December 10, 2023


Observers are asked to remain muted and refrain from using the chat function.  If someone wishes to speak to an agenda item, please respond to or this address, above.


  1. Setup and Background – 10 min.
  2.   Facilitator: Charles Ostdiek
  3.     Craig Cayetano (co-chair) – present
  4.     Margaret Elisabeth (co-chair) – present
  5.     Darryl! Moch (co-chair) – present
  6.     Alfred Molison (co-chair) –  not present
  7.     Joseph Naham (co-chair) – reported absence, but joined during first new agenda item.
  8.     Tony Ndege (co-chair) – present
  9.     Tamar Yager (co-chair) – present
  10.     Holly Hart (secretary) – present
  11.     Bob Stuller (treasurer) – present




 Observers (remain muted and refrain from using the chat feature):

Establish Quorum (9 current members, quorum is 5)

Approve Agenda (changes require majority, new items require ⅔)


Invited to Report on PCSC: PCSC co-chairs Tom Yager, Violet Zitola

Observers:  Sarah Dillon (IN), Cassandra Lems (NY); Starlene Rankin (WA); Scott Laugenour (WA), Co-chair CCC; Violet Zitola (MA), Co-chair PCSC; Tom Yager (VA), Co-chair, PCSC


ADDED to Agenda, Darryl!: Request for clarification of Media Policy regarding dissemination or interaction/promotion of candidates seeking the GPUS presidential nomination


  1. II. Treasurer’s Report   (Bob)  15 min

The party received a large donation from a person in Washington state, finances are currently in good shape.  Bob is working on trying to fit pieces of reports together, as recent former treasury reports have been unclear..  He is working with Finance and Fundraising Committees for input, numbers and guidance.  They are working on a budget.  


Checking account #1: $19,716.48

Checking account #2: $4,365.14

Savings account: $119,846.85

PayPal balance: $4,634.21


 III.    New Business – 

  1.   CCC Request for $1200 ($600 each for Christine Khalil, 2024 NJ Candidate for US Senate; Sean Dougherty, 2024 CA Candidate for US Congress, District 19  See ADDENDUM A

Discussion:  Darryl asked if we have a sense of where we are in terms of the budget and available funds.  CCC co-hair Scott Lugenour responded that he has sent a message with the CCC  budget and funds available.  Disbursing these funds will put the CC at aout $7600 of $10,000 budgeted funds.  These will be the final grants for 2023. Tamar stated that just because something is in the budget doesn’t mean we have the funds.  Tony wrote that the party just received two donations of $24,000 and $10,000, and such a disbursement is in line with being a political party.  Bob stated that the concern is keeping lights on, being able to pay staff..  Currently, account is three payrolls ahead, reasonable. He is in favor of candidate and ballot access grants because they are sending money to the grassroots where efforts help expand our footprint.

Request APPROVED by Consensus, Tamar standing aside.


        B.Request for PCSC co-chairs to report on questions regarding candidates seeking the Green presidential nomination (Darryl!) 

 “Since the committee is in a quagmire, I  believe this needs to come to the SC for guidance and assistance. Place on the agenda the issue of candidate recognition from the PCSC.  Also respectfully request both co-chairs be present to share the details and respond to questions.”  PCSC co-chairs Violet Zitola and Tom Yager have been invited to the call.


Violet read a statement. Violet stated  that the committee lacks labor to do the necessary work, because of the committee’s conflict of interest policy:  too many are interested in working on a campaign, rather than the PCSC. which requires members do not get involved in a campaign util after the nomination.


Holly believes the main issue was an amendment to Article X of the R’s& P’s, with unintended consequences that ended up painting the PCSC into a corner, preventing teh committee from posting candidate information on their website;; this also conflicts with another rule or part of the PCSC”s work description.  Margaret stated that Violet’s response did not address the issue. Tony stated that the term “publication” doesn’t mean providing information to state parties. Others hold a different interpretation.


Further discussion regarding the request for candidates’ signatures of support and how they are being verified.  Violet reported she had spoken with former PCSC co-chair John Andrews, who pointed out that whatever is being done now is far more complex than what was intended.  Joseph Naham asked Starlene rankin, a member of the PCSC, whether the committee was having difficulties or unable to provide needed support for the task.  Starlene replied she thought the committee had enough members, and willing to help out, and recommended the co-chairs reach out directly to members to ask for their assistance.


Proposal, Darryl! – Proposal to temporarily suspend status of the problematic sentence in Article X, while awaiting a housekeeping amendment.  The NC can override the SC’s decision, and/but a housekeeping proposal would also be forthcoming. WITHDRAWN


Proposal, Craig – Alternate Proposal: Because of language in Article X, 10.3, he would propose having 10.2-3 the overriding premise. This provides for “conditional recognition.”  WITHDRAWN


Proposal, Tony – Proposal that if PCSC has received the appropriate number of signatures from a candidate, to go ahead with recognition; go forward with GPUS staff to verify a  sample from submissions and report back how many check back; Holly, requested amendment:  have PCSC do it, not staff, unless PCSC or other volunteers can’t be found. 

AGREED, Consensus


  1. Clarification of Media/Social Media policy regarding candidates seeking presidential nomination. Darryl!  

One of the presidential candidates complaining about a tweet greeting Jill Stein.  Per media policy, advise an apology, note it was unauthorized, and take measures to ensure  this doesn’t happen again.  


  1. Sharing national list with/eBlasts for specific candidates (Tamar) 

Tamar noted that, per GPUS policy, we CANNOT share lists with candidates.  In  the past, on occasion, have sent eBlast on behalf of candidates (recent, Cam Gordon, incumbent for out change). CCC recently decided to send eBlasts for certain candidates; should have checked with FundCom, fundraising is way down.  CCC Co-chair Scott Laugenour explained the CCC plan, which has been sent to tboth the National and Steering Committees.  

  1.         Standing Business – 5 min,
  2.     Recap of Listserv Decisions (Holly) 
  1. Technically, 48/48 – approval of upgrade adding more storage space to Pair server/ 



       2) 48/48/ – online review and approval of ANMCom PNC 2024 Ranked Choice Vote 

proposal for voting queue


       3) 48/48 – BAC request for $3000 for South Dakota Green Party ballot petition work


Meeting skipped to:

  1. Voting Queue (Holly)  

NOTE: Coordinated Campaign Committee elections will be forthcoming with the discussion period to begin Monday, December 18th.  This will give the CCC time to collect candidate bios, necessary approvals from stat parties and possibly more candidates.

  1.   RECEIVED for the QUEUE
  2. ATC Delegate Apportionment for NC and PNC – 2023-2024

Sponsor: Apportionment Tabulation Committee

Threshold: ⅔ Approval

Approved for teh Queue, see above, Online Decisions.


  1. IN the QUEUE


  1. #1168 Selection of Site for 2024 Presidential Nominating Convention and National 


Ranked ChoiceVote, 1 candidate

Open Ballot

Floor Manager:  Holly Hart

Discussion through 12/10/2023

Voting from 10/11/2023 through 12/17/2023



  1. #1165 ATC Delegate Apportionment for NC and PNC – 2023-2024

Sponsor: Apportionment Tabulation Committee

Threshold: ⅔ Approval

Floor Manager: Holly Hart

Voting through 12/10/2023

  1. Election of Green Party Senate Campaign

Ranked Choice Vote, 6 seats

Open Ballot

Floor Manager:  Holly hart

Voting through 12/10/2023




  1. #1161 and #1166  Floor Manager Settings for Ranked Choice Votes

#1161 was accidentally canceled.  #1166 FAILED TO REACH QUORUM


Magaret proposed that, given the time taken for the discussion items, teh rest of the agenda be tabled until the next call:

APPROVED, Consensus


TABLED until SC Call, January 7, 2024


  1. Reports 


  1.  Treasurer (Bob) – done, see above

  Financial Report (Tamar and Bob)


  1. Secretary (Holly):
  2. Correspondence – Letter from Haiti See ADDENDUM B
  3. Progress report on updates, proposals updates, Google Drive Folders, directory and NC lists..


  1. Staff Report (Tamar, Tony)  From Last 3 Meetings:  Union Contract: Darryl! asked if we finished union negotiations and if there is now a union contract.  Tamar responded that union advice is that the staff should bring the contract to the SC.  Darryl! asked that the request be brought to the staff.


  1. Liaison assignments 

  Craig: Media; Merchandise, Presidential Campaign Support Committee

 Alfred: Fundraising, Green Peace Action Committee

 Joseph: EcoAction, Green Pages, International

 Tamar: Apportionment Tabulation, Credentials, Election Tabulation, Staff Supervisor, Apportionment 

Review Committee 

  Margaret: Banking and Monetary Reform, 




IN PROGRESS?  Joseph: Proposed Tool for Identifying and Assessing Committee Challenges

Any update to this?  From 10/08/2023 call:  SC generally felt this to be a good idea. This can be a tool that can be used as needed.  Noted ongoing interest in having committees come on calls on a quarterly basis to share updates by way of these meetings.  An idea that had been raised in the past is to have committees report directly.  Suggestion of going to one business meeting per month, others involving committee reports and discussion.  Joseph will disburse the document among the working committees. Recommend not focusing only on conflicts, but ways of evaluating how the committee might function better, and on positive achievements and work.


VII.         Old Business – 10 – 15 min

  1. Coalition to March on the RNC 2024 – no action taken. TABLED to take up online, and decide whether to take this up.  Announcement was re-sent following the Draft agenda.



VIII.         Executive Session – none


TOTAL TIME – 2 hr. 20 min.





 November 30, 1:26 am


To the GPUS Steering Committee,


Please place disbursement approval of $1200 on the agenda for your next meeting.  This is for the following 2 candidate grant awards, which the Coordinated Campaign Committee has approved by consensus:


$600 to Christina Khalil – 2024 NJ Candidate for US Senate

$600 to Sean Doughety – 2024 CA Candidate for US Congress – CA District 19


I await bank account information from Christina Khalil and will forward to the Treasurer when I receive it.


For Sean Dougherty, here is the bank account information:


Upon approval of these two disbursements, CCC will have spent $7,620 of its $10,000 budget.  We expect no more 2023 expenditures.  Please see our current budget analysis:


Respectfully and with thanks,


Scott Laugenour, Co-Chair

GPUS Coordinated Campaign Committee




On Tue, 17 Oct at 6:23 PM , Le Patriotisme National D’Haiti <> wrote:

President of  Green Party, USA


Purpose: Contact and request for cooperation.


Dear Mr. President,


I respond to the name of Moise Louis, President of the Haitian political party “PATRIOTISME NATIONAL D’HAÏTI – PANH”, registered and recognized by the Haitian Ministry of Justice.

The purpose of this letter is to contact you to facilitate mutual cooperation that allows both of us to promote democracy, the rule of law and human rights and to participate in some activities together.

PANH is a Haitian political party, modern, institutional, innovative, of international standard and with republican ethics.

Pending your response, the PANH political party requests that you receive its distinguished greetings.


Rév. & Me Moise Louis


Commissaire International pour les Droits humains




Dear Mr. President Louis,

Thank you for writing the Green Party of the U.S. We are honored that you have contacted us and are interested in sharing news of your party. According to your platform, our parties share advocacy for human rights and democracy. We would certainly be interested in learning more about activities or advocacy you may have in mind. 

Most sincerely,

Holly Hart

Secretary, Green Party of the U.S.

Oct. 30, 2023

Dear Holly Hart

Secretary of Green party in the USA.

Thank you for your answer. It is a privilege to receive your answer and to keep in touch with the Green party of usa. The political party Patriotisme National d’Haiti – PANH is a new political party recorded and recognized  by the ministry of Justice in Haiti.

As you know about the political , economic , social situation and phenomenal insecurity in Haiti , we are born to help the Haitian citizen to solve those problems by a political dialogue and economical and social program of developpement for all haitian population.

We are preparing to participate in the organisation of the election in Haiti whenever it is probably , until today after the assassination of the President Jovenel Moise in Haiti , the government authority doesn’t take any decisions to turn back the country to the constitutional order.

The political party PANH is  looking for partnership , cooperation and help for more political activities in Haiti. PANH is available to participate at the elections in Haiti, but the corruption and the insecurity are too high.

Our activities now are motivation of the citizens to become members of the party ,  formation of the previous candidates and organisation of the seminaries of formation in Democracy , human rights , society , rights and duties of the citizens.

As an experimental  party in the USA which gets experience in elections and formation , your cooperation and your partnership are important for us.

Thank you very much for your attention and we are available to amplify our partnership and our cooperation.

God bless you.

Moise Louis


ules/#03  >