Report: Greens in spring 2019 elections

At least 27 Greens have run in Spring 2019 elections across the U.S., with at least nine elected*
Six of eight Green incumbents have been re-elected
Nine of 25 Greens running for municipal and county office have been elected (36%), including one of two write-in candidates

At least nine more Greens on ballot through June 2019 elections with two more already guaranteed election in an uncontested races

By Mike Feinstein, Advisor to GPUS Coordinated Campaign Committee, May 22 2019
Based upon information in the Elections Data Base of the Green Party of the United States

May 21 – general elections

Deyva Arthur, At-Large, Lansingburgh Central School District, Troy (Rensselaer County) New York
4th/4 for two seats, 176 votes, 14.5%

Emma Lugo, Director, Position 6, Oregon City School Board, Oregon City (Clackamas County) Oregon
2nd/2 for one seat, 2337 votes, 43.69%

May 16 – general election

Derek Iversen, Resident District 5, Greater Valley Glen Neighborhood Council, Los Angeles (Los Angeles County) (incumbent)
1st/1 for two seats, 8 votes, 100%  ELECTED

May 14 – general elections

Matthew Moncreaff, Select Board, Princeton (Worcester County), Massachusetts
1st/1 for one seat, 412 votes, 96.5%  ELECTED

May 7 – general elections

Annie Martinez, City Council, District 3, Denver (Denver County) Colorado
3rd/4 candidates for one seat, 765 votes, 14.65%

Timothy J. Hartigan, Board of Education, Buffalo School District, Buffalo (Erie County), New York
7th/8 candidates for three seats, 1,870 votes 7.8%

May 4 – general elections

Carl Petersen, Resident Boardmember, Northridge East Neighborhood Council, Los Angeles (Los Angeles County) California (incumbent)
2nd/8 candidates for six seats, 33 votes  ELECTED

Hunter Crow, Board of Trustees, District 7, Tarrant County College (Tarrant County), Texas
2nd/2 candidates for one seat, 2563 votes, 21.1%

April 27 – general election

Lisa Johnson, Area 5 Representative, Foothills Trails District Neighborhood Council, Los Angeles (Los Angeles County) California
1 candidate for one seat ELECTED
declared winner by municipal code because race uncontested

April 13 – general election

Melissa Curiel, Community Seat, Boyle Heights Neighborhood Council, Los Angeles (Los Angeles County), California
10th/15 candidates for 13 seats, 58 votes ELECTED

April 8 – general election

Barbara Dahlgren, District 11, Wisconsin Conservation Congress (Milwaukee County), Wisconsin (incumbent)
1st/2 for one seat, 66 votes 52.8% ELECTED

Michael White, Wisconsin Conservation Congress
2nd/2 for one seat

April 6 – general election

Ryan Moore, At-Large Representative, Silver Lake Neighborhood Council, Los Angeles (Los Angeles County), California
15/16 candidates for seven seats, 61 votes

April 4 – general election

Diana Cruz, Young-Adult Representative, Wilshire Center – Koreatown Neighborhood Council, Los Angeles (Los Angeles County), California
two candidates for one seat, two-way tie, 3 votes each
lost tie-breaker in drawing straws

April 2 – general elections

Peter Schwartzman, Alderman, Galesberg, Illinois (incumbent)
1st/1 for one seat, 109 votes 100% ELECTED

Sandy Lezon, Library Board of Trustees, Warrenville Public Library District, Warrenville, Illinois (incumbent)
2nd/2 for two seats, 1111 votes, 48.3% ELECTED

Ed Williams, Board of Trustees, Health Board, Texas County (Missouri)
1st/x candidates for one seat, 250 votes ELECTED (write-in candidate)

Fred Kirsch, City Council, District 6, Fort Collins, Colorado
2nd/3 for one seat, 1117 votes, 25.97%

Jerome Bauer, President, Board of Alderman, St. Louis, Missouri
2nd/2 for one seat, 3553 votes, 18.35%

Adam Kassulke, School Board, Greenfield, Wisconsin
3rd/3 for two seats, 1904 votes, 30.26%
lost by 91 votes

Steve Alesch, Park and Recreation District (incumbent) Illinois
3rd/3 for two seats, 731 votes, 30.73%
lost by 31 votes

March 29 – general election

Danielle Mead, Vice-President, Hollywood Hills West Neighborhood Council, Los Angeles (Los Angeles County), California
2nd/2 for one seat, 137 votes 48.3%
ran against popular incumbent, lost by seven votes

March 26 – general election

Edward Tar Larner, Housing Authority, Concord, Massachusetts (incumbent)
1st/1 for two seats 1183 votes, 99.5% ELECTED

Jim Snyder-Grant, Board of Selectman, Acton, Massachusetts
3rd/3 for two seats, 1021 votes, 25.9%
lost by 31 votes

March 26 – special election

Cesar Flores, District 33, State Senate, California
12/12 for 2 seats in run-off; 529 votes, 1.52%

March 19 – general election

Bob Dennis, Boardmember, North Hills Planning Committee, San Diego, California
10th/10 for 8 seats

February 26 – special elections

Mirna Martinez, State House, District 39, Connecticut
2nd/4 for 1 seat, 535 votes, 28.52%

James Lane, Public Advocate, New York City, New York
18th/150 candidates for one seat, 17 votes, 0% (write-in)

*Candidates included in this list correspond to the definition of Green candidates and officers here, which includes that to be included in this list, one can only be a member of the Green Party in a state and not also a member of a competing ballot status party. In some states where there is no voter registration-by-party, some state Green Parties allow dual dues-paying membership in the Green Party and in other ballot qualified parties, and count those candidates in their own lists of Green Party candidates, which this list does not. In April 2 elections, this applied to several candidates in Wisconsin.