December 11, 2022

Green Party US Steering Committee Meeting

Dec. 11th, 2022

8pm ET/5pm PT







Brian Cooke




Margaret Elisabeth

Rei Stone-Gtover

Tony Ndege

Chris Stella

Garret Wassermann

Tamar Yager


Ahmed Eltouny


Diana C. Brown



Brian Cooke

  • Rollcall (3 min)

    1. Steering Committee
    2. Observers present for recording (please remain muted and do not use chat feature)
      Starlene Rankin, Gloria Mattera, Cassandra Lems, Allan Hunter, Sandy Przybylak, Holly Hart
  1. Establish Quorum (1 min)

(9 current members, quorum is 5)

  1. Approve Minutes from Minutes for 11/13/22  (1 min)
  2. Approve Agenda (changes require majority, new items require ⅔) (1 min)
  3. Discussion Items (5 min each/50 min total)

    1. Facilitator worksheet (TY)  Need more people. Work on the list and vote? Find a new method to decide on facilitators?
    2. DevTeam Update (ME) The dev team is fixing the existing voting software and removing the duplicate data structures which have been introduced.  Since the SC has suspended the contract, there is no pending presentation to the NC being prepared.
    3. National Sustainer Campaign (TN) 10 minutes Bring together multiple committees?
    4. Request National Committee Holiday break from Dec. 19th-Jan. 1st. Passed by  consensus  – will announce to NC
    5. Nationbuilder Data Access (TY) Adjust information availability and access for caucus admins? Plan for access and need? Levels of access?  SC voted to not upgrade Caucus Admins to Admin. David Doonan will modify Caucus Admins abilities on 12/12 to make needed access changes..
    6. Amended 2023 Budget (DCB) (20 minutes) Working on various amendments and seeking input from the NC – Timestamp 9:10pm
    7. Can we make sure all committees are storing files on the Google Drive?


  1. For Voting Queue (10 min each/ 20 min)
    1. Move to Loomio (GW) Will be considered on the list to be submitted to the queue with the new budget and other items.
    2. Delayed for NC Voting Queue to send with 2023 Budget
      1. Co-Chair liaison responsibilities (DCB)
      2. Secretary responsibilities (DCB)
  2. Reports (2 min each/22 min) (please provide written report links ahead of meeting)
    1. Fundraising 2022 YTD Fundraising Report  9:33pm Sustainer income dropped. Downward trend
    2. Staff (DCB, TN) Staff Tasks 9:42pm Finalizing Job Descriptions (David never had one) and doing Year End Review to transition into 2023
    3. Secretary (BC)
    4. Treasurer: 2022 Budget & Expenses Reviewed our current bank balance, upcoming 2022 expenses, and the FEC report process and status(DCB) 9:53pm
    5. ME: FundCom, BMRC, Diversity
    6. AE: ANMC, GPAX, IC
    7. RSG: AC, BAC, Outreach
    8. TN: EcoAction, FinCom, PCSC
    9. CS: AnimalRights
    10. GW: PlatCom, ApRevCom, BRPP, Green Pages
      1. BRPP: Recently completed a quorum call, currently holding a nomination period to elect new co-chairs. Hoping this will generate more activity.
      2. Green Pages: Recently published a couple op-eds, with plans to publish a few more over coming weeks. See Still transitioning to online first newspaper, new editorial board members welcome. Authors are welcome to submit news or op-eds, do NOT have to be on the editorial board to submit pieces.
      3. PlatCom: Last two platform amendments of 2022 are in the queue with voting concluding on Sunday 12/18. Taking a brief hiatus, expecting work to begin on 2024 cycle in January or February.
      4. AppRevCom: Hasn’t been able to meet quorum for months. Will reach out to co-chairs to ask about next steps for January, but may include disbanding the current committee and calling for new elections to form a new committee.
    11. TY: ETC, Merch


  1. Currently In The Queue


TOTAL TIME: 98 minutes