October 9, 2016

GPUS Steering Committee Minutes
Sunday, October 9, 2016 – 8:00 p.m. ET

a) Facilitator: Sid Smith
b) 712-451-0019, access code 926334, ref #12
c) Present: Jan Martell, Darryl Moch, Tamar Yager, Bahram Zandi. Absent: Brian Bittner, Chris Blankenhorn, Darlene Elias, Sanda Everette, Andrea Merida. (NO QUORUM) Observers: Starlene Rankin, Jeff Turner.
d) Agenda revisions: none


a) Elections database discussion – Jan. The budget amendment proposal 850 is set to be passed by the NC. There may be some unanswered questions about what exactly we will be getting in Phase I. Tamar suggested setting up a conference call including SC members, Hillary from CCC, David Doonan, and Kendra Markle.

b) Report of online endorsement of “Occupy Inauguration.” – Andrea. SC members voted to endorse with 8 yes votes, one member absent (Brian).


a) Treasurer’s Report – Jeff, standing in for Brian. Sent cash report, there’s about $124K in the bank, plus $5K that came in on Wednesday with about $10K in checks Brian is writing leaving $119K ($37K in reserves, $84K available). Tamar asked for figures from Jeff and Brian so she can reconcile ANM; Jeff said he would send them right after the call. Tamar will send Jeff BAC and CCC earmarks.

b) Fundraising Report – Tamar. Sent income report for August and September. Latest e-blast doing well; $2500 donation from one donor. Sanda is making thank-you calls. Proposal to use phone-banking co. was sent to FinCom but hasn’t been considered yet. This co. wants 50% of pledges, not 50% of actual money brought in.

c) Personnel WG Report – FinCom has recommended hiring an accountant. PWG is working on an ad for Political Director/Organizer to run on IdeaList, keeping duties/responsibilities broad to bring in more people. Working on job description, tweaking what we have.

d) Budget discussion – moved to end of call.

In the queue: 850 Budget Amendment – voting now, appears to have passed.
Received for the queue: none

a) Dispute Resolution report – Darryl!. Report on resolution process started at the PNC, involving candidate SKCM Curry and others. The committee reached out to individuals involved within a week of the convention to explain the process and various ways to approach it, inviting launch. SKCM said she would not respond. The committee has let this go, as no one is seeking resolution, but it could be reopened in the future.


III. d) Budget discussion
Jeff sent a new draft budget. Discussion included increasing line for SC face-to-face meeting to $15K, increasing income projections by $10K. Bahram asked for reimbursement for past expenses for IC members who had to pay dues and travel out of pocket. Members on the call preferred to repay FPVA, Global Greens dues (not travel) this year rather than adding it to the 2017 budget. Jeff will produce version 4 with tweaks based on comments to go to FinCom on Wed. and return for final budget discussion in 2 weeks at next SC meeting. Jan will send out items discussed here to members not present to get feedback.

TOTAL TIME: 107 minutes

Jan Martell