November 14, 2021

Green Party US – Steering Committee Meeting Agenda

Date: Sunday, November 14, 2021, Time: 8:00 pm ET


Call Recordings:

  • Setup and Background

    1. Facilitator: Michael Dennis
    2. Steering Committee Roll Call:
      1. Margaret Elisabeth (ME, co-chair) – present
      2. Ahmed Eltouny (AE, co-chair) – present
      3. Rei Stone-Grover (RSG, co-chair) – present
      4. Anita Rios (AR, co-chair) – present
      5. Chris Stella (CS, co-chair) – absent with notice
      6. Garrett Wasserman (GW, co-chair) – present
      7. Tamar Yager (TY, co-chair) – present
      8. Kristin Combs (KC, secretary) – present
      9. Hillary Kane (HK, treasurer) – present
    3. Observers: Lizzie Adams (FL), Manuel Aranda (Latinx), Diana C. Brown (CA), Holly Hart (IA), Barbara Kidney (NY), Robin Lea Laurain (MI), Gloria Mattera (NY), Starlene Rankin (NWC)
    4. Establish Quorum (8 present, 9 current members, quorum is 5) — MET
    5. Approve Agenda

Proposal: add brief conversation about whether to have meeting during Thanksgiving weekend at the end of New Business — CONSENSUS

  • New Business — 40 min

    1. SC Decision Making Process (KC)

Proposal: ask facilitators to be very intentional about testing for consensus, use raise hand function for stack, continue with consensus process — CONSENSUS

  1. Social Activism Support (RSG) — discussion only

Action: RSG connect with Mothering Justice

  1. Strategic Plan (ME) — discussion only

GPUSStrategicplan.odt 2013 Strategic Plan Narrative

GPUS Case For Support (2020-05 Working Copy)

  1. Thanksgiving Weekend Meeting (KC)

Proposal: cancel 11/28 meeting — CONSENSUS

Action: KC send poll to SC about other Nov-Jan dates

Proposal: have the finding process about budget and media committee rules proposals on list. if no findings, proposals enter queue on 11/29 — CONSENSUS

Proposal: all SC read and comment on Strategic Plan — CONSENSUS

  • Old Business — 20 min

    1. 2022 budget draft 2022 Budget Narrative (HK)
    2. Facilitator suggestions (KC) — discussion only

  • Standing Business — 50 min

    1. Follow-up on Action Items — 10 min
      1. KC — send sentence to Media about rules and colab with staff — DONE
      2. HK — fincom will write up proposal to be approved next call

Action: Hillary send budget proposal to SC by 11/17

  1. all SC — combine MEO and GW draft into one statement

Proposal: KC have MEO send new draft by 11/19 — CONSENSUS

  1. AE — travel request from IC and SC will approve on list — DONE
  2. HK — get draft from Athena for co-chair 101

GPUS Committee Co-Chair Onboarding

Proposal: Table items IV.A.6-8 and limit IV.D to five minutes  — CONSENSUS

  1. all SC — review Internal Report re Anti-OppressionTABLE
  2. ME — use Elections MOU as sample to get Susan access — TABLE
  3. ME — get more formal request from UN Food Sovereignty — TABLE
  1. Recap of Listserv Decisions — 5 min
    1. Proposal: Send letter to FPVA Procedural Process – FPVA


  1. Approval of Expenditures
    1. User Role Editor, $79, line 118 — CONSENSUS
    2. IC Travel (Venezuela), $1500, line 104

APPROVED (on list) — YES: AE, GW, ME, RSG, HK, AR, CS

  1. Reports
    1. Secretary (KC) — delegate updates: NWC, TX, YES
    2. Treasurer (HK) — TR to GNC Sep 21
    3. Fundraising (TY) — 2021 ytd Fundraising income.xlsx
    4. Staff (AE/HK) — supervision HK for Doonan, TY for Athena, KC for MEO
    5. RSG: 211114 Rei.docx
    6. Diversity (AR) — Still need to elect a co-chair, they have 3 co-chairs. Planning to conduct the elections after the new year. Working on a Warning of Transphobic Action. They have put out a call for interest in a poor people’s caucus. Still trying to set up a meeting for a council of caucuses
    7. Ecoaction (AR) — Will be having elections soon. They encouraged and supported the Global Day of Action for Climate Justice Nov 6th. Have been keeping track of cop26 and its aftermath.
    8. IC (AR) — They have been engaged in debate about the covid 19 vaccines. This has taken up quite a bit of band width. Are supportive of sending observers to the elections in Venezuela, some members are raising money.
    9. CS: 211114 Liaison Report ARC, BRPP, PlatCom.docx
    10. GW: 211114 – Green Pages, ApRevCom, PCSC, ETC