May 8, 2022

Green Party US – Steering Committee Meeting Agenda

Date: Sunday, May 8, 2022, Time: 8:00 pm ET

  • Setup and Background

    1. Facilitator: Ahmed Eltouny
    2. Steering Committee Roll Call:
      1. Margaret Elisabeth (co-chair) – present
      2. Ahmed Eltouny (co-chair) – present
      3. Anita Rios (co-chair) – present
      4. Chris Stella (co-chair) – absent
      5. Rei Stone-Grover (co-chair) – absent
      6. Garrett Wasserman (co-chair) – present
      7. Tamar Yager (co-chair) – present
      8. Kristin Combs (secretary) – present
      9. Hillary Kane (treasurer) – present
    3. Observers (remain muted and do not use chat feature): Lizzie Adams (FL), Diana Brown (CA), David Gerry (MA), Holly Hart (IA), Rita Jacobs (MI), Barbara Kidney (NY), John Krause (LA), Gloria Mattera (NY), Starlene Rankin (NWC), Phoebe Thomas Sorgen (CA)
    4. Establish Quorum (9 current members, 7 present, quorum is 5) – MET
    5. Approve Agenda

Proposal: Add executive session to discuss staffing – CONSENSUS

  • New Business

    1. Arkansas Greens (AR / HK) – discussion only

Action: continue conversation / create proposal about ad hoc committee to support states (AR)

  1. Minnesota Greens (ME) – discussion only
  2. Leaked Alito Opinion (CS / GW)

Info from CS: Jackson Women’s Health.docx

Action: work on post-Roe statement including call to action (GW / AR)

  1. Letter from FPVA (ME)


OBSERVER: Diana Brown and John Krause request to speak

Action: Post letter to the NC along with summary (ME) and link to recording (KC)

  • Standing Business

    1. Follow-up on Action Items
      1. David Doonan to get platform submissions on wordpress (HK)

  1. David Doonan will grant necessary access to voting software (HK)
  2. Have staff prioritize text blast reconciliation with NB (KC)

current data is cleaned, ways to collect data have also been cleaned

  1. Reports
    1. Secretary (KC) – Updates to NC: AR, MD, NLGC, NM
    2. Treasurer (HK) – cash on hand $3k checking, $81k savings

TR to GNC Mar 22

  1. Fundraising (TY) – 2022 ytd Fundraising income.xlsx
  2. Staff (KC/HK/TY) – David adding express payments on NB, Athena do Eventy for ANM, 2023 staff holiday update: drop Emancipation and May Day, add Juneteenth and Presidents Day
  3. BAC (ME) – planning outreach to states through state liaisons, AZ need 30K signatures, NM on track for party recognition, NY running Hawkins/ Mattera for access and need about 40k signatures, NC working on Hoh campaign, NH approached by pro offering $4/signature
  4. IC (AE) – co-chair elections, FPVA proposals
  5. GPAX (AE) – discussing Ukraine, contacting Hawkins about stance
  6. CC (AE) – Webinar on using websites and NB, elections in progress
  7. ANMC (AR / TY) – Richard Winger will be Saturday’s plenary speaker
  8. Diversity (AR) – elections for co-chair, outreach and liaisons to forming caucuses (poor peoples, indigineous, disability, elders)
  9. Green Pages (GW) – new Green Pages edition at, welcome articles for the next issue
  10. Merch (TY) – lavender shirts in stock (need color change)
  • Voting Queue

    1. In the Queue
      1. 1078 – GPUS to Withdraw from the FPVA

Presenter: GPUS International Committee

Floor Manager: Rei Stone-Grover

Stage: Discussion

  1. 1079 – Amend Timeline for Consideration of Platform Amendments

Presenter: Steering Committee

Floor Manager: Margaret Elisabeth

Stage: Discussion

  1. 1081 – 2022 CCC Election – not women

Presenter: Steering Committee

Floor Manager: Tamar Yager

Stage: Discussion

  1. 1082 – 2022 CCC Election – women

Presenter: Steering Committee

Floor Manager: Anita Rios

Stage: Discussion

  • Executive Session

    1. Current reduced staffing (KC / HK / TY)

Proposal: Staff will continue at 3/4 time for an additional month – CONSENSUS