February 10, 2013

GPUS Steering Comm Conference Call Minutes
Sunday, Feb. 10, 2013 – 8:00 p.m. ET

a. Facilitator – David Doonan
b. Start recording of call
c. Roll Call – Karen Young, AJ Segneri, Steve Welzer, Susan Chunco, Darryl! Moch, Charles Ostdiek, Budd Dickinson, Farheen Hakeem
Absent: Jeff Turner
Observers – Tamar Yager, Holly Hart

II. TREASURER’S REPORT & FINANCE ITEMS – Jeff sent written report.
a. Cash report to date – balances through Friday 2/8: nearly $3500 in general funds. Still owe Red Sun Press $8530

In the queue:
694 – Accreditation of Kentucky Green Party; Voting 2/4 -10, has met quorum.

695 – Mobilize Opposition to Keystone XL Pipeline; Voting 2/4 -10, has met quorum.

Received for the queue:
Approve the 2013 Annual National Meeting in Iowa City, Iowa July 25-28.
Tamar Yager and Holly Hart were on the call to answer questions.

Expedite requested – to queue immediately for 2 week discussion. Transportation concerns were addressed. SC costs from ANM and SC budget line.

IV. Approve Personnel Manual. (Sent to SC 1/29) Karen. Personnel Manual was approved by consensus. Karen also gave an update on the Personnel Working Group. They are working on job descriptions for Brian Bittner, David Sacks and Scott McLarty.

V. Update from Strategic Planning Working Group (SPWG)
2nd & 4th Wed. calls.

Mission/Vision Statement:
David & Starlene: work on where we want to be 5 years ahead(Point B). Look at Bruce’s doc
Karen & Hillary: work on where we are now(Point A).

For Feb 20, have something written up.

Need Draft survey by next meeting; Decide tonight what target groups to survey; What key things to accomplish;
David wants to work on surveying Elected Officials; Keeping them involved in party
Other target groups: State Leaders. Active Greens. Prospective or New Greens, including African-Americans, Hispanics.
Plan to do a combination of online surveys and focus groups (small groups brought together for a focused conversation).
Have questions for each target group by next call.

Co-Chairsof SPWG: Karen, Samantha, Starlene

VI. Update on concerns presented to SC and recommendations fora volunteer manual and diversity development. Darryl wants to have guiding principles. Not required but recommendedto states. Met with GPVA memberwho has concerns. Karen had concerns about involving others in VA. Farheen would like the DRC to address this. Budd had concerns about the priority of vol manual. Chas thinks general standards would be good. Budd has concerns about the language in Darryl’s proposal. Darryl will rework it and we will discuss further.

Karen – New volunteers have come forward for the Outreach Committee. Karen to talk with Scott about re-starting committee soon.
Darryl – CCC webinarsMarchand April.
Charles – IC elections shortly. EcoAct needs website update. Going to DC for XL pipeline protest.
Farheen – running for co-chair of IC.
Steve – BAC has updated web. Will contact platcom co-chairs.

VIII. Next Meeting – 2/24/13

Budd Dickinson