December 12, 2010

GPUS SC Conference Call
Sunday, December 12, 2010
8:00 p.m. EST

Jason Nabewaniec, Craig Thorsen, David Strand, Julie Jacobson; Theresa El-Aminjoined the call about a half hour in

Secretary: Holly Hart
Treasurer: Jeff Turner
Staff: Brian Bittner, Brent McMillan

Farheen Hakeem was stuck (snowed in) in Rochester and not able to get the call # before the call. Mike Feinstein was not on the call.

Facilitator: David Strand

Observer: Ian Samways, (PA)


We are about where we were last week. $1500 for regular monthly vendors, and some old bills. He would like to see more income before we pay for those items, so we have enough for payroll. Sustainer credit card donations generally show up in the middle of the month. $2500-3000 in cash, close to making payroll, the rest will be used for bills.

II. BUDGET – final approval for the voting queue
As agreed on the last call, the budget proposal and all documents should be ready to go, links provided to documents and spreadsheets on website, etc.

Jeff has sent out the latest updates of all the documents (case statement income and expense narrative, budget, background, links updated). He recommends that we get the budget proposal up so that it will not come to a vote over the holidays or some firefight.

Craig stated his concern that this is a 47% increase over the 2010 annualized income. He believes we should have a plan in place on what we would hold off, if necessary, if we don’t have enough funds to meet the budget. Jeff said he thought people agree with this, we can come up with this pretty easily. He thinks the percentage of increase is irrelevant, the dollar amount is what is important.

SC APPROVED, by consensus, the budget proposal for the voting queue. Agreed to have a 3-week discussion and 1-week vote. If needed, the discussion period can be extended by another week. SC also APPROVED, by consensus, to have the proposal out tomorrow (instead of the Monday after tomorrow). David will be floor manager.

III. VOTING QUEUE, misc. items, as needed – Holly

Request for approval for Jody Grage (GPoWS) to continue to serve on the Finance Committee.

SC agreed to forward this to the voting queue with the usual timeline, so this will go out Monday, December 20, 2 weeks discussion, 1 week vote. David will be floor manager.


Brent sent a report on Friday. Direct mail income this week is about $1000 net income.

He received a request from the treasurer of the GP of New Jersey for their donor list. Dave Bosserman had a nice going away party for Brent. His last day in Washington will be on Friday, and he will turn over his keys to Brian on that day. He will be working to the end of the year from Indiana. He will continue to work on the elections database on a volunteer base, and will be available for questions and information, consultation and campaign schools. Brent will write an article for Green Pages, and has been asked to write a longer article for Green Horizon.

Craig noted that there is not any written policy on use of the email addresses, and recommends that we come up with one. Brent plans to use his, and recommends they be continued for former staff, SC who are active as volunteers in the party).


Brian sent a merchandise-themed appeal, hoping to spur some holiday sales. 12 new purchases have resulted, so far.

Brian spoke with Ann Dougherty, recommended by Wired for Change, who may be able to help us migrate our donor database to salsa.

On last week’s AnmCom call, it was reported that the Green Party of New York State will vote on a proposal to place a bid for the 2011 national meeting to be held at Alfred University in NY. David mentioned that Minnesota has talked about a proposal, as well.

Craig asked about applications for fundraiser position. Brian reported that, so far, the office has received 9 applications.

Brent will contact David Doonan to change the deadline date on the job announcement on our website, and have copies sent to the SC and hiring committee. Holly will check with our labor practgice contact to make sure there is no problem with extending the deadline. Jason will follow up with Farheen about contacting the hiring committee.

Holly Hart
Secretary, GPUS

NEXT CALL: We will decide online will we need an extra call next Sunday, December 19th. Otherwise, our next regular call will be Sunday, January 2, 2011; 8:00 p.m. EST .