June 4, 2023

Green Party US – Steering Committee Meeting Agenda
Date: Sunday, June 4, Time: 8:00 pm ET
   Craig Cayetano
   Margaret Elizabeth
   Darryl! Moch
   Alfred Molison
   Joseph Naham
   Tony Ndege
   Tamar Yager
Treasurer: Bob Sulle
Secretary:  Holly Hart
     Athena Alma, office/operations manager
     David Doonan, web; IT manager
Observers: Starlene Rankin, WA; Scott Laugenour, WA; Rita Jacobs, MI; Cassandra Lems, NY; Jacqui Deveneau, ME; Gloria Mattera, NY; Philena Farley, OH; Charles Ostdiek, NE
1) Intros
2) Staff
3) Liaisons (explain, show last chart, get possible interests) – I am happy to take the lead on this – Tamar
   Review of various committees and types of roles.  Some function well, or are temporary; some need some help (for instance if there are no co-chairs, need help setting up meeting schedule or communications)
4) Finances (approvals, etc.) – Tony, Bob
5) Media (Media Committee functions and press release protocol, content oversight) – not as bad as you think) – Holly
   Press releases protocol; suggestions encouraged, suggestions for social media encouraged – be aware, not everything can always be acted on due to time constraints.
6) Voting page admin (floor managers, proposals, ranked choice votes) – Holly
Overview, suggest review on a future call or one on one as people are interested, so can share screen
7) ANM – SC role – Tamar
Assisting with ANM programming and speakers.  Craig suggested a “Meet the SC” event.  Tamar asked him to describe and take oversight of this.
8) Fundraising – especially thank you calls, major donor – Tamar
Interest in meeting with Fundraising Committee, suggest time and person to help facilitate that.  Would like SC to make personal phone calls to thank large donors.
9) David Doonan:  Recommendation: there is no official calendar tracking committee officer elections.