (NY),
      Tony Ndege (NC),
      Mary Rooker (MD),
      Mary Sanderson (WI),
      Howard Switzer (TN),
      Eugene Woloszyn (CT)
    4. Establish Quorum (9 present, 9 members, quorum is 5) — QUORUM
    5. Approve Agenda — CONSENSUS
  • New Business
    1. Maryland Elections (ME)

Proposal: while MD is resolving election results, seat the two delegates and two alternates that overlap on both election results, all others listed in results will be observers — CONSENSUS

Action: KC will update NC delegation by 8/12/21

  1. Voting Software Update (CS)

Action: ME/KC write draft MOU for voting software work by 8/15/21

  1. Focus Meetings on Action Items Discussion (RSG)

Proposal: standing reports will be sent to the SC list in advance of meetings — CONSENSUS

  1. Response to GA disaffiliation (ME) – discussion only
  2. Proposed Update to Delegate 101 (KC)

Action: KC will send version with tracked changes for SC to review

  • Standing Business
    1. Approval of Expenditures
      • BAC requests $1000 for GPNM (ln 58) — CONSENSUS
    2. Reports
      • Secretary (KC) – delegation/committee updates from MD, AR, TX
      • Fundraising (TY) – 2021 ytd Fundraising income.xlsx
      • CCC (HK) – requests call for nominations for CCC election (Action: KC)
      • BMRC (ME) – BMRC request “that the ecosocialist green new deal appeal be taken down immediately and that its authors be referred to the Banking and Monetary Reform Committee.”

Proposal: allow Howard to address the SC — FAILS

(YES – ME | NO – AE, AR, CS, KC, HK, RSG, TY, GW)

Proposal: direct ecoaction to update letter to link to the Green Party US platform on the GND and monetary theory — FAILS

(YES – AR, KC, ME, HK | NO – AE, CS, GW, RSG, TY)

Presenter: Steering Committee (

Floor Manager: Margaret Elisabeth

Stage: Discussion

Proposal: Accept the 7/27/21 MOU with Feinstein — PASSED

(Yes – TY, RSG, HK, KC, GW, CS, AR, AE | No – ME)

Proposal: Place TX proposal in the queue — CONSENSUS (AE, KC stand aside)

Action: KC will get signed MOU from HK/AE and send to Feinstein. Then notify TX that prop is going to queue and request withdraw

  1. Finalize Liaison / Staff Supervisor Assignments

Proposal: accept assignments as listed below — CONSENSUS

  • Ahmed: CCC, GPAX, Media
  • Anita: ANMC, Ecoaction, IC
  • Chris: ARC, BRPP, Platcom
  • Garrett: ApRevCom, ETC, Green Pages, PCSC
  • Margaret: BAC, BMRC, DRC
  • Rei: AC, Fundcom, Outreach
  • Tamar: Diversity, Fincom, Merch

Action: KC will notify Doonan of needed changes by 8/12/21

Proposal: appoint Ahmed as co-staff-supervisor with Hillary — CONSENSUS

Action: HK will notify staff of new supervisor ASAP