February 12, 2012

GPUS SC Conference Call Minutes – February 12, 2012

a. Facilitator – Jody Grage
b. Roll Call – Co-chairs Tamar Yager, Farheen Hakeem, Audrey Clement, Susan Chunco, Darryl Moch, Theresa ElAmin; Secretary Budd Dickinson, Treasurer Jeff Turner

a. Office Manager – Brian Bittner – not on call, sent written report:
worked with several state party officials about state meetings and campaigns with the PCSC and Ballot Access Committee; donated used computer to the office with Windows 7, 1 GB RAM and a 140 GB hard drive; ANM registration open and block of reduced rate rooms available (see www.gpconvention2012.com); weekly e-mail blasts, Greenline and convention announcement.

b. Fundraiser Report – David Sacks submitted: working on resolicitation
mailing so making few calls; talking to Brent about major donors.

a. Cash report to date – $5k in checking and $1200 in web

IV. REQUEST FROM GPVA FOR ACCESS TO PAIR SERVER – Audrey/Tamar GPVA asking SC for authorization for full access to all GPVA files and directories resident on the Pair server for GPVA webmaster. Tamar reports that access is to all of pair or none and suggests that Andrew Ragland?, who has excellent technical skills, from GPVA be second person with access on interim basis. Andrew has not yet been asked if he will do so. This could be a precursor to an IT committee. Consensus to have Tamar talk to Andrew and David about this and go ahead.

In the queue:
643 – Proposal to Amend Ecoaction Committee Mission Statement
Voting 2/8 -14 – short of quorum, voting ends TU; Audrey is working to get quorum

644 – Presidential Nominating Convention Size and Delegate Apportionment from Illinois Green Party – Voting 2/20-26

Received for the queue:

IC approval proposals – FPVA alternates Vivek, Farheen & Bahram – will go up tonight

SC Vacancy election – Discussion 2/20 – 3/4; Voting 3/5-3/11 – no nominees to date, Budd sent reminder to GNC, one more week of nomination period.

In queue when received:
Election Tabulation Committee Report – no word

Susan – MerchCom – working to reconstitute committee; new t-shirts still not up on webpage – problem getting old merch down and new merch up.

Audrey – PCSC – will be taken up in Executive Session on next call.

Darryl – Suggestion to schedule half the committee reports on each call with co-chairs on to report, Darryl hasn’t yet chosen his liaison tasks; GSCC, CCC, etc. need liaisons to replace Mark and/or Leenie. Darryl will talk offline with Budd about this.

1. The GSCC needs to be reconstituted ASAP – two active members left – Dave McC and Ann Link, need guidance, combine GSCC and GHCC? – Darryl will discuss with Budd for background info

2. Employment Agreements and Personnel Manual revision – on Jeff’s list
after the FEC is completed

3. Strategic Planning –
Project 1 – Presidential candidate on as many ballots as possible – BAC, press release, etc. – functioning committee working on this

Project 2 – Review RP&PS for what isn’t working now (some changes may be suitable only after GPUS restructuring). Darryl volunteered to work on this. Sent a couple emails to see who is interested. – Emails sent, Paul Krumm interested; Susan Chunco will send some emails, too; people working on campaigns. Shorter term project than Project 3.

Project 3 – Working group to study a variety of organizational political structures, including US major parties, Greens around the world, etc. Consult with those who created the structure we have. Darryl and Budd volunteered. Audrey suggests approaching Mark Swaney who has some restructuring ideas, as well as Mike Feinstein for comparative analysis of Green Parties around the world – Darryl will contact both.

4. Budd expressed the need to keep on top of things between calls. Hassle on the Platform Committee as well as PCSC. Personalities can make it hard to work together; need better sense of need to get along to get the important work done. Darryl suggests open forum discussion at ANM/PNC to talk about how to find common ground so we can work better together, also need guidelines for being a national delegate – such as voting regularly. Email communication difficult. May need way to excuse people from the party who are causing difficulties. This is a good time for us and we need to take full advantage of it.

VIII. Next call 2/26/12