January 22, 2023

Green Party US Steering Committee Meeting MINUTES

Sunday, January 22, 2023

8pm ET/5pm PT



Ahmed Eltouny



Diana C. Brown



Margaret Elisabeth

Ahmed Eltouny

Rei Stone-Grover

Tony Ndege

Chris Stella

Garret Wassermann

Tamar Yager



Diana C. Brown



Interim Secretary Garret Wassermann


  1. Rollcall (3 min)
    1. Steering Committee

Margaret Elisabeth (Absent)

Ahmed Eltouny

Rei Stone-Grover(Absent)

Tony Ndege

Chris Stella

Garret Wassermann (Absent)

Tamar Yager

Diana C. Brown


  1. Observers present for recording (please remain muted and do not use chat)

Cassandra Lems

Gloria Mattera

Holly Hart

Joseph Naham

Philena Farley 

Starlene Rankin 

Theron Gilliland, Jr.

  1. Establish Quorum (1 min)

(8 current members, quorum is 5)

  1. Motion To Approve Agenda (changes require majority, new items require ⅔) (1 min)
  2. Discussion Items (5 min each/15 min)
    1. Facilitator worksheet (TBY)

The SC is trying to narrow down possible facilitators. Suggested to have discussion on list to include all Co-Chairs

  1. DevTeam Update (ME)

ME not present. TABLED

  1. Internal SC Procedures Vote (5 min each/10 min)
    1. Web Access Protocol  (DCB)

Diana asked if everyone had a chance to review her two items if not to Table. TABLED

  1. Job Descriptions Protocol (DCB) TABLED
  2. Staff to Full Time Pay & Staff Pay Schedule (TN)

Reviewed October’s SC approval of staff going  back to full-time.. Treasurer Brown provided new numbers to staff and confirmed she paid full time hours and included a $1,500 raise for the first check of 2023.

  1. Staff Supervision (TY)

Tamar asked Diana if she has too much on her plate and if she wishes to continue as Supervisor. Diana stated she has fulfilled her Supervisor duties, balances all her roles as she said she would during Treasurer candidate questions, and should not be asked to step down over not responding to a staff email within 15 minutes.

  1. For NC Voting Queue (5 min each/ 40 min)
    1. Accept Resignation of Brian Cooke, Announce Opening of Nomination Period for Secretary Vacancy and Approve Proposal for Extended Secretary Term (GW)

Ahmed presented in Garret’s absence. No objections. Expedited to queue with recommendation to simultaneously post nominations to NC list.

  1. Request to revisit Steering Committee Job Description (DCB)

Diana noted once again that she had not received many comments and asked if everyone had a chance to read her next 4 items. Chris motioned to skip all 4. Tony seconded. TABLED

  1. Request to revisit Secretary Job Description (DCB) TABLED
  2. Treasurer Job Description (DCB) TABLED
  3. Strategic Plan Update  (DCB) TABLED
  4. 2023 Budget , Budget Narrative, and Fundraising Action Plan (narrative PENDING) (DCB)

FinCom reworked numbers and narrative for second submission. Treasurer Brown went over all updates noting numbers with an asterisk have been updated and that there was various rewording of the narrative. Tamar requested one modification for the ANM summary. Hearing no more concerns, Ahmed asked for consensus. Tamar stated she stood aside. Ahmed asked for reason. Tamar stated she wants all ANM expenses in one line item. Treasurer Brown explained the NC must know what they are approving in advance and that the mission of the Finance Committee is to properly document all receipts. Hearing no more concerns, Ahmed announced it was moved to the queue.

  1. Proposal from GPAX to Endorse Rage Against the War Machine Event in February, Expedited Proposal (GW)

Amed, as GPAX liaison, presented in Garret’s absence. No findings, asked for consensus, passed, moved to the queue

  1. Proposal to Create a National Green Party Day (GW)

No objections/findings, passed by consensus, moved to the queue

  1. Check for time/ask if we  should table the rest of Agenda or continue
  2. Committee Reports (2 min each/22 min) (please provide committee report ahead of meeting)
    1. Fundraising 2022 YTD Fundraising Report
    2. Staff (DCB, TN) Staff Tasks
    3. Secretary (GW)
    4. Treasurer: Ending 2022 Budget & Expenses (DCB) Operating Reserve: $119,978.14
    5. ME: FundCom, BMRC, Diversity
    6. AE: ANMC, GPAX, IC
    7. RSG: AC, BAC, Outreach
    8. TN: EcoAction, FinCom, PCSC
    9. CS: AnimalRights, DRC, CCC
    10. GW: PlatCom, ApRevCom, BRPP, Green Pages
    11. TY: ETC, Merch
  3. Currently In The Queue


TOTAL TIME: 90 minutes

Adjourned at 9:42pm ET