March 13, 2022

Green Party US – Steering Committee Meeting

Date: Sunday, March 13, 2022, Time: 8:00 pm ET

  • Setup and Background

    1. Facilitator: Michael Dennis
    2. Steering Committee Roll Call:
      1. Margaret Elisabeth (co-chair) – present
      2. Ahmed Eltouny (co-chair) – present
      3. Rei Stone-Grover (co-chair) – present
      4. Anita Rios (co-chair) – present
      5. Chris Stella (co-chair) – absent
      6. Garrett Wasserman (co-chair) – absent
      7. Tamar Yager (co-chair) – present
      8. Kristin Combs (secretary) – present
      9. Hillary Kane (treasurer) – present
    3. Observers: Diana C. Brown (CA), Jenefer Ellingston (DC), David Gerry (MA), Holly Hart (IA), Barbara Kidney (NY), Gloria Mattera (NY), Starlene Rankin (NWC)
    4. Establish Quorum (9 current members, 7 present, quorum is 5) – MET
    5. Approve Agenda – CONSENSUS
  • New Business

    1. The 12 Hour A Year Plan To Save The Green Party (ME)
      Proposal: Begin 3/27 with a shortened meeting that does not include standing business. Hold the meeting to 30 minutes. Spend the following 90 minutes on phone banking. – CONSENSUS
    2. Creation of Web Team (RSG)
      Proposal: Form a web team (ad hoc committee) and appoint Rei, Philena, and our web manager. – CONSENSUS
  • Old Business

    1. Mothers’ Day Decision (KC) – no change to meeting dates
    2. COVID Plan Friendly Amendments (ME)
      Proposal: Pull proposal 1075. Send the current draft to NC for discussion. Schedule meeting with NBC. – CONSENSUS
      Objection (Ahmed): This is a proposal that’s important to articulate and get the party on the same page.
      APPROVED: YES – AR, ME, HK, KC  |   NO – AE, RSG  |  Abstain – TY
      Action: Schedule meeting with NBC (HK)
  • Standing Business

    1. Follow-up on Action Items
      1. liaisons will follow-up with related committees to encourage active support of Earth Day to May Day (all SC)
      2. send MOU to Susan and get her access (ME)
        Susan and Cameron have MOU. Expect it back this week.
  1. Recap of Listserv Decisions
    1. Resignation of Chris Stella. Rescinded.
    2. Resignation of Rei Stone Grover. Rescinded.
  2. Reports
    1. Secretary (KC) – NC Delegation updates: NV, NBC, MD, WI
    2. Treasurer (HK) – $86k cash on hand, TR to GNC Jan 22
    3. Fundraising (TY) – 2022 ytd Fundraising income.xlsx
    4. Staff (KC/HK/TY) – Athena off Mon, Doonan off Wed, MEO off Fri
      FL pilot web hosting
    5. BAC (ME) – writing a fundraising plan, working on petitioning resources
    6. DRC (ME) – recent meeting
    7. CCC (AE) – meeting this week, nominations open for 5 positions
      Action: CCC will advertise WA webinar (HK)
    8. GPAX (AE) – Ukraine statement
    9. IC (AE) – deliberating FPVA, new co-chair, tie for FPVA 
    10. AC (RSG) – Putting together an election for a new co chair. Reviewed and had findings for the EC app
      Elders Caucus reached out for status and Rei responded.
    11. Fundcom (RSG) – Will adopt a new Co-chair with consensus
    12. Outreach (RSG) – Will be meeting tomorrow. Nothing new to report
    13. ANMC (AR) – Reviewing and ranking workshop suggestions
    14. Diversity (AR) – The diversity Committee is currently functioning with just one co-chair, are putting out a call for candidates. Working on supporting the forming caucuses: Indigenous, Disability, Poor People’s and the Elder Caucus. Continues to support the Council of caucuses which is now functioning independently
    15. Ecoaction (AR) – No new report, will be meeting tomorrow night
    16. GW: 220313 – Green Pages, ApRevCom, PCSC, ETC
    17. Media (TY) – 3-9-22 Agenda & Min – MediaCom
    18. Merch (TY) – caucus shirts in the works, concern about minimum reqs
  • Voting Queue

    1. In the Queue
      1. ID 1075 – Resolution in Support of a Comprehensive Public Health Response to Covid-19
        Presenter: Steering Committee
        Floor Manager: Margaret Elisabeth
        Stage: PULLED
      2. ID 1076 – Amend Rules and Procedures Regarding Proposals before the National Committee
        Presenter: Illinois Green Party
        Floor Manager: Rei Stone-Grover
        Stage: Discussion
  1. Received for Queue
    1. SUBMITTED: Proposal for GPUS to co-sponsor Earth Day Strike 2022 for People, Planet and Peace
      Presenter: Peace Action Committee, Green Party of Michigan
      Floor Manager (tentative): Chris Stella
      Stage: Findings

Finding: The Steering Committee exercises its discretion under rules 6-3.2(a) and 6-3.2(b) to shorten the discussion period to one week, and expedite placement of the proposal into the voting queue. This action is scheduled to begin on April 22. Expedited approval would allow additional time for dissemination of information about the action and allow more local actions to be registered on the website. – CONSENSUS