GPUS SC Strategic Planning Call #5

GPUS SC Strategic Planning Call #5 – 3 May 2019

The call recording is available at 712-451-0309, 926334#, reference 4 and



a) Facilitator: Sid Smith
b) Roll call – Gloria Mattera, Justin Beth, Jody Grage, Hillary Kane, Violet Rose Zitola, Anita Rios
Absent- Andre Merida, Tony Ndege, Margaret Flowers
Observers – Starlene Rankin LAV, Elie Yarden MA
c) Agenda revision suggestions – none

2. Staff position hire/Operations Manager document – Hillary – 20 min

Finances have improved to enable hiring another staff person, long process on strategic plan and of discussion of position have caused delays; writing needs in fundraising and media plus “other duties as assigned”

Anita – support hiring though job description broad, need to discuss financial ability for next five years but must hire with the hire being a partner in building stability for finances and employment, make sure we follow promises to previous staff in process of rolling out the job

Violet – also supports, be upfront about performance being key to longer term employment

Gloria – remember that we are not hiring a fundraiser so performance not directly tied to employment

Justin – supports despite job description not being very tech heavy, perhaps organizing overall fundraising campaigns could be added

Gloria – removed NationBuilder components

Hillary – Google Doc for comments/suggestions, proposal on agenda for next SC call on 12 May, HR committee appointed

3. Survey to NC – Andrea – 20 min – absent

Anita – discussion of wording about dues paying member – prefer deletion

Jody – support Anita’s suggestion, would like to review with questions listed in text rather than survey form

Violet – also supports Anita’s suggestion

4. Case Study for Support – Hillary, Gloria – 20 min.

from Fundraising Consultants – need nice brochure laying out GP values and needs
with menu of things a major donor could fund –

Hillary made use of old Strategic Plan bullet points plus brainstorm of possibilities – why WANT to do this is necessary

Anita – good document and need details, too

Justin – drives home need for Vision and Mission Statements

Hillary – consultant could start on this and we can edit

Justin – should give them Vision and Mission Statement

Jody – those may take a while to develop so let’s not wait too long

5. Need for Vision Statement and Mission Statement – Justin – 20 min

use preamble and four pillars to Vision and Mission Statements – Justin has a start as making them into a Vision and Mission Statements – hopefully before ANM

Justin has preamble and four pillars redefined as Vision/Mission Statements – resending – SC to comment on Justin’s piece due by Monday evening for Hillary to send with preamble and four pillars to consultants

6. Strategy moving forward for the next two and four years – 20 min

Violet – come out of each elected cycle stronger than we went in and start with stronger candidates each cycle

Justin – mission statement has specific goals and timelines, talk with committees/caucuses to accomplish goals

Gloria – need to use a group process – comprehensive, built on accepted foundation

Hillary – $3K budgeted for SC retreat, could hire consultant to facilitate conference call or have face-to-face meeting

Anita – triage mindset – most urgently in need of correction or modification rather than move organization to new level, have other priorities and concerns at this time

Justin – necessary to have, see Vision and Mission Statements – need to talk to each committee and how their mission statement meshes with GPUS one; plan/do/check repeat

Violet – January (before primaries start) SC retreat – and accessible to others who want to participate

Anita – supports establishing and stating goals

Gloria – need goals and concrete steps to get there, is this an effective way to come up with them?

Justin – need a plan and to work with committees and states

Executive Session: staff position – 20 min

Call ended at 8:45 ET

TOTAL TIME: 1 hr 45 min
Jody Grage, Secretary