September 13, 2020

Green Party of the United States
Steering Committee

Sunday September 13, 2020
8:00 PM EDT

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  1. Call Setup & Background
    15 minutes
    1. Facilitator:
      Sid Smith
    2. Roll call
      Kristin Combs, Trahern Crews, Margaret Elisabeth, Gloria Mattera (unavailable), Tony Ndege, Anita Rios, Tamar Yager
      David Gerry
      Hillary Kane
      Michael Dennis, Robin Harris, Dee Taylor,
      Holly Hart (IA),
      Starlene Rankin (LC),
    3. Agenda revision suggestions
  2. PNC Report
    20 minutes

    Dee Taylor co-chair of the ANMC will present the final PNC report. The presentation will take about 10 minutes with 10 minutes for Q&A.

  3. Standing Business
    45 minutes
    1. Secretary's Report (David)
      5 minutes

    2. Treasurer's report (Hillary)
      5 minutes
    3. Approval of Expenditures
      5 minutes

      2020 Budget

      1. $472.50 Voting Software Maintanence
    4. Liaison reports
      30 minutes
      • Trahern: Accreditation, Green Pages, Merchandising
      • Kristin: Credentials, DRC, GPAX, Platform
      • Margaret: BMRC, BRPP, PCSC
      • Gloria: CCC, ETC, Fundraising, Media
      • Tony: BAC, Eco-Action, Outreach
      • Anita: ANMC, Diversity, IC
      • Tamar: ARC, Apportionment Review, Finance
  4. Voting Queue
    5 minutes
    1. In the queue
    2. Received for the queue
      1. 1026 – Add a code of conduct to the party bylaws
        Women’s Caucus, Virginia, District of Columbia, Black Caucus, Maine
        Floor Manager:
  5. Old Business
    35 minutes
    1. Increasing membership and enhancing communication with committees (Decision; Tamar)
      10 minutes

      Proposal for meeting with committees co-chairs. Google Doc

    2. Endorsement of RCV Initiative (Dicision; Margaret)
      5 minutes
      Margaret is writing a proposal to submit to the NC.

    3. Strategic Planning Process
      20 minutes
  6. New Business
    10 minutes
    1. Louisianna Ballot Access (Decision; Tony)
      10 minutes
  7. Time:
    2 hours 10 minutes
  8. Executive Session
    10 minutes


2 hours 20 minutes