March 12, 2017

GPUS Steering Committee Minutes

Sunday, March 12, 2017 – 8:00 p.m. ET 

a) Facilitator: Holly Hart
b) To listen to call: 712-451-0019, access code 926334, ref #21 (80 min.)
c) Present: Chris Blankenhorn, Jan Martell, Andrea Merida, Tamar Yager, Bahram Zandi. Absent: Darlene Elias, Sanda Everette, Darryl! Moch. Observing: Starlene Rankin, David Gerry.
d) Agenda revisions: Andrea tabled II.c., will elaborate online.


a) Endorsement of Climate Marches, for decision – approved by consensus.

b) Increase all employees to Full Time, for decision – Darryl! Was not on the call; due to previous agreement to have all positions evaluated by March 30, decision was deferred to the next regular meeting.

c) Draft messaging guidelines – tabled.


a) Treasurer’s Report – none.

b) Addressing needs and problems during Treasurer transition: credit cards for employees, paycheck bounces, access to information for FEC reporting – after discussion of various problems and frustrations due to lack of access, members agreed by consensus on action items to be completed by the end of the week: Tamar will find forms and letters necessary to get access to Benepay for at least 2 co-chairs; get debit card # to Starlene. Tamar will try to get access to merchant account (PayPal or PayFlow), perhaps from David Doonan.

c) Fundraising Report – Tamar. Last e-blast in the $700s with many sustainers. Direct mail letter is getting ready to go to the printer, going to 7500 recipients and includes a test of bulk vs. 1st class mail. A new e-blast from Jill will use new lists from the campaign for the first time.

d) Personnel WG Report – Andrea. Accountant position is posted, but not yet to Idealist. PWG has focused on completing the job description for Media Director, so has not yet addressed the Executive Director position.

In the queue:
864 – Permanent NC Apportionment for Caucuses

Received for the queue:

a) New delegation size for Caucuses – no findings, Jan will be Floor Manager. Will post for Monday 3-13 with 1-week discussion.

b) Annual National Meeting Site Proposal – no findings, Jan will be Floor Manager. Will post for Monday 3-13 with 2-week discussion.


a) CCC and GNN update – Chris reported that on the last CCC call he spoke about moving GNN to GPUS from GSCC and said there would be further guidance on that after this SC meeting. CCC has not addressed trademark/copyright; Jill2016 site has all videos, need to move them to party infrastructure.

b) Draft GNN proposal – Andrea presented a draft proposal on a timeline for moving GNN to GPUS. After discussion, some points were modified. Tamar was concerned that this process should strive for collaboration. Andrea has heard that Jill has objections to the move, but exactly what is unclear. Tamar, Andrea and others will reach out to Jill and CCC; some points could be renegotiated. The following was approved by consensus:

BACKGROUND: In collaboration with some members of the GPUS CCC, the “Green News Network” (GNN) has been operating under the auspices of the Jill Stein for President campaign. As the campaign is winding down, the campaign has offered management of GNN to GPUS. In order to build the capacity to effectively manage this brand, which has tremendous outreach potential, the Steering Committee will need to take the advice of media professionals who are already sympathetic to the Green Party or are active Greens.

PROPOSAL: The GPUS will assume control of the GNN within 60 days, with the following steps:
-Trademark/copyright of the GNN name by GPUS will be initiated within 30 days.
-Registration of any URLs associated with the GNN name will be transferred to GPUS or to an individual of the SC’s choosing, within 7 days.
-Broadcasts will be hosted through the GPUS social media portals, and GPUS requests that the Stein campaign share the broadcast on their page, within 7 days.
-The SC will convene a subcommittee of the Outreach committee to recommend a plan for possible re-branding if necessary, tech purchase, programming, logistics and job descriptions for producers and other necessary personnel, within 30 days.
-The Personnel Working Group will have the responsibility of contracting with personnel recommended by the Outreach subcommittee and approved by the SC. Employee relationships are not contemplated at this time, but can be revisited by the SC as needed, within 60 days.
-Until such time as personnel and other needs are identified, current GNN personnel will continue to offer programming, but the schedule and topics will be reviewed by members of the GPUS Media committee and approved by the SC or its designated agent. The SC’s preference will be to focus on state-level actions, meetings and programming; i.e., Harris County Green Party’s Green Watch TV
-Any current stipends paid to GNN personnel will be assumed by GPUS for a period not to exceed 60 days.
-The SC requests that the fundraising committee plan a fundraising drive around this project.


None. Andrea may call a special ES meeting before the next scheduled meeting to discuss personnel in relation to re-evaluation of positions.