February 24, 2019

GPUS Steering Committee Minutes – 24 February 2019


1. New Business: Scope of committee authority discussion

2. Standing Business: Treasurer’s Report (Treasurer’s Reports to the GNC available at https://gpus.org/treasurers-reports/; Fundraising Report; Fundraising Consultant update, Liaison reports

3. Voting Queue – https://secure.gpus.org/cgi-bin/vote/login

Received for the queue – None
In the queue: Establish Rules of the Banking and Monetary Reform Committee

Online SC Proposals approved since last call and sent to the NC: NationBuilder list cleanup not to exceed $1000 approved.

4. Old Business: 2019 Annual National Meeting, Tech update; Strategic Planning Meeting update. FreshDesk update

5. Executive Session: Personnel

The full minutes are available at http://gpus.org/committees/steering/minutes/february-24-2019/
The call recording will be available at 712-451-0309, 926334#, reference 1 and

Jody Grage, Secretary

GPUS Steering Committee Minutes – 24 February 2019



a) Facilitator: Sid Smith

b) Roll call – Jody Grage, Hillary Kane, Justin Beth, Gloria Mattera, Andrea Merida, Violet Rose Zitola,
Tony Ndege, Anita Rios; Absent: Margaret Flowers
Observers: Rita Jacobs MI, David Gerry MA, Tamar Yager VA, Holly Hart IA

d) Agenda revision suggestions – Treasurers Report – International Committee dues; New Business – Merchandise request to reprint Green New Deal flyer


A. From BMRC: Scope of authority for public actions and statements by committees within their mission statements such as letters to legislators, correspondence with foreign Green Parties, endorsing actions and events, signing petitions, publishing articles, maintaining official committee social media accounts – need for SC to craft a general policy on subsequent agendas, new agreement between PCSC and Media Committee could be a model; if done in name of GPUS needs to go through SC or Media Committee – public statement goes through Media, letters to legislators through SC with spokesperson role; consideration given to difference between formal statement and more casual conversations; need for liaison – for future agenda

B. Merchandise request to print Green New Deal flyer – Justin
Literature process discussion – to Outreach Committee and approval by SC with vetting by Platform Committee;
SC thanks MerchCom for this work and recommends MerchCom work with Outreach to come up with final version by Sunday – consensus


a) Treasurer’s report – Hillary Kane – 5 min.
Treasurer’s Reports to the GNC available at https://gpus.org/treasurers-reports/
All accounts: $113,430.72; Operating Reserves and Restricted Funds $97,402.32,
Checking $16,028.40, plus Paypal $1,308.00 – includes ANM registrations

Accounts Payable – App $9000 NationBuilder annual fee, up to $1000 to Sac Mayberry for list clean up, app $5000 for current direct mail piece internal audit planed but not yet done

International Committee dues for Global Greens and FVPA – recommend paying 2018 dues – of $350 and $200 respecitively; IC to discuss ongoing membership issues and 2019 dues will be paid if no communication from IC received within 60 days; withdrawal from either group needs NC approval – consensus

b) Fundraising report – Gloria – 5 min.
Income – January $14,629.96, Feb 1-24 $16,827.07 (includes $6,685.50 for ANM) – quite steady state
Donations from website January $746.42 (2 new Sustainers @ $65 a month), Feb 1 – Feb 24: $1,421.08
November 2018 Direct Mail Letter: $8,187.75

Eblasts: HR-I Petition: $247 (1 new Sustainer $5);Valentine’s Day: $234 (3 new Sustainers @ $57 a month)
Winter Direct Mail Letter was mailed on Wednesday;List Clean-up started by outside contractor with goal to finish by Feb. 27.

Fundraising Consultant update – Hillary, Gloria
unused balance with Sutton being used for developing a month-by-month plan; planning to do one strong email piece per week – not all fundraising pieces; also Jennifer will be our draft writer for the next month or so to make use of the balance and her professional expertise

d) Liaison reports – 30 min
MERCH – Justin – call this past week – 2018 end of year report sent to SC, looking for more downloadable lit which is biggest earner; state websites need to have a link to GPUS storefront

ARC – Justin – much of work on Facebook; Gloria – ARC talking with Humane Party

DIV – Anita – meeting next week

DR – Anita – nothing significant

FinCom – Anita – nothing significant

Media – Gloria – call for nominations for one co-chair (Justin McCarthy) and vacancy (Ann Link) – one election with top vote-getter former and second vote-getter for vacancy

CCC – Gloria – continuing with webinars – next Running on the Green New Deal with Jill and Howie; supporting CT race

IV. VOTING QUEUE – Jody – 5 min

Received for the queue: None
In the queue – Establish Rules of the Banking and Monetary Reform Committee
Online SC Proposals approved since last call and sent to the NC: NationBuilder list cleanup not to exceed $1000 approved.

V. OLD BUSINESS – 55 min

a) 2019 Annual National Meeting – Margaret – 15 min
SC task list – Violet, Gloria, Justin; update on workshops, speakers, etc. – next agenda
Tamar – Presidential Candidate Forum suggested for Friday night; perhaps strategy discussion on Sunday, need more workshop proposals;nly 3 more Early Bird registrations available; SC plane tickets should be bought ASAP – SW having a sale to Boston

b) Tech updates – SC liaison, update on Hugh Esco conversation, ballots from July and vacancy SC elections, – Violet – 20 min waiting on progress report or quote from Hugh, getting copy of ballots from Dave Doonan

c) Strategic Planning Meeting #4 – Margaret and Gloria – 10 min
Survey update – not yet sent, Andrea will have draft by tomorrow; scheduled for Friday 8 March

d) FreshDesk update – Justin – 10 min –
call with Mike Dennis, useful and powerful tool which needs to be optimized in a variety of ways; need for 2-3 volunteers, media requests go to media admin person who will be appointed within the Media Committee

End recording of call


Budget discussion – personnel – no decisions made
Jody, Gloria, Justin, Hillary, Violet Rose, Anita, Andrea, Tony

TOTAL TIME: 2 hours 15 miin

Jody Grage, Secretary