December 8, 2019

Green Party of the United States
Steering Committee

Sunday December 8, 2019
8:00 PM EST
Call Recordings:
  1. Call Setup & Background
    1. Facilitator:
      Holly Hart
    2. Roll call
      Justin Beth,
      Kristin Combs,
      Trahern Crews,
      Margaret Flowers,
      Gloria Mattera,
      Tony Ndege (joined later),
      Anita Rios
      David Gerry
      Hillary Kane
      Starlene Rankin (LC),
      Tamar Yager (WC)
    3. Agenda revision suggestions
      1. II.c Approval of Expenditures: International Committee Travel [5 minutes]

        Approved by consensus.

  2. Standing Business
    1. Secretary's Report (David)

      The co-chairs of the CCC are writing a notice of namination to be sent out to state parties and caucuses for the upcoming CCC elections.

      Proposal: Cancel Steering Committee Meeting for December 22, 2019
      Approved by consensus.

    2. Treasurer's report (Hillary)

      Monthly Treasurer Reports (

      Current Balances
      Operating Funds $15,078.78
      Reserved Funds $106,761.65
      PayPal $1,319.07
    3. Approval of Expenditures

      2019 Budget (

      1. International Committee Travel (Line 104: $1500)

        Reimbursement of travel expenses to FVPA meeting.
        Approved by consensus.

      Committees and caucuses are required to seek authorization prior to spending budgeted funds beyond their reserves.

    4. Liaison reports
      • Accreditation Committee (Trahern)

        No meetings have been held.

      • Animal Rights Committee (Justin)

        The committee is going over the 2020 platform amendments.

      • Annual National Meeting Committee (Margaret)
        Meetings: Third Thursdays

        A link is now available on the GP website to the 2020 PNC.

      • Banking and Monetary Reform Committee (Justin)

        The committee has been working on web updates.

      • Ballot Access Committee (Tony)
        Meetings: Third Mondays
      • Bylaws, Rules, Policies and Procedures Committee (Kristin)

        No report.

      • Coordinated Campaign Committee (Gloria)
        Meetings: First and Third Tuesdays

        There was a webinar held for debriefing candidates about their campaigns and what can be learned from their experience. A campaign school was held in Portland, Maine there were four candidates and several supporters in attendance. Subjects gone over were ballot access, petitioning.

      • Dispute Resolution Committee (Kristin)

        No report.

      • Diversity Committee (Anita)
        Meetings: Fourth Wednesdays

        One of the co-chairs has resigned and Anita is trying to get in touch with the other co-chair. There was no meeting in November.

      • Eco-Action Committee (Tony)
      • Finance Committee (Anita)
        Meetings: Third Wednesdays
      • Fundraising Committee (Gloria)
        Meetings: First and Third Mondays
      • Green Pages Editorial Board (Kristin)

        Meeting scheduled for Monday December 9.

      • International Committee (Anita)

        A call is being scheduled for this week.

      • Media Committee (Gloria)
        Meetings: Second and Fourth Tuesdays
      • Merchandising Committee (Trahern)
        Meetings: First and Third Mondays

        Sales for November $375.00 average sale $12.50. Bestselling item is the RRR shirt. The committee would like to purchase totes before January.

      • Outreach Committee (Tony)
      • Peace Action Committee (Margaret)
        Meetings: First and Third Tuesdays

        The committee is working on a candidates peace pledge and are creating a peace quiz.

      • Platform Committee (Margaret)
      • Presidential Campaign Support Committee (Justin)
        Meetings: Second Thursdays

        A response to candidates regarding concerns has been prepared and will be sent soon.

      • Apportionment Review Committee (Kristin)

        Meeting scheduled for next week. Committee is looking at specific proposals and how they effect state party apportionment.

      • Presidential Candidate Resources Working Group (Justin)

        A final version is being prepared for approval by the PCRWG which will be forwarded to the committees involved for approval then sent to the PCSC. After approval by PCSC the NC will be notified.

  3. Voting Queue (
    1. In the queue
      1. 981: Using RCV for Gender Equity
        Floor Manager:
      2. 982: 2020 PNC Delegate Apportionment
        Floor Manager:
    2. Received for the queue
      Call for findings

      1. 983: 2020 GPUS Annual Budget
        Steering Committee
        Floor Manager:
        Anita Rios

        Under GPUS RPP 6-3.2(a) Approve a one week discussion period as not to conflict with end of year celebrations.
        Approved by consensus.

        Under GPUS RPP 6-3.2(b) expedited entry into the queue as not to conflict with end of the year celebrations.
        Approved by consensus.

  4. Old Business
    1. Strategic Plan (Discussion)
      Action items for next SC meeting
      minutes from public meeting; no recording is available for Sat. Nov. 23. (David)
      Collect documents from retreat including originals and merged vision and mission statements. (Justin, Michael)
      Notes from the retreat. (Tony, Alan)
      Work on goals.
  5. New Business
    1. Conflick of Interest Statement for Committees (Justin; Discussion)

      This item is on the agenda at the request of people outside the Steering Committee. It is to explore whether or not there is a need for a conflict of interest statement required for members of committees involved in the presidential nomination process.

      Committees that may benefit from a conflict of interest statement mentioned were Steering Committe, Media, Ballot Access and Outreach. Concerns were expressed as to whether or not the PCSC conflict of interest statement was working or if this is a case of a solution looking for a problem.

    2. Signatory on Denounce the Brutal Repression in Bolivia (Anita)

      There has been no follow up from the International Committee and a statement was issued by the Black Caucus. This item is out of date.

    3. A possible coordinated campaign around several states s that are under attack around ballot access/ballot status (Gloria; Discussion

      The Ballot Access and Media Committees are working on a statement to be sent out.

2 hours 0 minutes