December 4, 2011

GPUS SC Conference Call – December 4, 2011; 8 p.m. ET

a. Facilitator – Nan Garrett
b. Roll Call – Budd Dickinson, Audrey Clement, Tamar Yager, Leenie Halbert, Theresa ElAmin, Jeff Turner

Absent: Susan Chunco – in flight; Farheen Hakeem – illness

Staff: Brian Bittner

Observers: David Doonan, Jody Grage

a. Office Manager – Brian Bittner – report sent; Last week income slow as usual; resolicitation mailing has gone out and returns beginning to come in; improving online outreach and donation processes with David Sacks with help on updated database.

b. Fundraiser Report – David Sacks – report sent

a. Cash report to date – $5k in general account went out to pay bills; Will be paying remaining $6k of 2008 state sharing and $7k for mailing costs. Expect to build a cash balance before year end for January overhead and prospect mailing costs.

b. Bank change – Fincom decision to select Lyceum as our new payroll service agent beginning in 2012. Moving credit card processing next as last step before changing banks.

Jeff and Tamar and Audrey – Employment Agreements and Personnel Manual revision. Personnel Manual first. Tamar has been sick and working long hours, will take this up shortly with Brian and David, as will Audrey, Jeff, Maya and Nan, the other committee members. Then will be contracts and job descriptions. Should be done by the end of the year. Executive session on personnel requested on next call (requested by Theresa).

Liaisons – Update committee web pages (co-chairs, membership, and committee contact information) The following are not up to date: ANMC, BAC, CCC, DRC, and FinCom. Diversity, Outreach, and GPAX are not active and obviously out of date. Others may also be out of date. Committees can request and get access to their pages. David Doonan will send a list of who has access already.

All – recruit forum managers. Holly Hart has volunteered.
SC recommends Forum Managers for GNC approval. Holly Hart approved by the SC.

V. David Doonan would like to create a secure, moderated, and password-protected blog for OWS on our website ( It would take about 2 hours of his time to set it up. Pre-authorized Green Party authors from around the country could post and new authors would be moderated by David or one of the authors or by an selected GP volunteer. Would be set up to encourage reposting to Facebook, Twitter, etc. Approved.

VI. PNC Credentials Committee
David McCorquodale, Jody Grage, Sanda Everette, Jan Martell, Mike Feinstein, and Ron Hardy have volunteered to date. Another election can be held to fill remaining seats. Candidates can be added to the list until 48 hours before the proposal enters the voting phase. STV vote with write-in and NOTA options, 2-week discussion and 1 week vote. Consensus to expedite and get in queue Monday. Farheen or Tamar will be floor manager.

In the queue:

Proposal 629 – Apportionment of GNC – Apportionment Tabulation Comm
– Voting 11/28 – 12/4.

Proposal 630 – 2012 Budget – Voting 12/5 – 12/11.

Received for the queue:

In queue when received:
Election Tabulation Committee Report – message sent to 3 members. Frank Young, the chair, responded. He will work on it.

SC Co-chair vacancy election – nominations 11/28-12/18, discussion 12/19-1/1/12; voting 1/2 – 1/8/12; Budd will be floor manager. There is one nomination so far.

Theresa – assignments are Accreditation, BRPP, Diversity, Media, Platform and Outreach.

I’ve been in touch with Accreditation and was informed KY and US Virgin Islands are still not ready yet for consideration. Roger is in touch with organizers in both places.

On inactive committees (Diversity and Outreach), I’ve scheduled a conference call for Outreach on Wednesday, December 7, 9pm. I’m in touch with Anita Rios on Diversity and hope to schedule a conference call soon with that committee. Platform continues to work on plans for updating the platform in 2012. Platform is a highly active committee.

Media continues its focus on press releases and live streaming. There is good participation.

I’m still shut out from BRPP.

Audrey – Several members of the Ecoaction Committee are interested in offering amendments to the Platform. However, Platcom has indicated that it won’t accept amendments directly from the committee unless its mission statement explicitly authorizes it to do so. Right now Ecoaction is considering a proposal to amend its mission statement to do just that. But the proposal cannot be reviewed by the SC until the December 18 meeting at the earliest. Then it will take three weeks for an NC vote, which will not conclude till after the January 1 deadline for Platform amendments. So Ecoaction requests that Platcom extend its deadline for consideration of Platform amendments.

PCSC – Another call made for recall of one of co-chairs.

IX. Next regular call 12/18 – Budd will work to get a facilitator.

X. Call scheduled for 1/1/12, New Years Day.