July 10, 2022

Green Party US – Steering Committee Meeting Agenda

Date: Sunday, July 10, 2022, Time: 8:00 pm ET

MINUTES documented in Red color.

Start Time: 8:10 pm ET

  • Setup and Background – 10 min

    1. Facilitator: Garret Wassermann
    2. Steering Committee Roll Call:
      1. Margaret Elisabeth (co-chair) present
      2. Ahmed Eltouny (co-chair) absent
      3. Rei Stone-Grover (co-chair) absent
      4. Anita Rios (co-chair) present
      5. Chris Stella (co-chair) absent
      6. Garret Wassermann (co-chair) present
      7. Tamar Yager (co-chair)present
      8. Kristin Combs (secretary) absent
      9. Hillary Kane (treasurer) present
    3. Observers (remain muted and do not use chat feature):
      Holly Hart (IA), Scott Laugenour (WA), Diana C. Brown (CA), Peggy Koteen (CA), Starlene Rankin (NWC), Gloria Mattera (NY), David Gerry (MA), Barbara Kidney (NY), Sue Edward (MO)
    4. Establish Quorum (9 current members, quorum is 5)
      5 members present, quorum established.
    5. Approve Agenda (changes require majority, new items require ⅔)
      CONSENSUS – Add Elders Caucus application to new business (ME)
      CONSENSUS – Consider a different meeting date/time than July 24th (TY)
  • New Business – 10 min each item

    1. 2022 Platform proposed amendments findings and/or scheduling (GW)
      Discussion: NC proposal new timeline was amended to go to queue by July 1st. A little behind because PlatCom submitted late after officer elections. General agreement to not hold up the process any longer by waiting after the ANM, since PlatCom already reviewed amendments for findings. 22 amendments in total.

      MOTION: Put amendments in the queue, no more than 5 at a time, by chapter of the platform the amendment affects. The first four amendments (one for the Preface and three for Chapter I) proceed to queue immediately at the next queue date (Monday, July 18th). PlatCom co-chairs shall propose a schedule to the SC for the order of the remaining amendments, taking into account chapter and whether amendment is more editorial in nature or more substantive in nature; SC will approve and place in queue following the first four.
    2. BAC urgent request for up to $7500 for MO (GW)
      Treasurer reports about $8700 in checking, $81k in reserves; fiscal policy says need $86k+ once add up operating, caucus, committee reserves. Would need to dip into reserves to do this. Getting close to the point where NC needs to approve funding; not yet, but HK does not recommend this. AR suggests BAC come back with a smaller amount, do fundraising first before spending.
      ME calls for a vote; GW agrees with a blocking concern, that MO may need funding this year to get access for 2024 and should send out a fundraising blast.

      MOTION: approve BAC request for $7500 for MO

      FAILS: No: ME, AR, TY, HK; Yes: GW
    3. Lapel pins for Merch (TY)
      Discussion: Questions if lapel pins will return on investment.
      HK speaks with Merch quickly, reports back that lapel pins are a big seller according to Merch and make a lot of money, so recommends we approve the funding for the full Merch order.

      MOTION: Approve Merch proposal to purchase two boxes of lapel pins (350 pins) at a cost of $927.50.

      Also a note that Lavender Caucus will cover a $50 fee for caucus t-shirts to be in the Merch store out of caucus reserve funds.
    4. Onboarding / transition plans for next SC (GW)
      Discussion: Need transitional meeting. In the past, SC set up a meeting with candidates before the election to answer questions about what it’s like to serve on SC. Can we do that in addition to a candidates’ forum? Need to speak to Rei who is organizing a candidates’ forum. TY raises that the next SC meeting is right after the ANM and Zoom fatigue may be too much for a business meeting; do we want to move business to the following week?

      MOTION: Determine on the steering list if we should move the business meeting to July 31st to avoid ANM; if so, decide if July 24th or some other date is a more informal orientation for new SC members.

    5. Elders Caucus Application (ME)
      ME explains AccredCom put forward proposal, along with a report from AccredCom and from Diversity Committee. Special rules in bylaws; no SC findings needed, this should proceed to queue.
      MOTION: Place the Elders Caucus Application proposal with AC and DC reports into the voting queue at the next available date.

    6. Consider new meeting date for next steering meeting (TY)
      Item was skipped as it was addressed already as part of Item D above.
  • Standing Business

    1. Follow-up on Action Items — 10 min
      1. PicRights unlicensed images proposed settlement (HK)
        PicRights responded to our previous request for information that the alleged copyright infringed images are not registered with the US copyright office. From readings, it appears statutory damages cannot be requested without filing a copyright registration.

        CONSENSUS to inform PicRights that we are not interested in discussing any settlement without proof of copyright registration and ownership.
      2. Trial period for usage of Loomio, Groups.io, or something else (CS)
        No update at this time.
    2. Reports — 30 min
      1. Secretary (KC)
        GW has been filling in. Updated the CA delegation information, agendas and minutes, and recent voting queue items.
      2. Treasurer (HK)
        Treasurer’s Report to the GNC for May 2022. Direct Mail profits came in May, then the bill for mail came in June, so numbers look like a drop. Staff is working full time through the end of July for the ANM; will dip back to ¾ time in August. Anticipating tight budget again after ANM. Signing a fundraising contract with Katie Halper for the ANM. Submitting a finance report for the ANM that will be a 5 year retrospective.
      3. Fundraising (TY) — 2022 ytd Fundraising income.xlsx
        Fundraising is way under budget; income should be at around $138k right now, actual income is $92k so far for the year. GW asked what the biggest drop in income? TY: Annual sustainers. We need new people to grow but they’re less likely to become annual sustainers up front. ME responds about doing more phonebanking; delegates need to agree to 1 hr per month. KC and Michael O’Neill can set up a future phonebank; targeting August, after the ANM. TY also says income from Katie Halper and VIP ticket sales for meet n greet before the main show.
      4. Staff (KC/HK/TY)
        Staff is still working full time on ANM essentially.
      5. ME: BAC, BMRC, DRC
        DRC – recent meeting, familiarizing new members with process
        BMRC – new cochair/secretary elections in progress
        BAC – NM now ballot qualified. Request from MO, maybe from PA next. DE needs ~20 more registered members to get party status. GA is reaching quorum to start to organize a new party. BAC has a ballot access strategies workshop at the ANM. Concerns about non-greens running on green ballot line in ND and NM; who are they?
      6. AE: CCC, GPAX, IC
        HK reports that CCC is onboarding new members and hosting a workshop with Cheri Honkala at the ANM. Documenting all the 2022 candidates too.
      7. RSG: AC, Fundcom, Outreach
        No reports.
      8. AR: ANMC, Diversity, Ecoaction
        Diversity – secretary elections; vacant co-chair that must be appointed by NC, but considering proposing a bylaws change for that.
        ANM – TY reports that over 250 have registered for ANM, $11k+ in funds raised.
      9. CS: BRPP, PlatCom, ARC
        PlatCom – GW reports as also new PlatCom co-chair; will consult with others regarding platform amendments for 2022 queue. Anticipate meeting monthly soon after the ANM to look at editorial amendments.
      10. GW: Green Pages, ApRevCom, PCSC, ETC
        Green Pages – website has been overhauled, plugged into mailing list; trying to focus on getting more followers and social media attention. Considering publishing more current news from local and state parties and candidates online in between issues; parties and candidates should reach out to Green Pages if want to report on recent news.
        ApRevCom – no recent meeting; several members now inactive. Trying to get a meeting soon, likely outcome is that the committee disbands and asks the NC to reappoint a new committee if it wishes to pursue.
        PCSC – onboarding new members now, planning monthly meetings soon to consider rules changes and proposals.
        ETC – elections in progress now!
      11. TY: Media, Merch
        Media – recent meeting minutes available.
        Merch – Nothing additional to previously discussed (lapel pins).
    3. IN THE VOTING QUEUE – 5 minutes
      1. 1083 – 2022 Steering Co-Chair Election
      2. 1084 – 2022 Steering Treasurer Election
      3. 1085 – Election of 2022 Election Tabulation Committee


TOTAL ESTIMATED TIME — 1 hours, 35 minutes


Actual Meeting End Time: 10:30pm ET