May 28, 2017

GPUS Steering Committee Agenda 
Sunday, May 28, 2017 – 8:00 p.m. ET 


a) Facilitator: Holly Hart

c) Roll Call: Chris Blankenhorn, Darlene Elias, Jan Martell, Andrea Merida, Darryl! Moch, Tamar Yager, Bahram Zandi. Absent: Sanda Everette. Observers: Starlene Rankin, David Gerry

d) Agenda revisions: Darryl! asked to add e) intern to New Business, and staff evaluations in PWG report.


a) Abolish Elections Tabulation Committee – Jan. Just wanted to introduce the idea since the ETC was created to do a hand count at the ANM before voting went online. Others pointed out that there had been problems with release of ballot keys last year, so it’s still needed.

b) Party structure working group report – Jan said she had contacted an initial group of interested members (Mike Dennis, Holly Hart, Hillary Kane, Gloria Mattera, Julie Saporito-Acuna, Chris Blankenhorn) and hoped to have a teleconference to plan something for the ANM. Darryl! suggested coordinating with ad hoc group to look at party rules.

c) Regional office in Austin – Andrea will put together a scenario for online decision. GPTX has an office but may not be able to keep it open. If we can help with $500 or less would help with their ballot access drive.

d) Getting involved in state party issues – Darryl!. Discussion centered around Greens having problems with state party leadership and appealing to GPUS for help, Georgia, Florida, Colorado problems. Dispute Resolution requires both parties to participate, and resolution is not binding unless both agree. Limitations to what national party can do – possibly revisit accreditation rules. New members joining after working on campaigns sometimes impatient, unwilling to learn our process, pushing hard against leadership. Decentralization, clarify responsibilities of state and national. Could go on the ANM agenda for a face-to-face. Topic to be continued in a special call, Doodle poll to be posted within an hour.

e) Intern — Darryl!. We’ve gotten a couple of resumes. Members agreed to follow up, possible projects: help at the ANM, media work, admins for social media portals. Pay a stipend. Check with NJ local about ANM home stay.


a) Treasurer’s report – Darryl!. $201,431 in the bank, received reimbursement from PNC and put that into reserves as we had decided. Savings $74,340; checking $115,371; merch dep $700. Tamar sent an income report, any questions can be answered next meeting. Andrea asked for a decision on earmarking reimbursement $ for Youth Caucus ANM diversity waivers. Tamar said ANM doesn’t turn anyone away. Other uses: staff benefits, stipend for intern, regional office. But this is not free money, decision was made previously to put it into operating reserves.

b) Fundraising report – Tamar. Direct mail brought in $7800, still coming in. Campaign onboarding message went out to part of Stein list (not from Jill). The plan is to send another message, and then donation request.

c) Personnel Working Group report – Darryl!. Accountant: Cheryl noted it’s more of a bookkeeper position, not accountant. Jan, Darryl!, Cheryl reviewed, Hillary and Cheryl will interview (6), maybe get it done this week. Early June on board? $300/mo. budget so job description was unrealistic. Half the year is gone, so could pay more at the start. Both treasurer candidates agree that accessible software can be recommended after election. Staff evaluations: Darryl! has sent SC docs sent to staff asking for 1) work plan for next 18 mos. w/measurable objectives, 2) evaluation of job performance to date and job description, will help us clarify or adjust, 3) how they interface with the party, and what more they could do. He is impressed with their work and abilities. He will correlate results and bring them back to the SC for review.

d) ANM planning discussion – Jan will post draft of NC meeting. Tamar asked members to mark travel and overnight plans on the spreadsheet.


In the queue:
868 – Platform Amendment Process
869 – Treasurer Vacancy Election

Received for the queue:
Platform Housekeeping proposal – No findings, Jan will be floor manager
Caucus Cleanup proposal – No findings, Jan will be floor manager


a) Liaison reports – tabled.

b) SC self-nominations – Jan reminded members that SC members running again need to post self-nominations to NC list.

Entered: 10:21 pm. Present: All except Sanda Everett. Staff benefits were discussed, no decisions made. Exited: 11:02.