October 27, 2019

Green Party of the United States
Steering Committee

Sunday October 27, 2019
8:00 PM EDT
Call Recordings:
  1. Call Setup & Background
    1. Facilitator:
      Sid Smith
    2. Roll call
      Justin Beth


      Kristin Combs


      Trahern Crews


      Margaret Flowers


      Gloria Mattera


      Tony Ndege


      Anita Rios
      David Gerry
      Hillary Kane
      Holly Hart (IA)


      Gregg Jocoy (SC)


      Starlene Rankin (LC)


      Tamar Yager (WC)
    3. Agenda revision suggestions
  2. Standing Business
    1. Secrtary's Report

      Information sent to the secretary regarding the renewal of the earthflower logo in 2016. The trademark is good until 2026 and the cost was $400.

      Report due from Apportionment Tabulation Committee for apportionment of delegates to the 2020 PNC.

      A letter was received from a high school student for information about the Green Party. Request was forwarded to the Youth Caucus.

    2. Treasurer's report

      Treasurer’s Reports to the GNC available at https://gpus.org/treasurers-reports/

      Operating Funds $25,264.55
      Reserved Funds $106,734.89
      PayPal $761.55

      The August report has been posted to the website and September will be posted soon.

    3. Approval of Expenditures

      2019 Budget

      1. $1,000.00 for Green Campaign School (CCC) Budget Line: 60

        Campaign School to be held in Maine Dec. 7 – 8.a This will cover travel costs for Erin Fox and Hillary Kane and other related expenses.

        Approved online.

      2. $200 for Premium Mail Forwarding (FundCom) Budget Line: 32

        This is for $20 a week for the remainder of the year to forward mail from the DC P.O. box to Hillary. This is not in the budget but can come from line 32 “Postage Costs” which has $2,000 and less than $300 has been spent.

        Approved by consensus.

      3. $300 Mailing to Sustainers (FundCom) Budget Line: 31

        A small mailing asking sustainers to upgrade.

        Approved by consensus.

    4. Liaison reports
      • Accreditation Committee (Trahern)

        No activity.

      • Animal Rights Committee (Justin)

        Discussion of using new office of animal welfare in NYC as model for other cities.

      • Annual National Meeting Committee (Margaret)

        The committee met on Oct. 14 and discussed the upcoming site visit of the 2020 PNC.

      • Banking and Monetary Reform Committee (Justin)

        Working on a video.

      • Ballot Access Committee (Tony)

        Met on Oct. 21. Concerns about AZ not gathering signatures fast enough before the Nov. 28 deadline. There is a goal of 10,000 signatures to provide evidence that the original date of Feb. 28 be honored. MT and OH are behind in signature collection goals.

      • Bylaws, Rules, Policies and Procedures Committee (Kristin)

        Limited activity around the rules of the CCC elections.

      • Coordinated Campaign Committee (Gloria)

        Elections coming up soon with nomination in Nov. and the election in Dec. There is a campaign school being held in Maine. Discussion about office holders network.

      • Dispute Resolution Committee (Kristin)

        No activity.

      • Diversity Committee (Anita)

        No activity.

      • Finance Committee (Anita)

        The committee is currently working on the 2020 budget.

      • Fundraising Committee (Gloria)

        There is an increase in fundraising e-mail blasts. Too early to tell how effective.

      • Green Pages Editorial Board (Kristin)

        Publication pushed back a couple of weeks looking for a good headline article.

      • Media Committee (Gloria)

        An increase in queries about the GP presidential process more than about candidates. There was a bump in media presence due to Hillary Clinton and President Trump mentioning Dr. Jil Stein. Developement of general tone of messages as the 2020 election approaches and the media becomes more aggressive towards the party and its candidate.

      • Outreach Committee (Tony)

        Next meeting will be held within the next two weeks.

      • Peace Action Committee (Margaret)

        Currently holding co-chair elections. Recently voted to endorse the Black Alliance for Peace candidate petition calling for a roll back of US military.

      • Presidential Campaign Support Committee (Justin)

        Discussing about candidates appearing on other party ballots and maintanance of the candidates worksheet on the website.

      • Presidential Candidate Resources Working Group (Justin)

        Has been meeting on Saturdays and going through the proposed document.

  3. Voting Queue (https://secure.gpus.org/cgi-bin/vote/index)
    1. In the queue
      1. 979: Joining the São Paulo Forum
        Floor Manager:
    2. Received for the queue
      Report of findings.

      1. Gender Balance and Non-binary Inclusion
        Lavender Caucus
        Floor Manager:

        No findings.

      2. Using RCV for Gender Equity
        Lavender Caucus
        Floor Manager:

        No findings.

  4. Old Business
    1. Strategic Plann SC/Staff Retreat Update
      (Hillary; discussion)

      The retreat will be held Nov. 23 – 24 at the Center for Environmental Transformation in Camden, NJ. The facilitator will be Alan Smith co-chair of the PA Green Party. Gloria, Hillary and Margret will meet with the facilitator and set the agenda and goals for the retreat in advance.

  5. New Business
    1. 2020 Budget
      (Hillary; discussion)

      The budget income is same as the past two years. Considerations of expenditures for the PNC are being taken into account. There maybe changes suggested by the SC based on decisions made at the retreat. There is a goal to have the budget voted on by the NC before the start of the holidays.

1 hours 15 minutes