December 14, 2014

GPUS Steering Committee Meeting Minutes – December 14, 2014


a) Facilitator – Jody Grage
b) Roll Call- Jeff Turner, Karen Young, Budd Dickinson, Starlene Rankin, Audrey Clement, Darryl! Moch, Charles Ostdiek, Jesse Townley, Tamar Yager



a) Treasurer’s Report – Jeff
The report shows $6500 in general funds and $6400 in reserve funds with most rent, utilities and regular monthly expenses paid. Funds from the latest mailing are coming in with $3-4k already in through Thursday. Accounts Payable includes Macalester $8k after $1k paid; and RedSun invoice for $6k just received. There is $3k in state sharing left to pay. Consensus to hold money for states that can’t accept it now in reserve for further activity in the state.

b)Fundraising Report
Karen – David Sacks has given notice to resign. A sustainer campaign is planned the first quarter of 2015 or Earth Day. Campaigns for ballot access will focus on 2015 goals. Tamar will make a comprehensive list of David’s activities.

c) Finance Items for decision:
FinCom recommended paying $2700 for state sharing first, with $6200 to RedSun payment the first week of January. Since the first quarter is often slow and we will have no Fundraising Director for a time, the SC consensed on making payment decisions on the next call.

In the queue:
767 & 768 – Strategic Plan Objectives/Action Plan:
Goal 3: Create More Positive Awareness of the Party
Goal 4: Create Closer Ties with Movements, More Effective Issue
Advocacy/Policy Development. Discussion: Nov. 24 – Dec. 14, 2014. Vote:
Dec. 15 – Dec. 21, 2014

769 – Approval of 2015 GPUS Budget. Discussion thru 12/28; Voting 12/29 – 1/4/15.

Received for the Queue:
Approval of Eliot Barron for Finance Committee – Floor Manager Charles, discussion 22 Dec for 2 weeks.

e) Liaison Reports
Darryl! – Green Pages has met and is preparing for the next issue. CCC continues to do its work and a nominations call has been posted. BRPP holding co-chair election but the results not yet available. Diversity is only marginally active.

Jesse – Platform is waiting for David Doonan to have time to update the platform on the website. The CCC talking about developing electoral strategy and there was consensus that the CCC was the proper committee to begin this process.

Audrey is still waiting for liaison assignments and will work on the database for now.

Karen – The web content group is working on an RFP to hire a web designer. Outreach Committee – Justin Anderson from IA, a new member, is a website designer, etc. and will work on lit designs including a postcard. MerchCom will get new t-shirts in and up on webpage soon. Another t-shirt and a sweatshirt will be added soon.

Starlene – Media is having regular monthly calls and is starting a database of writers and producers and is planning webinars on media training. Social media is going well with 70k hits on the prosecuting of Bush and Cheney for war crimes piece.

Charles – The FinCom report is prioritizing expenses and also working on a conflict of interest statement. IC – Sanda went to FPVA but probably couldn’t vote. IC will be electing new delegates to international groups.


a) Proposal on Committees from Karen – Five goals were discussed:

1. Define what SC members can realistically do on a regular basis to manage committees.

2. Define roles and responsibilities of all involved, including SC, committee chairs, and committee members.

3. Build ongoing recruitment effort, including diversity and leadership development effort. Look for the best people.

4. Develop goals and make measurable progress on improving committee productivity.

5. Improve retention of committee members.
b) Forum Transition
Jesse reviewed each of complaints from Douglas Campbell. The lack of participation on the forum was discussed. The possibility of subscribing everyone to every thread with opt out was raised. Starlene and Jesse will discuss this with David Doonan. Checking “View new posts” on top bar shows all posts since your last visit to the forum.

c) Personnel – Replacement for David Sacks. (It was determined that this did not need to be in executive session.) There was discussion of this opportunity to restructure fundraising position. Consensus to accept timeline proposed by Tamar and initially advertising position without a detailed job description. We will add the job description after our next call 12/28- this job description may be updated before or at the 12/28 meeting.

Budd Dickinson