December 2, 2001

SC teleconference Minutes – December 2, 2001 (Draft)

Participants: Robbie Franklin (timer), Jo Chamberlain (facilitator), Anita Rios, Ben Manski, Jack Uhrich, Dean Myerson, Tod Sloan, Nathalie Paravicini (notetaker)

Midterm Convention in Philadelphia
Financial report & Treasurer’s position>
Budget for 2002
Current and pending votes
Proposal “on Seeking Justice”
Bylaws proposal
Proportional representation proposal
Coordinated Campaign Committee proposal
Committee Reports
Coordinated Campaign
Various decisions

1. Midterm Convention in Philadelphia

Doug McConatha sent a detailed Midterm Convention report. The committee is now comprised of Doug, Ben Manski, Anita Rios and Nick Mellis. They are looking for confirmation of suggested date July 18-22.
==> Ben and Dean will make sure there is no conflict with state primaries and other such dates before sending to the CC for reconfirmation.
==> The SC needs to determine what will the suggested objectives of the convention; review Doug’s proposal and send suggestions.

2. Financial report & Treasurer’s position (Robbie Franklin)

– USGP account: $6,600
– We paid Dean, Jack, reimbursed Dean, COBRA for Jack for Dec/Jan, $2200 for DC fundraiser invitations and test mail-out to lists from the Nation and the Progressive (direct mail leaves Dec 3). All our merchandise, CT, MI lists are exhausted.
The direct email appeal sent to our 10,000 emails returned $4500 in little over a week. Approx $600 of those are sustaining donations, so actual money received is greater. (==> Robbie to send exact breakdown to Jack). Please refer to Robbie’s income report
– Serious trouble with Payment Online. We need to switch, Jack spoke and suggested Science Raiders (?). He is a friend, Law Professor who wrote Winning Campaigns Online and worked on the Nader site, is active in the Asian community, etc. Their bank and credit card processor are top of the line. After speaking with them Jack feels they may be the best solution.

Treasurer’s position:
– Continuation of discussion. Robbie indicated that because of the volume of work, he could not remain on the position as an unpaid volunteer, especially in light of the timeliness and importance of the position.
– Ben sent an overview of options. – At this point the books are kept on a manual system, the data-entry person is keeping donation information on an excel spreadsheet. Doug Malkan has imported that information into the FEC software. Dean indicated the FEC software does keep a very good database of all donation information. Because of the need to insert notices and other items on the reports which cannot be imported from an excel file.
==> Donation information will start being input directly into the FEC software.
==> For the books Robbie is to purchase Quickbooks or Quicken. This will facilitate interphasing with sustainer checking accounts and the production of monthly balance sheets and income statements.
==> Because at the time there were only 3 SC members on the phone, the issue was tabled for next SC conference call, before sending our recommendation to the CC.

3. Budget for 2002

Continuation from last week. Ben and Dean sent comments on the budget. This was the first time we had a previous budget to look at. This item will be prioritized at the upcoming Dec 9 call. budget for 2002 (Draft 1), Budget for Sep-Dec 2001, as amended, Fundraising Projection 2001-2003

4. Current and pending votes

a. ME/CT proposal “on the use of force”, now called “on seeking justice”
Refer to last week’s discussion and to today’s notes under International Committee. A new proposal will be sent to the CC.

b. Bylaw changes
Tom is barely back from Europe and his email has not been functioning due to the ATT debacle. We will have to wait for Tom to reset this discussion & vote.
c. Implementation of proportional representation – Ongoing

d. Bylaw changes and Coordinated Campaign committee
Ben wants to send the proposal and initiate discussion and vote ASAP, after the vote on bylaw changes is completed. This will enable the committee be fully functional.

5. Committee Reports

a. Coordinated Campaign Committee
Ben to resend bylaw changes & proposal to the SC. See last week’s discussion.

b. International Committee
US delegation letter to the EFGP:
– Ben reported some people were unhappy with the letter; Marc Reinhardt drafted a critical resolution. Part of the problem was lack of full input by the SC.
– Tod explained there were difficulties because: a) could we interfere in another country’s GP internal affairs, 2) IC was unable to reach consensus.
– The Secretary of the German GP replied there was a misunderstanding. The intent of the US letter was to clarify in light of a letter sent by G/GPUSA. Arnold Cassola, Secretary of the EFGP explained the difference to German Greens. ==> Annie to send German greens letter to the SC
– Dean indicated our position was very well known in Europe (re statement on September 11 attacks), much appreciated and helped them define their positions. We do not neet to send a clarification, ut a new statement is needed on the current situation. ==> Dean will write notes and comments on his trip to Europe, in addition to his initial report.
– Ben: the SC cannot do anything, a statement is coming from the states. Link to discussion group on the Sept 11 events
– Tod suggested working subgroups. One to work on a message to German greens (Tod Sloan, Dean Myerson, Ben Manski, Robbie Franklin), another to work on a statement regarding the current issue, and finally, ideally, one to prepare for future rapid developments.
IC report:
The IC trying to get its internal processes worked-out.
c. Fundraising Committee
Various fundraising activities update
– Marnie Blickman is reviewing budget (she was out of town) and after consultation with various state reps, she will propose a plan for the fundraising splits national/state.
– The email solicitatio was very succesful, at much lower cost; so we are looking for additional email lists. The snail-mailout to MO list is out, same as test mail-outs to llists from The Nation and The Progressive. We are looking into sustainer checking, merchandising, etc.
– Feb 9, 2001 is the potential date for a fundraiser with Jim Hightower.
– The matching donation is $10,000 and we already have $5,000 matching funds pledged. FL is taking donations for national and 4 other states are looking into it.
– Issue regarding privacy: Robbie and Dean dropped elaboratio of a policy: if people want to know who is donating, we have to say. Furthermore, we do share names with the states, most of the states will know who the donors are. We will just comply with all FEC rules and regs.
Dec 8 DC Fundraising
– Shafarman has not yet received any responses from people calling
– We are trying to get sustaining pledges and fundraising items from supporters such as Chomski and Zinn
– Issues such as the income from the bar have been straightened out
– National reps that will attend include Anita Rios, Dean Myerson, Jack Uhrich.
– Potential problem: The invitation mailout to DC greens should have included an invitation announcing an important meeting to elect officers and delegates. The insert was not included, although it was sent from the printer to the mailing house
d. Diversity Committee
The information from the Lavender Caucus was sent to the Accreditations Committee.

f. Media Committee
The circulator is back, being compiled by Andy Parx (HI), Stacy Malkan (DC) and media committee.
==> Nathalie to set-up an email distribution list with all the international emails.

g. Accreditations Committee
Tony Affigne stepped down as chair. The committee is still deciding how-who to decide on the next chair.

6. Various decisions

1. Green Pages – Dean: Dean suggested we print a 4 page supplement to distribute at the DC event and to have for afterwards. He and Mike Feinstein have most of the materials ready. The cost would be $200-300. The SC approved the expenditure.
2. Field organizing – Dean: The next planned trip will be for Chicago in March (?). Dean will then focus on Mid-Atlantic states. We need to keep an eye on NC, SC had its founding convention with Jack Uhrich as keynote speaker.
– We need to help Maine. They need 2000 registered green signatures to put cahdidate on the ballot (to be done in the thick of winter, Jan-Feb.) AZ needs assistance to remain on the ballot. They require XX signatures by XX. As of ?? they have XX signatures.
3. SC strategy retreat: Top piggyback with Feb 9 fundraising event, so we need to wait for confirmation from Hightower’s staff.