December 16, 2012

GPUS Steering Comm Conference Call Minutes – December 16, 2012

a. Facilitator – David Doonan
b. Roll Call – Susan Chunco, Budd Dickinson, Jeff Turner, Steve Welzer, Karen Young, Farheen Hakeem, AJ Segneri, Charles Ostdiek
Absent – Darryl Moch
Observer – Jody Grage
c. Agenda revisions – Adding new facilitators – 10 minutes – V.a.

Cash report to date – $3950 in bank, income slow but returns from latest mailing should be coming in this coming week; Red Sun asked for postage in advance which isn’t usual. This delayed some debt repayment.

In the queue: 690 – 2013 Budget – 32 quorum now, 30 states have voted as of now

Received for the queue: None

IV. Strategic Planning Working Group – choosing members – Karen
There were 22 applicants plus 6 who were only interested in being advisors. Our online vote resulted in 6 names being chosen. The SC named another four members. Consensus to select at least three females to achieve gender balance. Also need racial balance and more veteran greens.

Elected – Jared Ball, Bruce Dixon, Shamacko Noble, Samantha Rocknowski, Alex Shantz, Karen Young.
Selected by SC – Hillary Kane, Starlene Rankin, David Doonan, Rosa Clemente.

Advisors selected by SC – 11.
Karen will send announcement to GNC includng some biographical information.

V. Apportionment Tabulation Committee – Budd

Proposal 599: “8-2.3(a) Between November 15th and December 15th of every even-numbered year, the Steering Committee shall appoint seven people to the Apportionment Tabulation Committee.” Phil Huckelberry, Tamar Yager, Ron Hardy, AJ Segneri, Craig Thorsen, Audrey Clement and Holly Hart are interested. Julia Willibrand volunteered Saturday morning so eight people are now interested in the seven slots. Consensus to appoint Phil, Tamar, Ron, AJ, Audrey, Holly and Julia.

V.a. Need to increase facilitator pool – suggested: Jody, SC members.
Short term need for 12/30 when Jody is in Norway – Charles will do it. Suggested for long term: Jason Nabewaniec, Audrey Clement – Farheen will contact them.

VI. Formal endorsement of Move to Amend – Steve will draft a proposal for NC approval with help from Ben Manski and David Cobb.

VII. LIAISON REPORTS – Including progress on getting committee webpages
Farheen – IC had meeting on 11 December with report from FVPA.
Charles – still not on IC listserv, Farheen will follow up.
Charles – EcoAction quorum call, 18 active members, just elected officers – co-chairs Tim Willard and Audrey Clement reelected, Sec Robert Piemm; eliminated two redundant listservs.
Charles – still working on BRPP and Outreach.
Susan – nothing to report.
Karen – AC: Sent list of 7 states that have not voted for six months or more (2 will hit the 6-month mark in January). The AC can make a proposal to declare such states inactive. Our quorum requirement for proposals is artificially high if so many states are not actually participating. AC members will reach out to each state to determine if the state party is still active and will participate in voting on NC, or is ready to go on inactive status. UT, LA, MO, NV, AL, NM, CO.
Karen – check committee websites again please; perhaps write a suggested description and ask committee if they will okay it.
Budd – four committees webpages that are most out of date – BRPP, DRC, Diversity, GPAX.
Susan – over half of phone numbers called about voting were disconnected; David says that Holly is working on that now.
Karen – delegations also not up to date; Brian is doing some of that; SC could work on that, too;
Budd – secretary also has a role, advise if delegations need updating and will work with Holly.

VIII. Inactive States. (Karen) – see above

IX. A discussion regarding the Stein campaign’s post-campaign activities, and what GPUS would need from them.
AJ – wants to make sure that all SC members work to get info from campaign needed to grow the Green Party – people to work on committees, etc.
Karen – have had a couple conference calls to talk about going forward; get states the names from campaign and from David Sacks.

Jeff has sent marked up manual version; final draft soon, employment agreement draft sent; job descriptions next.

XI. NEXT CALL – 30 December – facilitator will be Charles if David not available.

Budd Dickinson

Budd Dickinson