October 8, 2023

Green Party US – Steering Committee Meeting
Date: Sunday, October 8, 2023
Time: 8:00 pm ET
NOTE on Minutes: “Checking the bylaws to get clear on the timeline, I discovered something interesting. For those who need to be aware, This refers to publication of SC call  minutes.  “…Minutes. SC members will have 72 hours from the time the minutes are posted to send corrections.
Barring unforeseen circumstances, minutes will be posted to the National Committee Votes list no later than ten days after the adjournment of the meeting and to the GPUS web site no later than twenty days.””
Observers are asked to remain muted and refrain from using the chat function.  If someone wishes to speak to an agenda item, please respond to this address, above.
I. Setup and Background
A.    Facilitator: Charles Ostdiek
B.    Steering Committee Roll Call:
   1.     Craig Cayetano (co-chair) – joined later in the call, with prior notice
   2.     Margaret Elisabeth (co-chair) – reported absence
   3.     Darryl! Moch (co-chair) – present
   4.     Alfred Molison (co-chair) – not present
   5.     Joseph Naham (co-chair) – present
   6.     Tony Ndege (co-chair) – present
   7.     Tamar Yager (co-chair) – plans to leave early
   8.     Holly Hart (secretary) – present
   9.     Bob Stuller (treasurer) – present
Observers:  Rachel Braaten, MN; Maureen Doyle, MA; Scott Laugenour, WA; Jim Becklund, MI; Austin Bashore, OH & International Committee Co-chair; Cassandra Lems, NY; Starlene Rankin, WA; Gloria Mattera, NY; Kalia J Fitzgerald, NC; John Krause Krause, LA & Co-chair International Committee; Sandy Przyvylak NY; Theron Gilliland, Jr, PA. Rita Jacobs, MI; Robin Laurain, MI; Mike Feinstein, CA
Observers (remain muted and refrain from using the chat feature):
Establish Quorum (9 current members, quorum is 5)
Approve Agenda (changes require majority, new items require ⅔)
Tony: would like to expand discussion on the review of Steering Committee response to West campaign announcement, asked to add 10 minutes; Joseph seconded. APPROVED
 II.  Treasurer’s Report – Bob
Situation is not great, but slightly better this month.
Accounts:Merchant – $1999; Misc – $2451 Savings – $119,840; Paypal – $3060
In December, 2022, the former treasurer canceled workers comp, family leave, and disability pay policies rendering GPUS noncompliant with NY state law and resulting in several fines.  Bob has been working with NY officials to bring GPUS into compliance and negotiate a reduction in fines.  Workers comp for David Doonan is now paid, and the agreement made on the penalty phase was brought down. Bob will follow up with Athena Alma’s workers comp. Peoplekeep needs to be started again.  Preparations/paperwork will start in November or December and then begin the first of the year, 2024.
Report from FinCom meeting:  There is usually an uptick in income in presidential years, preceded by a leaner time.  This is a leaner time.  There was a flurry of last minute requests, got a sense of what requests came in. Another FinCom meeting is scheduled for Oct. 18th.
Bob and Tamar are working on gathering pieces of information.
Fundraising direct mail appeal has gone out.
 III.    New Business
       A.    Credentials Committee Funding Request: $1200 to help cover committee members’ PNC registration costs.  See ADDENDUM A
Tamar noted that fee waivers are available, so they will not need to pay a registration fee.
       B. Request for SC to implement Proposal Recess during Elections Period; Philena Farley, OH, NBC  SEE ADDENDUM B
APPROVED, by Consensus: a “soft moratorium” between now and the 1st Tuesday in November.  This avoids work at a busy time; and avoids controversial proposals getting by because delegates may not be paying attention. Time-critical proposals, if any,  may be allowed.
       C.    GPWA/CCC: Request to Call for Elections to reactivate the GSCC SEE Addendum E
SC agreed to go forward with this now, despite the decision made above.  This will provide time to recruit potential members.  GPWA will work with the Secretary to put out a call for nominations, period will last through the voting page “hiatus.”
       D. Tony: Question of whether/how to address recent anti-Semitic Tweet by former GPUS presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney. See ADDENDUM D
Tony asked if addressing this now would bring more counterproductive attention?
Darryl! objected to the SC putting out any statement.  He presented a clarifying statement issued by the National Black Caucus. See ADDENDUM G  There has been no public condemnation or policing of former candidates for disagreeing with the Green platform; given history of treatment of Black members, the NBC feels this would be an overreach to put out any further statement.
Steering Committee members felt this was a good clarifying statement.
      E.  PNC Venue Proposals – Tamar
Current quandary: There are two proposals, both at event or convention centers.  Costs are $73,000 and $92,000.  The ANM committee voted to add a “virtual only” option, but not sure how to add that.  Process would include a vote of approval of specific temporary bylaws amendments.  For the least costly there would be to be at least 400 full-price registrations to cover the cost.
SC AGREED to put out a  statement to put out two proposals, plus virtual only with bylaws suspension and call for anyone else who might get another (less costly) proposal in within a week.
CONSENSUS, with Tamar standing aside.
SEE BELOW – this was later amended, based on input provided by Mike Feinstein who offered to help craft a proposal in compliance with GPUS bylaws.
IV.         Standing Business
A.      Recap of Listserv Decisions
SC Response to Cornell West Campaign going independent; 10/0/2023  Green Party reaffirms commitment to running a strong presidential campaign
V.   Reports
      a.   Treasurer (Bob) – done, see above
                         Financial Report (Tamar and Bob)
                  b.  Secretary (Holly)
                                  Floor Manager Overview (will follow up); Request for Letter of Affiliation for CA SoS; Progress report on B-R-P-Ps proposals updates,  Google Drive Folders, more
      c. Staff Report (Tamar, Tony)
Tamar asked that Athena and David turn in what they think would be good job descriptions for what they do and what is not being done, so things can be adjusted during budget times.
Still need statements on issues they are receiving questions on: Cornell West; spoiler issue.  David Doonan created a landing page on the PCSC and nomination process.  Holly will follow up with sources to comment on the spoiler issue. Darry! noted a statement has already gone out.
Union Contract:
Darryl! asked if we finished union negotiations and if there is now a union contract.  Tamar responded that union advice is that the staff should bring the contract to the SC.  Darryl! asked that the request be brought to the staff.
       d. Liaison assignments – TABLED, by Consensus
 Craig: Media; Merchandise, Presidential Campaign Support Committee
 Alfred: Fundraising, Green Peace Action Committee
 Joseph: EcoAction, Green Pages, International
 Tamar: Apportionment Tabulation, Credentials, Election Tabulation, Staff Supervisor, Apportionment Review Committee
Banking and Monetary Reform needs a new liaison.
Joseph: Proposed Tool for Identifying and Assessing Committee Challenges SEE ADDENDUM F  SC generally felt this to be a good idea. This can be a tool that can be used as needed.  Noted ongoing interest in having committees come on calls on a quarterly basis to share updates by way of these meetings.  An idea that had been raised in the past is to have committees report directly.  Suggestion of going to one business meeting per month, others involving committee reports and discussion.  Joseph will disburse the document among the working committees. Recommend not focusing only on conflicts, but ways of evaluating how the committee might function better, and on positive achievements and work.
VI.         Voting Queue – 5-10 min
A.    RECEIVED for the QUEUE
1.     Assign Temporary Inactive Status to State Parties of Oklahoma and Montana
          Floor Manager:
Discussion Period
        Approval Threshold:
Can wait until after moratorium
 2.   Approval of Delegates/alternates to Sao Paolo Forum (2 elections)
Diane Moxley
John Krause
AJ Reed
Dylan Parsons
          Floor Manager:
         Discussion Period
        Approval Threshold:
IC Co-chairs said this can wait until after the moratorium
Discussion – none
1.     #1159  Accreditation of South Dakota Green Party\
Sponsor: GPUS Accreditation Committee, Steering Committee
Discussion through 10/15/2023
Voting from 10/16 – 10/22/2023
Approval threshold: ⅔
Floor Manager: Holly Hart
2.     #1161 Floor Manager Settings for Ranked Choice Votes
           Sponsor: GP of Washington State
            Discussion through 10/22/2023
 Voting from 10/23 – 10/29/2023
 Approval threshold: simple majority
Floor Manager: Holly Hart
3.   #1163 Mock Ranked Choice Vote for #1161
        Discussion from 10/9 -10/10/23
        Voting from 10/11 – 10/22/2023
        Floor Manager
1.  #1155 Proposal For Peace In Ukraine
Sponsor: Green Party of Hawai’i
2.  #1156 Approval of Samuel Chance as GPUS Forum Manager
Sponsor: GPUS Steering Committee
3. #1157 Approval of Shannel Pittman as GPUS Forum Manager
Sponsor: GPUS Steering Committee
4.  #1158 Approval of Richard Giovanoni as GPUS Forum Manager
Sponsor: GPUS Steering Committee
VII.         Old Business —
A.   Request from Green Party in Dublin for video message
International Committee Co-chair Austin Bashore has created a 50-second video. Two-three SC co-chairs were interested in adding short videos to include in a compilation.
Austin sent a video.  Holly had waited for others, but now learned there are no more forthcoming. Holly will follow up online and send Austin’s video.
B.  Discussion Items
 International. Committee Co-chairs invited on call to discuss GPUS for a informational discussion in relation to FGPA/FPVA and Global Greens – Craig, Joseph
Austin Bashore and John Krause, IC co-chairs, presented more information about the FPVA/FGPA and Sao Paolo Forum. GPUS had resigned from the FPVA/FGPA, due to difference switch some of the members; and expressed interest in joining the Sao Paolo Forum. At the recent Global Greens meeting in South Korea, Austin Bashore had been approached by youth members of FPVA/FGPA interested in having GPUS re-join, and spelling out specific things GPS would need to do. Membership in what SPF would be prohibited, as they are a competing organization.  John Krause noted that the decision to join SPF had already been made and approved by the NC.
B.    Coalition to March on the RNC 2024 – no action taken TABLED to take up online, and decide whether to take this up.
VII.         Executive Session – none
VIII. AGENDA ADDITION: SC Agreed to hear from Mike Feinstein regarding formatting of PNC proposal
Mike Feinstein explained the proposed wording involving inclusion of a virtual only convention (see above) wouldn’t work, but offered some guidance and offered to help craft appropriate language.
TOTAL TIME – 2 1/2 hrs
GPUS Credentials Committee
2024 Budget Request Proposal – Approved by Consensus on September 30, 2023
The Credentials Committee requests a budget of $1,200 for fiscal year 2023-2024. Since our members MUST attend the Presidential Nominating Convention and will be performing committee work during the convention, the $1,200 is to reimburse Credentials Committee members for the registration fee. We are assuming 8 members and a $150 registration fee.
Respectfully submitted,
Cassandra Lems
Credentials Committee 2023-2024
Directive to the Steering Committee
Direct the Steering Committee to implement a proposal recess during election cycles.
Rules & Procedure Reference:
Section 6-3 Decision-Making Timelines
6-3.3 The National Committee may direct the Steering Committee to place no proposals in the voting queue for a period of up to three months for recessing or for any other purpose as specified by the National Committee.
In the past, there has been an issue with too many proposals on the floor during the last crunch of an election cycle. This can make it difficult for the Green Party to focus on the election and can lead to campaign burnout among members.
The Steering Committee implements a proposal recess during election cycles. This would mean that no new proposals would be allowed on the floor for a period of time before and after the election.
A proposal recess during election cycles would allow the Green Party to focus on the election and to avoid campaign burnout among members. It would also give the National Committee more time to review and vote on proposals.
The proposal recess begins approximately at the beginning of October 2023 and ends a couple of weeks after the election in Mid November. This would cover the period of time leading up to and after the November 2023 election.
Thank you for your consideration.
Philena Farley
Title: Assign temporary Inactive Status to State Parties of Oklahoma and Montana
Sponsor: SC, AC
Background: GPUS Rules and Procedures, Article I, Chapter IV, Section 3, reads:  .”3. An accredited state party which has failed to cast votes for a period of six months, or has not sent delegates to two consecutive meetings of the National Committee, may be assigned to temporary inactive status, upon recommendation of the Accreditation Committee and majority vote of the National Committee. Parties assigned to temporary inactive status will retain GREEN PARTY accreditation and, insofar as possible, will continue to receive NC correspondence; but shall not be counted toward the NC quorum.”
Several state parties that are accredited members of the GPUS have failed to participate with GPUS for extended periods of time. Because the NC voting quorum requirements are based on the number of active states voting, having non voting states listed as active can help make the passage of some proposals before the National Committee very difficult.
The Green Parties of Oklahoma and Montana have not participated in an online NC vote for over 6 months, nor have they sent delegates to either of the last two annual meetings of the NC.
Proposal: The Green Parties of Oklahoma and Montana are assigned to temporary inactive status, but will retain GPUS accreditation.
TIMELINE: This will take effect immediately upon passage, and the Secretary will be directed to make such changes as needed to put this into effect.
Dear Delegates,
Does this party accept anti-semitism?
Do you believe in supporting a David Duke discussion on fighting the
“common enemy”? A poster of the event, including a picture of a book
called, “Jews are the problem”, and the twin towers burning. Do you think
that would be considered anti-semetic? I know I do.
Are we as a party going to ignore the enabling of Cynthia McKinney by this
Brian Cooke
South Carolina
Please place a Call For Nominations to the GSCC on the agenda for the Oct 8 Steering Committee.
We at GPWA request the  GPUS Steering Committee to call for elections of seven seats on the Green Senatorial Campaign Committee (GSCC), elected by ranked choice vote according to GPUS Bylaws and Rules. We suggest a three-week nomination period, during which any NC delegate can nominate anyone to serve on the GSCC. Following the three-week nomination period will be a one-week discussion period, followed by a one-week vote.
Each candidate should submit a bio and 250-word statement to the GNC making the case for electing them to the committee.
Preferred qualifications: Candidates should have previous experience working on federal campaigns and should have proven fundraising prowess.
Several quality Green Party congressional candidates in 2024 are emerging and it is reasonable to expect that there will be more such candidates than in typical years. Re-activating the Green Senatorial Campaign Committee will support and facilitate significant fundraising prospects for them.
The Green Senatorial Campaign Committee (GSCC) was established in 2006 by a vote (Proposal 223) of the GPUS National Committee. Bylaws were updated by a vote (Proposal 348) in 2008. The last vote to elect members to the GSCC (Vote 440) was in 2010. Required filings with the FEC have continued; the committee remains in good standing with the FEC.
The Green Senatorial Campaign Committee can provide significant financial support to candidates for seats in either house of Congress.
New elections must be called in order to re-activate the committee.
Thank you for your consideration.  Starlene Rankin and I plan to observe the Oct 8 SC meeting and can answer any questions that the SC has about this request.
I am writing to propose a new worksheet for committee co-chairs to complete https://docs.google.com/document/d/1UhXGh4jpaQGUdzxszOVejmWxND2KqHIGNbF5S_r4GEI/edit?usp=sharing
 I am not sure how this would be implemented (full disclosure, not sure if one already exists like this. You’re welcome to edit it.)
 . The purpose of this worksheet is to identify and address any potential conflicts, communication challenges, or other areas of concern within our committees.
As you know, our committees are essential to the success of our organization. However, we have recently experienced some challenges in our committees, such as the sudden departure of Dr. Cornel West from the Green Party. In order to prevent similar challenges from happening in the future, it is important to have a system in place to identify and address potential problems early on.
The worksheet that I am proposing would ask committee co-chairs to answer questions about the following:
Conflicts: Have they experienced any conflicts in their committee? If so, what steps have they taken to address them?
Conflicts of interest: Have they experienced any situations where their personal interests conflicted with the interests of the committee? If so, what steps did they take to address these conflicts of interest?
Interpersonal conflicts: Have they experienced any conflicts with other members of their committee? If so, what steps did they take to address these conflicts?
Communication and decision-making: How well does their committee communicate internally and externally? How does their committee make decisions and resolve disagreements? What are the strengths and weaknesses of their committee’s structure, processes, and culture?
Other concerns: Are there any other clear signs of trouble that they have observed in their committee? What are their recommendations for improving communication, transparency, and conflict resolution in their committee?
The information from the worksheets would be compiled and shared with the steering committee. This would help the steering committee to identify any areas of concern and to develop strategies for improvement.
I believe that this worksheet would be a valuable tool for improving the effectiveness of our committees. I urge you to approve the use of this worksheet.
Thank you for your time and consideration.
This is for the meeting. I object to the issue being on the SC call but I want this included in the meeting minutes.
The National Black Caucus (NBC), an affiliated caucus of the Green Party of the United States issues this clarifying statement regarding a recent X (formerly Twitter) post related to a podcast presented by two known racially motivated agents.  NBC apologizes as the post was inconsistent with our caucus message. Additionally, the intention of the message was obscured by the tone and messaging directed at our fellow state affiliates. The National Black Caucus does not, nor will it ever, support antisemitism, racism, trans or homophobia, sexism, patriarchy, ageism, xenophobia or any other form of “othering” or oppression.  We stand in solidarity with all oppressed people, communities, and cultures, including the Palestinian. In doing so, just as we agree Black Lives Matter, it does not mean we are against any other people or person.  We stand for justice and equality, and fight against oppression in any form.
The intention of the NBC statement was to call into question state parties for their focused attention on former GP nominee and former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney. We believe the true focus should have been on the conversation between hate mongers, and their attempt to promote more hate rather than condemning Ms. McKinney for “retweeting” about the event and indicating she would be watching.  Our concern, given Ms. McKinney can attend anything she wants as she has not been in regular engagement with any part of the Green Party, is the public organizational condemnation of her. Further, the suggestion that the GP needed to distance itself from her was both unwarranted and unprecedented in response to a former nominee whose actions or comments may be controversial.  The NBC, saw no indication that Ms. McKinney was promoting the event, although by retweeting it we understand how that gave it a wider audience and fanned the flames of discontent.
The NBC believes this focus on Ms. McKinney, given she was neither a promoter, speaker, or sponsor of the said event, was unnecessary. Additionally, the statements issued appeared to be less concerned about condemning the actual podcast between an ultra conservative Black Nationalist and known White Supremacist and former leader of the KKK; both of whom are also devout antisemites. While there are other issues that impact this situation the NBC will address these concerns within our caucus and Party.
The NBC further clarifies a video statement, attached to the post, gave the impression a GP nominee had been identified. In so doing the statement offended and inadvertently dismissed other candidates vying for the nomination, several of whom are Black candidates.  We affirm that we celebrate all those persons who are seeking the Presidential nomination for the Green Party, and we look forward to the process as laid out by our Presidential Campaign Support Committee (PCSC) has laid out.  We will also follow our own process for potential endorsement of candidates once candidates are officially recognized by the PCSC.
Remember to Live in LOVE; and let love live in you, through you, around you, and AS you! ~ Darryl!