December 30, 2018

GPUS Steering Committee Minutes – 30 December 2018

Apologies for the late posting of these minutes due to technical difficulties. – Jody


1. New Business: Media/SC communications

2. Standing Business: Treasurer’s Report (Treasurer’s Reports to the GNC available at; Fundraising Report; Fundraising Consultant update, Liaison reports

3. Voting Queue –

Received for the queue – Hold AC Elections -Coalition proposal; Proposal for Rlection of the AC Co-Chair Position – Justin Beth

In the queue: 2018 GPUS Annual Budget, Coordinated Campaign Election – Men, Coordinated Campaign Election – Women

Online SC Proposals approved since last call and sent to the NC: None

4. Old Business: Accreditation Committee – online proposal from Andrea and previously tabled proposals to the SC from Tony and Violet; Strategic Planning meeting #2; Apportionment Tabulation Committee membership and chair requests

For future agendas: FreshDesk update; ETC Report; Tech – voting page/ETC and misc. maintenance; AMN wrap up

5. Executive Session: Personnel

The full agenda is available at
The call recording will be available at 712-451-0309, 926334#, reference 37 and

Jody Grage, Secretary

GPUS Steering Committee Minutes – 30 December 2018



a) Facilitator: Sid Smith

b) Roll call – Anita Rios. Andrea Merida, Gloria Mattera, Justin Beth, Margaret Flowers, Tony Ndege, Violet Zitola, Jody Grage, Hillary Kane
Observer requests – Jan Martell NC, David Gerry MA, Tommie James NC, Erin Fox MI, Holly Hart IA, Philena Farley OH, Tamar Yager VA

c) Agenda revision suggestions – Voting Queue – Apportionment Review Committee election – consensus; Old Business – Ending Accreditation List moderation – Gloria – consensus; Old Business – Andrea’s online proposal in discussion phase to call for AC election – vote to add to agenda


a) Media/SC Communications – Gloria/Andrea – some delays in responding to requests for speakers to Ann Link/Media Committee, often come in through FreshDesk which needs better processes – SC training had been planned – Andrea will research and report; need protocols for responses, talking points, identify appropriate responders for specific topics; put talking points on Google Drive for accessibility; consensus to have Ann send to MediaCom list with subject line identifier to be determined by Gloria and Ann, also need acknowledgement from person who will handle


a) Treasurer’s report – Hillary Kane – 10 min
Treasurer’s Reports to the GNC available at
All Accounts: $106,980.37: Savings – Operating Reserves/Reserves – $97,038.92, Checking $9,941.45; plus PayPal app. $950

Holding steady in account balance and operating reserves; no resolution on NY Workers Compensation Board fine – pleading financial hardship

Hillary will update file of reports available at link above

b) Fundraising report – Gloria – 10 min
Income: November $19,213.04 including Caring Cents $349.42; December 1-20 $7,912.75 incl. website $449.00
Eblast Donations: Become a Sustainer: $253 (11 New Sustainers @ $200 a month)
Direct Mail Letters: November: $4,485.25, December 1-20 $6585 though not all entered
Recent bank deposit $2100 not yet entered in NB

c) Fundraising Consultant update – Hillary, Gloria – no update

d) Green Uprising year end request – GU does not accept corporate funds; in favor of synergistic relationship with GPUS – implementation under discussion; this complicated matter is in an exploratory discussion and includes requesting contribution to GPUS; Violet will do a preliminary report on discussion to date within a week

d) Liaison reports – 20 min
Current liaison assignments: Accreditation – all;
Animal Rights – Justin;
Annual National Meeting – Margaret;
Apportionment Tabulation – Andrea;
Ballot Access – Violet;
Bylaws Rules, Policies and Procedures – Andrea;
Coordinated Campaign Committee – Gloria;
Credentials – Justin;
Dispute Resolution – Anita;
Diversity – Anita;
Eco-Action – Gloria;
Finance – Anita;
Fundraising – Gloria;
Peace Action (GPAX) – Tony;
Green Pages – Anita;
International – Andrea;
Media – Gloria;
Outreach – Tony;
Merchandise – Justin;
Platform – Margaret;
Presidential Campaign Support – Margaret
International Committee – Andrea –

CA Green who is immigration attorney may do town hall conference call

BRPP – Andrea – request to standardize accepting nominations to committees for NC elections especially for people who are not on NC list and cannot accept on that list

Annual National Meeting – Margaret – brainstorming about workshops for 2019 stressing skill building and anti-oppression/white suppremacy

Presidential Campaign Support Committee – Margaret – outreach plan for potential presidential candidates, Justin facilitated the last meeting

Diversity – Anita – working to rebuild after co-chair absence, some members did train-the-trainers workshop and could do regional workshops

Dispute Resolution – Anita – good ideas being discussed including safe spaces for PTSD and mental health needs

Ballot Access – AJ Reed elected to second co-chair position

IV. VOTING QUEUE – Jody – 30 min.

In the queue – 2018 GPUS Annual Budget, Coordinated Campaign Election – Men, Coordinated Campaign Election – Women

Online SC Proposals approved since last call and sent to the NC: None

Received for the queue: Apportionment Review Committee election

Accreditation Committee Discussion: AC co-chair has called for election for two-year term which is in nomination phase now; AC R&Ps not yet updated so may still be process difficulties; the NC has the authority to bring resolution to this issue; Proposal for Election of the AC Co-Chair Position – Justin Beth – to resolve issues from previous election and work toward best practices – vote for SC sponsorship failed – Anita yes, Andrea no, Gloria no, Margaret no, Tony no, Violet yes, Justin yes, Jody yes, Hillary no

Hold AC Elections – Coalition proposal – to execute election now underway – findings presented that expedited placement and one week discussion period requested do not apply, Andrea committed to get authorization within 24 hours from all sponsoring states/caucuses to withdraw proposal; proposal withdrawn 6 January

V. OLD BUSINESS – 20 min

a) Accreditation Committee – Ending Accreditation List moderation – Gloria – consensus to approve; Previously tabled proposals to the SC – Advise the co-chairs of the AC to count the vote on the subcommittee report on Colorado. – Tony – and Resolution regarding AC Rules and Procedures – Violet – withdrawn ;
Andrea’s online proposal in discussion phase to call for AC election – withdrawn

b} Ballots for SC July elections from ETC and for and for SC vacancy election – Jody will follow up diligently – manual process seems necessary, David Gerry reports result files were sent to NC for ETC but hasn’t been done for vacancy

b) Strategic Planning Meeting #2 – Thursday 3 January 2019 – Gloria and Margaret
Review of the nuts and bolts of the party – focusing on committees; agenda will come soon for NC announcement; conference call line with video capability will be used – Hillary will provide information

c) Apportionment Tabulation Committee vacancy and chair requests – 5 min
The ATC requests that Sanda Everett CA be appointed to fill the vacancy and that Sid Smith be recognized as the committee chair – consensus to approve

For future agendas: Freshdesk update; ETC Report; Tech – voting page/ETC and misc. maintenance;
ANM wrap up

End recording of call


Budget discussion – personnel
No decisions made

TOTAL TIME: 3 hours 5 min

Jody Grage, Secretary