November 20, 2016

GPUS Steering Committee  Minutes 

Sunday, November 20, 2016 – 8:00 p.m. ET

a) Facilitator: Frank Young
b) To listen: 712-451-0019, access code 926334, ref #15
c) Present: Brian Bittner, Chris Blankenhorn, Darlene Elias, Sanda Everette, Jan Martell, Andrea Merida, Darryl! Moch, Tamar Yager, Bahram Zandi. Observers: Starlene Rankin, Jeff Turner (joined late).
d) Agenda revisions: none



a) Treasurer’s Report – Brian. There’s about $147K in the bank, $24K in earmarked reserves, $10K in operating reserves, $4K in outstanding obligations, leaving $109K available funds. Insurance is paid for next year, recent Merchandise purchases have been paid. Jason Seguzza (sp?) graphic designer $5K contract has been fulfilled and paid, so Media may ask for a new contract soon. Was waiting for more details of ANM expenses that might affect the bill sent to the Stein campaign for their part but hasn’t heard back, so will send this bill now, about $17K. IC members did not get reimbursement checks, or this year’s dues in time to carry to Global Greens meeting, so Jack Ailey paid $200, and we still owe $200, which they can take to the Liverpool meeting in March. Brian will send reimbursements, but asks for written requests even though these approved payments are recorded in meeting notes.

b) Fundraising Report – Tamar. Latest e-blast did not produce well, another to go out Thurs/Fri. Direct mail is producing, but no figures yet. Recent Fundcom meeting was good and included new member Alison Baldry.

c) Personnel WG Report – Tamar. Field Organizer and Political Organizer positions are posted, and we’ve gotten some resumes. These will be ranked, and top candidates will be interviewed. Tamar will resend the posting links so members can forward them.

d) Budget discussion – Brian sent version 8 of the draft budget. He recommended increasing line 143, cash forward, to $125K to better reflect our current cash balance. This was passed by consensus, with Darryl! standing aside. Andrea proposed restoring line 71, Outreach, to $15K which was cut to $10K after last budget session. She cited plans underway for partybuilding in Texas and support for our new hires, Field Organizer and Political Organizer, who will need materials and travel to do any work. Roll call vote – Voting yes: Brian, Chris, Darlene, Andrea, Tamar, Bahram; voting No: Sanda, Darryl!; Abstain: Jan. Approved. Tamar proposed restoring line 26, fundraising writer, to $15K also, since anticipated increases in our database size will raise writer costs, and if budget isn’t there for fundraising, income projections may not be met. Roll call vote – Voting Yes: Chris, Darlene, Jan, Andrea, Tamar; voting No: Brian, Sanda, Darryl!, Bahram. Approved. Brian will adjust this draft to reflect changes, write a narrative to background the spreadsheet, and put it in the queue to the NC.
In the queue: none
Received for the queue:
Approval of Jeff Turner for Finance Committee
Approval of Charles Ostdiek for Finance Committee
No findings; Jan will be Floor Manager.


a) CCC nomination call – Jan will post the nomination period opening for the CCC election for Tuesday, but needs more information about the positions that are open. Chris is liaison and will try to get that by tomorrow.

b) Appointment of ATC – Seven members need to be appointed in the next couple of weeks. Jan will call for volunteers and we may be able to populate this committee by next meeting; Sanda volunteered to serve as the SC member.

c) SC retreat – Tamar is investigating several retreat centers but hasn’t heard back. Members chose Presidents Day weekend as better for most, pending availability of venues.

TOTAL TIME: 120 min.

All members except Brian were present. Entered 10:04, exited 11:01.

a) Current staff hours will continue at ¾ time for the first quarter of 2017, during which time the positions will be evaluated.

b) Possible FEC issue related to fundraising – It was agreed by consensus that the Secretary would contact the Stein campaign about sending a representative from GPUS to the campaign wrap-up meeting in NY on Dec. 3.

Jan Martell