May 14, 2023

Green Party US – Steering Committee Meeting Minutes 5-14-2023
Date: Sunday, May 14, 2023, Time: 8:00 pm ET

Agenda Additions

Tamar:  1)  In meeting on May 28th, because it would be Memorial Day weekend. Will proceed with regular schedule, next meeting June 11th

AGREED: Tamar, Holly, Tony

2) Orientation for new SC members
Meet next Sunday night for orientation with new members.  Informal meeting.  Margaret would have  conflict with the usual time.  SC members will look into changing the time to an earlier hour, or using June 4th.  SC will follow up online to determine date and time.

AGREED: Tamar, Holly, Tony

I.    Setup and Background — Facilitator:

A.    Steering Committee Roll Call:
1.     Margaret Elisabeth (co-chair) – late
2.     Tony Ndege (co-chair) – late excuse; joined at 8:34 pm
3.     Tamar Yager (co-chair) – present
4.     Holly Hart (secretary) – present
Observers: Starlene Rankin, WA; Maureen Doyle, MA; Sandy Przybylak, NY; Cassandra Lems, MY; Robin Laurain, MI; Philena Farley, Ohio/National Black Caucus; Gloria Mattera, NY

C.    Observers (remain muted and do not use chat feature):
D.    Establish Quorum (4 current members, quorum is 3)
E.    Approve Agenda (changes require majority, new items require ⅔)

II. New Business — 5 min

A.    Google 1 Subscription (Holly)  — 5 min
Tamar proposed going with the First Tier. AGREED – Tamar, Tony, Holly
WIll have David DOonan get in touch with darryl! Moch, who has the credit card.

III. Standing Business — 50 min

A.    Follow-up on Action Items — 10 min
1.     Laptop recovery
No news

2.     ANM (Tamar)

B.    Recap of Listserv Decisions — 5 min

C.    Approval of Expenditures — None

D.    Reports — 30 min

1.     Secretary (Holly Hart) – Following up on housekeeping; Google Folders housed under GPUS; outstanding committee/delegation updates should be completed

2.     Treasurer ( – )
3.     Fundraising (Margaret Elisabeth)  – Tamar reports April fundraising income: re: $8500 – donated, re $7500 monthly donors, re $400 merch; rest donors, about $750 from two \donors who regularly donate around this time of year.

4.     Staff (Tamar Yager, Tony Ndege) – nothing news
5.     ME: BAC, BMRC, DRC 0 C-char election ends tomorrow
6.     : CCC, GPAX, IC – Co-chair election nearly completed
7.     : AC, Fundcom, Outreach
8.     : ANMC, Diversity, Ecoaction
9.     : ARC, BRPP, Platcom
10.  : ApRevCom, ETC, Green Pages, PCSC -New co-chair elected. Hoping to get to work on a few time sensitive items
11.  TY: Fincom, Media, Merch – Media Committee co-chairs election concludes tomorrow

IV. Voting Queue — 10 min

A.    In the Queue —
1.     #1144 – 2023 Election – Steering Committee Co-chairs
Presenter: Steering Committee
Floor Manager: Holly Hart
Stage: Discussion

2.   #1145 – 2023 Election – GPUS Treasurer
Presenter: Steering Committee
Floor Manager: Holly Hart
Stage: Discussi

B.    Received for Queue — 0 min

1. #1141 – Election of the 2023 Elections Tabulation Committee
Presenter: Steering Committee
Floor Manager: Tamar Yager
Stage: COMPLETED: David Gerry Holly Hart elected as ETC

V. Old Business — 00 min

A.    Item (presenter) — 00 min

VI. Executive Session — 00 min

A.    Item (presenter) — 00 min

TOTAL TIME — 1 hour, 30 minutes