March 8, 2019

GPUS SC Strategic Planning #4 Minutes – 8 March 2019

The call recording is available at



a) Facilitator: Charles Sherrouse
b) Roll call – Anita Rios, Gloria Mattera, Hillary Hill, Justin Beth, Margaret Flowers, Jody Grage 7:20 ET, Andrea “in and out”, Tony 9:20 ET
Observers – Tamar Yager VA
c) Agenda revision suggestions – Justin: addition of Mission Statement, Vision Statement, Statement of Purpose – on SC call for 10 March


1. Finish review of committees – 30 min

General – need to review number of members, co-chair position filled, outputs, work across committees including the SC, some rules and procedures may need tightening up; being somewhat redundant with info on SC calls and is relevant to strategic planning and how committees should function
Outreach – Tony – not on call
GPAX – Tony – not on call
Platform – Margaret – doing okay, no update, new earlier timeline in the works, discussion of housekeeping proposals and of amendment proposals – not urgent need for review, rules don’t state the PlatCom can’t submit proposals; suggestion to do more outreach to states/caucuses for input

PCSC – Margaret – 2 co-chairs, have work plan now, developing outreach letter to candidates, talk of using working groups, on track with committee time plan, discussion on impartiality, amendment to Article 10 passed to better define recognition process

Proposals would benefit from more outreach to states/caucuses before sent to the NC
Hillary: Structural issues – state liaisons as CCC/BAC have works to some degree; committee of state co-chairs?
Justin: liaisons between committees, state committees that mirror national committees Anita: national communication committee to communicate with states
Jody – evaluate recap at top of SC agendas and minutes. other suggestions welcomd
Anita – Google Docs tutorial needed
Jody – lack of communication within states/caucuses between elected leadership and NC delegates/alternates
HIllary: energy and time needed within state
Margaret: minutes need action items
Justin: smaller committees with liaisons between state and national committee, lack of participation by delegates/alternates on national committees

2. Focus on committees that center on organization and strategy – 20 min

Steering Committee –
Issue committees as opposed to integration of some committees that work together
Essential committees – identify
Platform and Media
Media and Fundraising
Outreach and Platform

Work plan with projects for structure and liaisons – companies have systems that do this
Committees required to do yearly reports to NC – at least short presentations at ANM
Google Drive system only a year old and has dwindled over time with turnover – need SC
orientation – especially after ANM elections
Andrea has been in and out –

How many committees should a person be on
Secretary – need task list – need admin assistant perhaps; secretary and treasurer more
time consuming and demanding – perhaps deputy secretary and deputy treasurer;
could hire Admin Asst – not Executive Director – impartial and transparent

Need expectations for delegate contributions to GPUS
Anita – challenge the corporate model, financial consideration in hiring, should be stable positions

3. Survey to NC and state party leaders to gather information and increase inclusiveness – 10 min

Andrea has not completed work on this, to SC before to NC
Justin – include input om Mission Statement, Value Statement, etc.******

4. Review list of tasks listed on Google Docs, prioritize them, and decide on assignments for remainder of SC terms – 60 min

can some be combined or deleted; use some system to make choices – perhaps four quadrant system – easy or hard to do, most important or least important; discussion of membership tasks, see Adrian’s survey – states want fundraising help. etc.; need to work with state parties – build membership to build state capacity – need state support committee; need goals for the NC – what do we want the NC to accomplish?; what do we want the SC to accomplish?; global goals for GPUS and individually tailored goals for each state – which will vary; expanding the GPUS database rather than or in addition to state memberships; give states what they are asking for; Tony 6:20; continue online – combine, add from later calls, etc.

5. Discussion of new hire job description to address priorities as part of implementing strategy – 30 min

Hillary has done draft for “operations manager” – 35% each media and fundraising, 15% each database management and social media; tasks may require different skills; consider responsibilities of current staff; perhaps short term hires and use metrics for results; value of having one person who is working full time – jack of all trades fairly competent in all – rather than more with limited scope and function and needing more supervision ; fundraising paramount need – assess fundraising consultant contribution to our needs – doing some of the work described – fundraising content, pace, plan – some months still available with funds committed

6. Develop Case for Support as an outcome of recommendation and next step with consultants – 30 min – next agenda

Justin will do Doodle Poll for next Strategic Planning call

TOTAL TIME: 3 hours

Jody Grage, Secretary