February 25, 2024


Green Party US – Steering Committee Meeting
Date: Sunday, February 25, 2024
Time: 8:00 pm ET

NOTE on Minutes: From the Bylaws: “…Minutes. SC members will have 72 hours from the time the minutes are posted to send corrections.

“Barring unforeseen circumstances, minutes will be posted to the National Committee Votes list no later than ten days after the adjournment of the meeting and to the GPUS web site no later than twenty days.”



Observers are asked to remain muted and refrain from using the chat function.  If someone wishes to speak to an agenda item, please respond to secretary@gp.org or this address, above.



I. Setup and Background

A.    Facilitator: Ann Link

B.    Steering Committee Roll Call:

   1.     Craig Cayetano (co-chair) – present

   2.     Margaret Elisabeth (co-chair) – present

   3. Darryl! Moch (co-chair) – present

   4.     Alfred Molison (co-chair) – joined just after reports

   5.     Joseph Naham (co-chair) – present

   6.     Tony Ndege (co-chair) – joined during Treasurer’s report

   7.     Tamar Yager (co-chair) – present

   8.     Holly Hart (secretary) – present

   9. Bob Stuller (treasurer) – present

Observers:  Starlene Rankin, WA; Scott Laugenour, WA; Theron Gillilland,jr., PA; Gloria Mattera, NY; John Krause, LA; Maureen Doyle, MA


Observers (remain muted and refrain from using the chat feature):

Establish Quorum (9 current members, quorum is 5)


Approve Agenda (changes require majority, new items require ⅔)


 II.Treasurer’s Report   (Bob)  15 min

 Signal accounts:

Merchant checking: $8,309.96

Misc checking: $10,897.84 (plus another $6,000 from PayPal scheduled

     to appear tomorrow)

Savings: $119,852.95

PayPal: $1,991.23

NationBuilder yearly fee will be due at the end of this month.  Bob advises heeding Tamar’s warnings regarding projected revenues assumed in the budget.


 III.New Business –   15  min

          A.  Voting Software (Margaret)

Original developers are working on the voting page code now. In the process of deploying to test the database, and hope to be ready to go live in 6 to 8 weeks. Margaret will alert SC about two weeks ahead of time for those interested to check out.  Should not appear any different from the front end.


B.  Qualifications of Presidential Candidates Jasmine Sherman and Jorge 

Zavala (Tony) 

Confusion over candidates’ financial FEC filings breakdown.  PCSC has planned to review to determine if breakdowns qualify.  There are two ways to meet the required fundraising amount.  Craig stated an extension should have been put in place; rescinding anything will look bad; suggested interpreting this as saying the candidates had met provisional requirements. Margaret pointed out the rules that clarify when provisional recognition ends. Note that rules allow continued notice of candidates being “provisionally recognized.”  SC will request PCSC to review data from the FEC filings, as the PCSC had agreed on their most recent call.


IV.Standing Business – 5  min

         A.Recap of Listserv Decisions (Holly) – None

               Ongoing 48/48 – Endorse Call to Action for communities to organize March 2 Hands Off Rafah!  https://www.shutitdown4palestine.org/about

2/23/2024 – Proposal: Holly; Second: Joseph.  WIll conclude later on Tuesday.

V.   Reports   – 30  min


      a.   Treasurer (Bob) 

  Financial Report (Tamar and Bob) , see above


         b.  Secretary (Holly)  Progress report on updates,      


 c. Staff Report (Tamar, Tony)  

Staff meeting this week, will be talking about things needed to be done in NationBuilder, permissions, needed updates.


            d. Liaison Reports

    Craig: Media, Merchandise, Presidential Campaign Support Committee

Media is not happy about the budget; we’ll hear back from co-chairs. Merchandise – people like the new merchandise, looking at beanies

 Alfred: Fundraising, Green Peace Action Committee

No reports

 Joseph: EcoAction, Green Pages, International

EcoAction is filling their schedule up for the year for webinars; IC working on statement regarding Myanmar

 Tamar: Apportionment Tabulation, Credentials, Election Tabulation, Staff

   Supervisor,  Apportionment Review Committee 

No updates; will talk to Credentialing ahout their deadlines.

 Tony:  Ballot Access, Staff Supervisor

Will post online

Margaret: Banking and Monetary Reform

BMRC will be hosting a webinar

  Darryl!: Platform, Dispute Resolution 

Platform moving forward on process, new co-chair; nor requests for RC services, looking to find two new co-chairs this summer.


VI.Voting Queue (Holly, SC for first item)  – 10  min

A.    RECEIVED for the QUEUE

  1. Candidate Issues Guidance, Coordinated Campaign Committee See ADDENDUM A  

Floor manager: Joseph Naham

3 weeks discussion, one week vote

Ranked Choice Vote


B.    IN the QUEUE


  1. #1178 2024 Budget

Sponsors: GPUS Steering Committee, Finance Commitee

Floor Manager: Tamar Yager

Threshold: 50%+1

Discussion through March 11, 2024

Voting period: Mach 11 – 17, 2024


  1. #1177 –Committee Leadership Resilience

             Sponsors:  Green Party of Washington

             Timeline:  2 weeks discussion, 1 week vote

             Floor Manager:   Joseph Naham

             Threshold: 50%+1

  Discussion through March 3, 2024

   Voting period: March 4 – 10, 2024



      1.   #1175 – Special Election To Fill Open Seats for Green Senatorial 

Campaign Committee

                   Floor Manager/Vote Administrator: Joseph Naham

      Discussion through February 18, 2024

                  Voting period from February 19 through 25, 2024


  1.   #1176 – Place Green Party of Oklahoma on Temporary inactive Status

   Sponsors:  Steering, Accreditation Committees

   Timeline:  1 or 2 weeks discussion, 1 week vote

   Floor Manager:   Holly Hart

   Threshold: 50%+1 




VII.Old Business   5 min

  1.  Follow-up with UFPJ to include GPUS among their members list.

WIll make another attempt to track down.


VIII.Executive Session – 10

Confirm and finalize item from last call. Contract hire Lynne Serpe  for PNC coordinator for a fee of $7000. Consensus. Tony Ndege fell off the call, He had approved the hire online.


TOTAL TIME – 1 hr. 30 min.




CONTACTCoordinated Campaign Committee ccc@gp.org



REQUESTED PROPOSAL DECISION-MAKING TIMELINEThree weeks discussion and two weeks vote


This proposal asks the National Committee to provide issues guidance to theGPUS Candidate Community which will assist candidates with their 2024 message crafting.  The Coordinated Campaign Committee has engaged the greater GPUS Candidate Community for brainstorming input  in presenting these ballot choices and it now asks state party representatives on the National Committee to rank them.  

Write-ins of additional ideas are welcome.

Positive messaging was favored in the brainstormed list.  (i.e.  We Stand For …. and We Stand With …)   Write-in entries of any negative messaging (i.e. We Stand Against …) can be entered into the vote, too.


The National Committee “elects” 15 platform/policy items that the GPUS Candidate Community has brainstormed.  These are phrased under the rubric:  “We Stand For/With …”


Discussion highlights on the NC votes list as well as the voting results of this proposal will be shared with the GPUS Candidate Community and the CCC may also use the discussion and results to develop webinars and communications.


Information on theGPUS Candidate Community

Ballot items for the Ranked Choice Vote


“We Stand for/with”

Black Lives Matter (with)

Clean Energy Development along with Pipeline Bans (for)

Clean Water and Soil (for)

Cooperative Ownership (for)

Criminal Justice Reform (for)

Defunding the Military (for)

Demilitarization of the Police (for)

Dignified Living Wage (for a)

Disability Rights and Public Access (for)

Disbanding NATO (for)

End of Poverty (for the)

Full Funding for Quality Public Schools (for)

Gaza Cease Fire (for)

Green New Deal (for the)

Julian Assange Pardon (for)

Land Back Initiatives for Native Tribes (for)

Legal Support of Immigrants (for)

Medicare For All (for)

Monetary Justice (for)

More Socialism and less Capitalism (for)

One Secular Democratic State for Palestine and Israel (for)

Oppressed People against Global Imperialism (with)

Ranked Choice Voting in all US Elections (for)

Reparations (for)

Retirement of Nuclear Power (for)

Right to Protest (for the)

Right to Third Spaces (for the)

Rights of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identify (for the)

Roe vs Wade (for)

Self-Determination for Puerto Rico and Hawai’i (for)

Stronger Anti-Corporate Regulations (for)

Support for our Muslim Sisters and Brothers (for)

Tax Fairness (for)

Universal Housing (for)

Voting and Political Rights for the Incarcerated (for)

Whistleblowers (with)

Women’s Equality (for)

Working People (for)