September 8, 2019

Green Party of the United States Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

Date: Sunday September 8, 2019
Time: 8:00 PM EDT

Call Recording
Phone: 712 451-0309
Access Code: 926334#
Reference: 9 or * (star)

I. Call Setup & Background

a. Facilitator: Sid Smith

b. Roll Call
Co-chairs: Justin Beth, Kristin Combs, Trahern Crews, Margaret Flowers, Gloria Mattera, Tony Ndege, Anita Rios
Secretary: David Gerry, Treasurer: Hillary Kane

Observers: Maureen Doyle (MA), Holly Hart (IA), Starlene Rankin (LC), Tamar Yager (NWC)

c. Agenda Revision Suggestions

a. V New Business: Endorsement of Sept. 20 Student Climate Strike (Gloria) Approved by consensus

b. II-c Approval of Expenditures: $800 for outreach (Tony), Approved by consensus

c. II-c Approval of Expenditures: Black Caucus $500 for presidential debate Sept. 20 (Trahern), Approved by consensus

II. Standing Business

a. Secretary’s Report (David)
Notice will be sent out for CredCom vacancies
Query to states asking to update their contact information
Reminders to states about upcoming change in apportionment

b. Treasurer’s Report (Hillary)
Treasurer’s reports are located at
Operating Funds: $34,647.76
Reserved Funds: $106,721.73
PayPal: $1,147.71

c. Approval of Expenditures

1. FPVA Dues $200 (Budget line: 103)
Approved by consensus, Tony abstained

2. $800 for outreach
Up to $400 to assist Greens organizing for the Global Climate Strike locally.
Up to $400 to assist in transpertation to NYC.
Proposal amended to include that a report be presented detailing how the funds were disbursed and the outcome.
Approved by consensus, Margaret abstained

3. $800 for Sept. 20 Presidential debate
The costs of speakers and travel the amount was increased up to $800 which would come from the budget for caucuses.
Approved by consensus

d. Staff Report (Gloria, Hillary)
The IRA can be retroactive to the first of the year.
Michael started on Sept. 1. He has already participated in a staff meeting and making himself familiar with GPUS resources. He has fixed the volunteer signup form to link with NationBuilder.

e. Liaison Reports
Banking and Monetary Reform (Justin)
They had a call recently and are working on platform planks and literature for the store.

Merchandising (Justin)
Committee is working on ordering buttons for Lavender and other caucuses.

Annual National Meeting
Final report waiting to hear back from a state and a few oddsand ends to be reported.

Coordinated Campaign (Gloria)
Webinar for Tuesday. Creating a release of 60 candidates across the country.

Fundraising (Gloria)
Meets twice a month first and third Mondays.

Ballot Access (Tony)
Call on Sept. 2. AZ phone banking setup. Text banking through NationBuilder has complications involving FCC compliance. Ballot access now on GP home page. Organizer contact found for NV and NE. WY and SD call hub being used to find coordinator.

Diversity (Anita)
Discussing what resources can be offered to ensure the GP and its meeting are a safe space for all.

General concerns (Gloria)
Committees should be examined to ensure they are having regular meetings and are participating in ways that are accessible to all members. They should be focused on their mission statements and working with the rest of the party.

f. Liaison Assignments (co-chairs; decision)
Kristin:BRPP, DRC, Green Pages
Trahern: AC, Merch
Margaret: ANMC, GPAX, PlatCom
Gloria: CCC, FundCom, Media
Tony: BAC, Outreach, Eco-Action
Anita: Diversity, FinCom, IC

III. Voting Queue

a. In the Queue

1. 970: Resolution: Endorse H.R.2407: “Promoting the Human Rights
of Palestinian Children Living Under Israeli Occupation Act”
[voting] (Justin)

2. 971: Confirmation of Darlene Elias to FPVA [voting]

3. 972: Confirmation of Ahmed Eltouny to FPVA [voting]

4. 973: Confirmation of Bahram Zandi to FPVA [voting]

5. 974: Confirmation of Romi Elnagar as Delegate to GGN
[voting] (Gloria)

6. 975: Confirmation of John Rensenbrink as Delegate to GGN
[voting] (Tony)

7. 976: Confirmation of Sanda Everette as Alternate to GGN
[voting] (Anita)

8. 977: Confirmation of Austin Bashor as Alternate to GGN
[voting] (Justin)

9. Election of 2020 PNC Credentials Committee [voting] (David)

b. Received for the Queue
1. Proposal: Nation Endorsement of HR326: The Victims of Agent Orange Relief Act (Kristin)
Findings: 6-5.1(e) — Is clear in what it asks the National Committee to decide. Sponsors will be notified and asked to clarify and resubmit by next meeting.

IV. Old Business

a. Retirement Package for Staff (Hillary; report)
The paperwork has been submitted to setup the accounts and retroactive payments for staff can be made from the start of this year.

b. Formation of a working group on party resources for candidates
(Justin; report)
Had first meeting CCC, FinCom, FundCom, Media and PCSC were represented. Conflict of interest statement from members. Review of party resources. Resources will be allocated based on a candidates
category known, active, recognized or nominee.

c. Strategic Plan ( discussion)
The previous SC went through the strategic plan and discussed the various committees to see what improvements can be made to them and the party as a whole. This should be an ongoing process so that when new members join the SC the process doesn’t have to start from scratch. A face-to-face meeting would be more productive.

d. SC/Staff Retreat (Hillary; discussion)
The retreat will be for the purpose of working on the strategic plan. Possibly later this year maybe budget in for two meetings next year.

V. New Business

a. Endorsement of Sept. 20 Student Climate Strike (Gloria)
Approve by consensus as part of the global climate strike.

Total Time: 2h 30m

Items for Future Agendas
*. Protecting Our Members (Anita)
*. ANM Final Report (Sept. 15)
*. Fukushima Update: Letter and Webinar (Hillary; report) [5 minutes]
NC Proposal 940: Fukushima-Daiichi: Seven Years Later Proposal and
Open Letters