September 10, 2017

GPUS Steering Committee Minutes 
September 10, 2017


  1. Peace Action Committee: Review process for proposed rules on next call
  2. Committee Liaisons assignments: Accreditation (AC) – Gloria (temporary); Animal Rights (ARC) – George; Annual National Meeting (ANM) – Darlene; Ballot Access (BAC) – Chris; Bylaws, Rules, Policies and Procedures (BRPP) – Andrea; Coordinated Campaign- Gloria; Dispute Resolution (DRC)- Darryl!; Diversity (DivCom) – Darlene; Eco-Action – George; Finance (FinCom) – Darryl!; Fundraising (FundCom) – Mike; Green Pages Editorial Board – Chris; International (IC)- George; Media – Gloria; Merchandise MerchCom) – Chris; Outreach – George; Platform (PlatCom) – Darlene; Presidential Campaign Support(PCSC) – Chris
  3. In voting queue for voting: Adopting Approval Voting for Internal Elections – TX – closes 9/17/17
    No new proposals received for the voting queue4. Old Business: for next agenda: ETC Final Report; Annual National Meeting Final Report; Voting page maintenance progress report; Staff Recommendations to the SC – Components and Prioritizing

The full minutes are available at:
The call recording is available at 712-451-0309, #926334, reference #5

Jody Grage, Secretary


a) Facilitator: Charles Sherrouse

b) Roll Call – Jody Grage, Hillary Kane (on for 1.5 hours), Andrea Merida, Chris Blankenhorn, Mike Dennis, Darlene Elias, Darryl! Moch, George Martin (George is having difficulty reading and requests phone communication)

Absent: Gloria Mattera

Observers – David Gerry MA, Starlene Rankin OR, Tamar Yager VA , Anika Ofori LA

d) Agenda revisions
1. Lavender  and Youth caucus expenditures – Mike – consensus to add with Jody standing aside
2. Ad for People’s Congress of Resistance at Howard U in DC Statehood Journal – Darryl! – consensus to add with Jody standing aside
3. Elections database payment of $500 – Hillary – consensus to add


a) Application to reactivate the Peace Action Committee – Jody, 5 min – proposed Rules at
Jody will send description of rule changes and info on rules for handling committee rule changes, as well as information available on whether GPAX officially disbanded for next agenda – consensus

b) CCC: expenditures of $3,000 for candidate campaigns – Hillary, 10 min.
Request $2500 – $500 for each of 5 candidates – consensus

c) Election database – Chris
Request for $8,750 for next phase – front end; $5k already paid for back end work;
all at once or in two parts; not budgeted expense – need to determine funding source; need to discuss necessity and efficacy of this project – for next agenda

d) Outreach – Darlene – 15 min

1. GPLA – $850 for state convention venue plus $350 for workshop including published manual at retail
price; one-time approval for workshop only or for event as a whole suggested; venue expense seems
high; proposal to provide $300 toward event to be used as LA decides – consensus; Outreach encouraged to develop a budget plan with a vetting process

2. Movement School for Revolutionaries – Outreach approved $1500 of $3500 request Jackson, MS,
Oct 21; co-facilitators David Cobb, Mel Figueroa, Jerome Scott, Bruce Dixon; Kali Akuno may also present
a session; inviting Greens from MS, LA, AR, TN, AL, GA and the panhandle of FL

Opportune time for building Green Party in area; generic agenda provided – need to know extent of area involvement in specific agenda for this event; need further information as basis for funding; need to report back on accomplishments from funding; Darryl! will get gather information for a decision in a week – 24 hours to send in questions, after answered 48 discussion and 48 hours of voting – consensus

3. People’s Congress of Resistance – Darryl! – 10 min
GPUS/DC Statehood Greens to split $350 design cost for ad in event program, Darryl! will research funding source – consensus

4. Lavender Caucus – Mike
Request approval from Lavender Caucus $1000 budget of $150 for Zoom conference call program and $350 for share of Youth Caucus Basecamp 3; Request approval from Youth Caucus budget of $1000 of $200 BlueJeans Video Conferencing – consensus; Jody will consult with Hillary about caucus expenditures procedures

d) Accreditation Committee governance issues – Andrea – 10 min
Listing of Andrea’s issues; Gloria will be SC liaison to AC at least temporarily while GP of Colorado matter being processed and will consider Andrea’s main point; Andrea unsubscribing herself from the AC list


a) Treasurer’s report – Hillary Kane, 10 min.

Darryl! working with Hillary to resolve problems using debit card; balance in total accounts $1,665,355.40 ; – reserve account $74,383.68 including caucuses and staff salaries for 3 months; business checking $66,453.27; merchandise $24,518.45

b) Fundraising report – Tamar Yager/Starlene Rankin, 5 min.

2 letters to printer this week – 7700 from Jill – 100 are more major donors – hand addressed and stamped, asking for SC and Jill follow up; regular donor mailing to 6,000 – Mike Dennis wrote; $2500 donation from Viggo Mortensen – Jody volunteered to follow up; ANM money from Stein campaign – profit to go to operating reserves

c) Personnel Working Group report – Darryl!, 5 min. – No update

d) Committee Liaisons – assignments due by 15 September – Jody, 20 min.
Request from the Accreditation Committee for a liaison change
ARC – Gloria
AC – Gloria temporarily
ANM – Darlene
EcoAction – George
Outreach – George
PlatCom – Daryl!

IV. VOTING QUEUE – Jody – 5 min.

In the queue:

a) Adopting Approval Voting for Internal Elections – TX – voting 9/11/17-9/17/17; Floor Manager Received for the queue: None

V. OLD BUSINESS –40 min.

a) ETC Final Report – Committee – 5 min. – on next agenda

b) Annual National Meeting – Tamar Yager – 10 min.
Portland has sent in a request for 2018; final financial report requested

c) Voting page maintenance/Tech issues progress report – Chris – 5 min.
Hugh is finalizing reminder system for RCV voting; ranking/grouping of backlog items being done

d) Enhancing our communications and meeting capacities – Darryl! – on next agenda
Mike is developing a document to assist this process

e) Strategic planning and February retreat – Darryl! – on next agenda
Jody will key in information retrieved

f) Staff Recommendations to the SC: Components and Prioritization – Mike/Gloria – 15 min.
Gloria and Darryl! still working on this and request extra time on future call

g) Speakers Bureau: brief update of progress and decisions to date – Darryl! – 5 min.

Darryl! talked with Cynthia and Scott; online searchable database needed as basis for speaker requests to GPUS office; Mike asks that spreadsheet be shared with SC; political vetting process needed – Scott and Adrian; Cynthia is collecting and gathering data including from Ann Link and managing process after speakers are vetted – will put selected speaker for event in touch with Scott/Adrian; staff asked to prepare update on the working of the program in one week from 18 September for SC review – consensus


TOTAL TIME: 3hr 40 min

Jody Grage, Secretary