October 23, 2022

Green Party US Steering Committee Meeting Agenda

Sunday, October 23, 2022
8pm ET/5pm PT

Zoom | Speaker Form

Facilitator: Diana C. Brown
Time Watcher: ________
Minutes: Brian Cooke, Secretary

Steering Committee

Margaret Elisabeth, Co-Chair
Ahmed Eltouny, Co-Chair
Rei Stone-Grover, Co-Chair
Tony Ndege, Co-Chair
Chris Stella, Co-Chair
Garret Wassermann, Co-Chair
Tamar Yager, Co-Chair
Diana C. Brown, Treasurer
Brian Cooke, Secretary


Please use the “raise hand” feature in Zoom to call stack.
The shortcut keystroke is Alt+Y.

  1. Rollcall (3 min)
    1. Steering Committee ME, AE, TN, DCB, BC, GW, TY, RSG,CS
    2. Observers present for recording (please remain muted and do not use chat feature) Cassandra Lemms, Allan Hunter, Holly Hart, Jacqui Devaenau Starlene Rankin, Gloria Mattera, Philena Farley, Sandy Pryzbylak,, David Gerry, Joseph Naham, John Krause
  2. Establish Quorum (1 min)

(9 current members, quorum is 5)

  1. Approve Minutes from October 9, 2022 (1 min)
  2. Approve Agenda (changes require majority, new items require ⅔) (1 min) Approved
  3. Quick Updates (2 min each/4 min)
    1. Loomio trial update (DCB)  

Still gathering input, transition soon

  1. Strategic Plan Update (DCB) 

Still gathering input, should be finalized by end of year

  1. Discussion Items (5 min each)
    1. Web Access Protocol and current Web Admins (DCB)

We need settings for various levels of admin. Have 50 caucus admins. Some caucus admins have access that may not be needed. Modification for certain roles to have access. Audit of roles. Further discussion with David Doonan for clarification. Moved to list.

  1. FEC requires special software. The SC Treasurer needs an official laptop. FEC software not compatible with current Treasurer’s tablet.  Earmark money.  Discuss what type of a laptop, and procedure for passing to the next treasurer. Move to list.


  1.  Reports (2 min each/22 min) (please provide written report links ahead of meeting)
    1. Fundraising: 2022 YTD Fundraising Report (ME) 

Discussion will be provided by ME to SC at the next meeting.

  1. Staff (TN & DCB) 

Special meeting on the 11th with staff went well. Hoping for better communication between staff and SC. Talking about changes for the website. Talked about web design. Hope to do more phone banking organizing. Build a phone banking staff.

  1. Secretary (BC)
    1. Online Votes Since Last Meeting:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Possibly change the time of meetings or restrict meetings to two hours maximum as agreed upon in the previous meeting. Move votes to the beginning of the meeting?
  2. Treasurer:
    1.  2022 Budget & Expenses (DCB)

Working on reducing costs for new year

  1.  DRAFT 2023 Budget and narrative

Projections for remainder of 2022 budget and 2023 going forward. draft 2023 Budget has been brought down to $183,500. Most committees received their requested funding and prioritized building state parties, staff, and volunteers. 

  1. ME: FundCom, BMRC, Diversity

The Diversity Committee was being disrupted. Working on their bylaws to address this issue. 

BRMC: Parity did not pass. Did pass Meets every week.

Fundcom: Phone banker and mailing vote did not reach quorum. SC fundraising?

  1. AE: ANMC, GPAX,IC (N/A)
  2. RSG:AC,BAC,Outreach

Rei Liaison Report

  1. TN: EcoAction, FinCom, PCSC

Fincom: Sustainer question on projections of fundraising. 

  1. CS: Animal Rights, DRC, CCC


  1. GW: PlatCom, ApRevCom, BRPP, Green Pages

Greenpages wants to post elective  updates successes, and anything you learned on the campaign trail. Candidates can send campaign updates to the Green Pages Editorial Board.

  1. TY: ETC, Merch  Hoping to build a more robust committee in Merch. 
  1. Received for the Voting Queue (5 min each/25 min)
    1. UNVote4Cuba Endorsement by GPUS sponsored by GP of Florida and EcoAction Vote Endorsed by SC 
    2. Co-Chair Tasks and Liaison responsibilities (DCB) will be sent to queue with 2023  Budget to give NC break from proposals.
    3. Secretary responsibilities (DCB) will be sent to queue with 2023 Budget to give NC break from proposals Daryl! Moch nomination to Fincom
    4. Tommie James Fincom nomination


  1. In Voting Phase (voting ends October):
  2. 1107 – 2022 Platform Amendment: Chapter III, Section A, Climate Change – Animal-Free Regen Agriculture
  3. 1108 – 2022 Platform Amendment: Chapter III, Section K, Ethical Treatment of Animals
  4. 1109 – 2022 Platform Amendment: Chapter III, Section M, Ocean Protection
  5. 1110 – 2022 Platform Amendment: Chapter III, Section N, International Policy – add Crime of Ecocide
  6. 1111 – 2022 Platform Amendment: Chapter III, new Section Of Rights of Nature


Next Agenda to focus on budgetary questions.

Estimated: 62 min