June 27, 2021

Green Party of the United States Steering Committee

Date: Sunday June 27, 2021

Time: 8:00 PM EDT

  • Call Setup & Background
      1. Facilitator: Michael Dennis
      2. Roll call
        Co-chairs: Kristin Combs, Trahern Crews (late), Margaret Elisabeth, Gloria Mattera, Tony Ndege, Anita Rios, Tamar Yager
        Secretary: David Gerry
        Treasurer: Hillary Kane (absent)
        Observers: Holly Hart (IA), Barbara Kidney (NY), Rita Jacobs (MI), Elie Yarden (MA)
      3. Establish Quorum: 9 current members; 8 present; quorum is 5.
      4. Agenda revision suggestions
        Add Elections Database under old business (consensus)
  • Standing Business (40 minutes)
    1. Treasurer’s Report (Hillary, 5 minutes) 
    2. Staff Report (5 minutes)
      1. Hawkins Campaign Data Import (Tamar, 5 minutes) – Tamar still working on what the contractor hired has handed in. 
      2. Athena Alma was offered the virtual office manager positions and accepted. Athena will start on July 1. Tamar or Gloria will put out an announcement on the NC list after this call.


  1. Liaison reports (30 minutes)
    1. Trahern
      1. Accreditation – GA complaint submitted
      2. Green Pages – none
      3. Merchandising – none
    2. Kristin
      1. Credentials – none. Checking to see when the committee mandate ends
      2. DRC – need for more members as there are more disputes to handle
      3. GPAX – regular meetings and good attendance. Elections in July for one co-chair and secretary. A webinar is scheduled in July.
      4. Platform – still no submissions for amendments.
    3. Margaret
      1. BMRC – working on a platform amendment
      2. BAC – big challenges – highlighted NV. Need for 40,000 to get on the ballot there. An offer was made by a Green to volunteer to get signatures in NV but it was not taken up on.
      3. PCSC – new co-chairs are preparing a report for the upcoming ANM
    4. Gloria
      1. CCC – Webinar “The Art & Science of Fundraising” with Michael O’Neil on 6/29. Elections for CCC will be in August. 
      2. ETC – none
      3. Fundraising – actuals are below projections so we need to keep working. 2021 ytd Fundraising income.xlsx
      4. Media – none
    5. Tony
      1. BRPP – none
      2. Eco-Action – getting subcommittees active again. Follow up with people who attended the webinar to see how they can get involved.
      3. Outreach – by-law amendments have passed
    6. Anita
      1. ANMC – victory presentation is being worked on by Trahern.

Tamar – need to decide if the Sunday afternoon time slot should have committee reports or be used by Frailty Myths. 

Decision – Committees will be asked by secretary and liaisons to submit a written report so Frailty Myths will take the Sunday time slot.

  1. Diversity – meeting next week
  2. IC – SC letter sent to Guatemala. Outreach to Green Parties in the hemisphere who also have tension with  FPVA. Discussion with these others to see if a new formation is possible. 
  1. Tamar
    1. ARC – recent co-chair election 
    2. Apportionment Review – committee not functioning. Last meeting it was agreed SC would send a letter but there was no plan on the specifics. Content for the letter needs to come from liaison and any co-chair who is a member so a draft can be put together. Tamar needs to bullet point the facts to be used in the letter. Possibly include calling new co-chair elections if a meeting is not called.
    3. Finance – none


  • Voting Queue (5 minutes)
    1. In the queue
      1. 1059 – 2021 Election for Steering Committee Co-chairs
        Floor Manager: Gloria
        Phase: Discussion
      2. 1060 – 2021 Election for Steering Committee Secretary
        Floor Manager: Tony
        Phase: Discussion
    2. Received for the queue
      1. 1061 – Code of Conduct – Delayed for consideration until July 11.

SC needs to vote on the findings so request that Tony write up and also share with the Black Caucus to help with revisions.
Presentor: Black Caucus, Ohio
Floor Manager: Anita
Phase: Findings (informal as discussion was delayed)

Violation of 6-5.1(d)

  1. Does not address how it would affect listserv policies and procedures (Tony)

Violations of 6-5.1(e)

  1. Unclear in scope and definition of applicable members (Tony)
  2. Lacks clarity on what specific breaches of the code of conduct mean (Tony)
  3. Lacks clarity about what applicable members are expected to (Tony)
  4. Lacks clarity about consequences or who reports should be made to (Margaret)
  5. Lacks clarity about how training will be provided and by whom (Margaret)


  1. 1062 – Disaccreditation of the Georgia Green Party
    Presentor: Accreditation Committee
    Floor Manager: Tamar
    Phase: Findings

Decision: Does the minority report go in as a link in the background of the proposal? NO

YES: none — NO: David, Kristin, Margaret, Tony — Abstain: Anita, Gloria, Tre, Tony


Findings: David – Word “caucus” needs to be removed as part of the implementation because it is a violation of caucus by-laws. David G admits he missed that section in the Alaska proposal. This does not require a delay but can be changed during the discussion period – what does having a “housekeeping” amendment mean and how does it get done? All co-chairs agreed in principle this should be amended but the proposal will go ahead but the AC will be asked to take the caucus issue up. 


  • Old Business (15 minutes)
    1. Candidates Forum (Decision; David, 15 minutes)

Proposed date/time — July 7th at 9pm — confirm on list

Questions — some on list from Phoebe / Robin / others

Facilitator — discussion online

  1. Elections Database

Decision: Reinstate Mike Feinstein’s previous editor access as a database agent once he has signed the required MOU. (consensus)

  • New Business — none
  • End call recording — Time: 10:40 PM
  • Executive Session — none

Total Time: 2 hours 40 minutes