May 22, 2022

Green Party US – Steering Committee Meeting Agenda

Date: Sunday, May 22, 2022, Time: 8:00 pm ET

  • Setup and Background

    1. Facilitator: Anita Rios
    2. Steering Committee Roll Call:
      1. Margaret Elisabeth (co-chair) – present
      2. Ahmed Eltouny (co-chair) – present
      3. Rei Stone-Grover (co-chair) – absent
      4. Anita Rios (co-chair) – present
      5. Chris Stella (co-chair) – present
      6. Garrett Wasserman (co-chair) – present
      7. Tamar Yager (co-chair) – present
      8. Kristin Combs (secretary) – present
      9. Hillary Kane (treasurer) – present
    3. Observers: Diana Brown (CA), Philena Farley (OH), Holly Hart (IA), Barabara Kidney (NY), Gloria Mattera (NY), Starlene Rankin (NWC)
    4. Establish Quorum (9 current members, 8 present, quorum is 5) – MET
    5. Approve Agenda – CONSENSUS
  • New Business

    1. Alternative to Listserv (ME)

Action: Discuss on the list a trial period for usage of Loomio,, or something else with the SC (HK)

  • Standing Business

    1. Follow-up on Action Items
      1. continue conversation / create proposal about ad hoc committee to support states (AR) – NO UPDATE

Action: get list of members in AR from NB (KC / AR)

  1. work on post-Roe statement including call to action (GW / AR) – media committee is working on a statement. SC will support.
  2. FPVA letter to the NC with summary (ME) and recording (KC) – DONE
  3. David Doonan will grant necessary access to voting software (HK)

Action: send request to Doonan (ME)

  1. Notification of continuing reduced hours for staff (KC / HK / TY) – DONE
  1. Reports
    1. Secretary (KC) – NC updates for IL, MN
    2. Treasurer (HK) – cash on hand ~$90k (~$8k of that in checking)
    3. Fundraising (TY) – 2022 ytd Fundraising income.xlsx
    4. Staff (KC/HK/TY) – MEO: supporting Outreach phonebank, text list ready, Athena: setting up ANM stuff
    5. ME: BAC – fundraising ($50 get hand knit scarf!), NY doesn’t allow out of state petitioners, NC turned in signature on 5/17, UT forming PAC and needs 2000 sigs, VA starting, NM needs 4400 by 6/3, KS has new attorney, MT has BAC for ‘22 but unclear if will stay through ‘24, AZ sent request for legal support, requested vid clip from media, creating interactive campaign map, ad hoc legal group

Action: request video clip from media committee (TY)

  1. ME: DRC – meeting this Wednesday
  2. AE: CCC – elections in progress, close tomorrow
  3. AE: GPAX – sharing info
  4. AE: IC – co chair elections in progress, voting starts tomorrow
  5. 220522 Rei – AC, Fundcom, Outreach.pdf
  6. AR: ANMC – finishing schedule, ANM 2022 registration.xlsx
  7. AR: Diversity – finished co chair elections (Shannel Pittman new co chair)
  8. AR: Ecoaction – want to know if they are allowed to endorse candidates, SC suggests that they highlight instead of endorse and only engage with Greens and only that are already endorsed by their state and/or local
  9. 220522_Stella_ARC_BRPP_Platcom.docx
  10. 220522 – Green Pages, ApRevCom, PCSC, ETC
  11. TY: Media – vote to recall co chair Farley
  • Voting Queue

    1. In the Queue
      1. 1078 – GPUS to Withdraw from the FPVA

Presenter: GPUS International Committee

Floor Manager: Rei Stone-Grover

Stage: Voting

  1. 1079 – Amend Timeline for Consideration of Platform Amendments

Presenter: Steering Committee

Floor Manager: Margaret Elisabeth

Stage: Voting

  1. 1081 – 2022 CCC Election – not women

Presenter: Steering Committee

Floor Manager: Tamar Yager

Stage: Voting

  1. 1082 – 2022 CCC Election – women

Presenter: Steering Committee

Floor Manager: Anita Rios

Stage: Voting

  1. Received for Queue
    1. SUBMITTED: Approval of Rudy Ramirez to Fincom

Presenter: Steering Committee

Floor Manager (tentative): Garrett Wasserman

Stage: Findings

FINDING: No bio was submitted as required by fincom rules. This can be resubmitted with a bio for entry into the voting queue. – CONSENSUS

  • Executive Session

    1. Current reduced staffing (KC / HK / TY)

PROPOSAL: Bring all staff to full time from June 16th through the end of July to support the ANM.

Objection (Ahmed) – not prepared to bring anyone to fulltime with the current financial state


Action: Notify staff and discuss additional (and shifted) responsibilities for staff (TY / KC / HK)