December 2, 2012

GPUS Steering Committee Minutes – Dec 2, 2012


a. Facilitator – David Doonan

b. Roll Call – Steve Welzer, Jeff Turner, Budd Dickinson, AJ Segneri, Karen Young, Charles Ostdiek, Darryl Moch (on at 8:52)

Absent – Farheen Hakeen, Susan Chunco
Observer – Jody Grage

d. Agenda revisions – A finding was submitted that it would benefit the National Committee’s decision-making process to have another week for discussion of the 2013 budget, Proposal 690.. There was consensus to extend budget discussion by one week.

Jeff sent a production schedule for financial reporting and staff reporting purposes. Staff reports will be submitted in coordination with payroll cycle and on the 4th business day of month. Karen asked about t-shirt order progress and the need for updated state contacts.

a. Cash report to date
Report sent – cash balances $10,500, accounts payable November including. FPVA and loan repayments and next week’s bills. About $1k left plus income from last few days. Income from recent mailing should start in two weeks. Stein campaign paid for ANM event so ANM finances can now be closed. Planned 2012 debt repayment should be completed in two weeks.

In the queue:
690 – 2013 Budget – Voting 12/10 to 12/16 (changed above).

State sharing wording discussion – Consensus to change to: ” Many thanks are due to those who have dug deep to donate their volunteer efforts and precious funds in these tough times.”

Received for the queue: None

V. Strategic Planning Working Group – Karen sent a spreadsheet on the people who have expressed interest so far and some ideas on process for choosing. She also sent a link to online survey/application. Will add sexual orientation. Request to review by tomorrow evening if haven’t done so already.

Review of potential members requested to check for balance. Need more people of color and people from rural areas. Ask former presidential/vice presidential candidates and campaign workers – and others. Decision on next call 16 December with provision to fill holes later if necessary. Survey will go out to all whose names are on list to be returned by 9 December in time for SC review. Do ranked choice vote and make some changes if results don’t cover the needed diversity.

VI. Apportionment Tabulation Committee – Budd

Proposal 599: “8-2.3(a) Between November 15th and December 15th of every even-numbered year, the Steering Committee shall appoint seven people to the Apportionment Tabulation Committee.”

Phil Huckleberry and Tamar Yager are interested. We probably don’t need seven people. Budd will send another notice.


Committee Liaisons, Let’s check in on progress on getting those webpages updated.

Karen – Descriptions of committees should be up on website by end of November. Her committees are done.

Charles – Other Greenish links on Home Page – poor language that should be deleted. Still not on IC list. Eco-Action – report sent and webpage will be updated. BRPP – last work done over a year ago; perhaps we could use the same language as Outreach; former co-chairs terms have expired.

Darryl – Diversity has several people interested. House and Senate calls/webinars on 1st & 3rd TU. Green Pages and CCC doing fine.

AJ – Officeholders Network – attempting to rejuvenate.

Steve – BAC, Media, + PCSC – descriptions seem okay, contact info and chairs needs to be checked.

VIII. Request from Jill Stein that we issue a press release condemning Russia’s closure of the Indigenous Association. Consensus to request to Media Committee to do press release. Budd will contact them.

IX. Request from Darryl! Moch to issue press releases about the Ugandan kill the gays bill and congratulating the transgender activist elected in Cuba. The Media Committee was requested to do a press release on the former. See message from Scott on 11/28.

X. Inactive States. Utah has not voted on an NC proposal in over three years, and another that hasn’t voted in about a year, and hasn’t responded to volunteer inquiries. Both are considered active. Budd will investigate the rules and report back.

XI. A discussion regarding the Stein campaign’s post-campaign activities and what GPUS would need from them. AJ will work on this.

XII. Personnel Manual – Karen

Jeff will send tracked changes version and clean version to SC and Personnel Working Group.

XIII. Next meeting – 16 December.